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Saturday, June 18, 2016

we are playing daf

As it stopped raining, they left the alcove, and found a present outside. Uncle Larry was very surprised as he saw a "daf" in the package. He picked up the daf, and headed for the next marker with his assistant.
Playing daf in turn, they went across the castle garden where planted with blue hyacinths and pink roses. The garden led to a lake shore, a strange lake which filled with a brown liquid.

 Mr. Assistant shook his head sadly, "Parmis is crazy, she's filled the lake with chocolate sauce."
Uncle Larry tasted a little from the liquid, then said, "No, it isn't chocolate sauce, it must be samanu, a sweet pudding made from wheat germ. Iranians put this delicious dessert on the haft-seen table."
A grin spread across the assistant, "I bet Parmis loves samanu."
Uncle Larry nodded, "That's right, her family cooks samanu every year... It's getting dark, let's go." They went toward a boat moored off the shore.



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