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Thursday, June 16, 2016

My Immortal Palace

"What happened?" Mr. Assistant shrieked.
Uncle Larry let out a small sigh, "I think we've been locked in."

The assistant began pounding on the door, and asking it to open, but the door didn't open. Even the magic spell "Senjed, Senjed baz sho." wasn't helpful. The assistant turned around and smiled at the statue. He came up to Ferdowsi, and peeked his cheek, then looked around at the stone wall. Nothing happened, only his sunny smile vanished from his face.
 Uncle Larry couldn't help laughing, "Why did you kiss it?"
Sitting on the bench, he replied," I though the kiss would break the spell."
Uncle Larry rested his chin in his cupped hand and said, " In my view the resolution is related to vinegar."

The silence reigned inside, while it continued raining outside. Suddenly the rain pounded against the walls. Mr. Assistant shifted nervously on the bench, glanced at his clothes and sighed deeply, "What a nuisance! my new jacket is totally ruined."
Uncle Larry's bright eyes sparkled, as a famous poem of Ferdowsi sprang to his mind. He murmured, "Banahaye abad gardad kharab. ze barano az tabeshe aftab. pay afkandam az nazm kakhi boland. ke az bado baran nayabad gazand".
Mr. Assistant asked, "What does that mean?"
Uncle Larry smiled softly , "Grand buildings will be ruined by the sun and rain. But I've made such a high palace of poem that it won't be damaged by the wind and rain."
 Uncle Larry began leafing through his Shahnameh, he found that poetry on page 430. Parmis had stuck a quill pen onto the book, beside the poem. Now the answer to problem had emerged. Uncle Larry replaced the vinegar jar with the quill pen, in a moment the stone wall moved aside, and the second marker removed from google maps.
 Mr. Assistant screamed with laughter. Uncle Larry said goodbye to Ferdowsi, and put the vinegar in the basket.

​As​ it stopped raining, they left the alcove, and found a present outside. Uncle Larry was very surprised as he found a "daf" in the package.

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