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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Bite the Apple

As Uncle Larry beached the boat, Mr. Assistant jumped out and blew out a breath. At last they reached the land.

A birthday present was laid on the beach, waited for Uncle Larry. Uncle Larry untied the green bow, then unwrapped the present carefully. His eyes shone with excitement as he saw his present, a soccer ball. Mr. Assistant asked, "How many birthday presents have you gotten until now?"

Uncle Larry picked up the football and said, "Only Three."

 They walked up to the forth marker, the land climbed steeply until they got to a giant apple. The apple stood on top of the hill, it had a small door with two windows, like a house.

 Uncle Larry said goodbye to Mr. Assistant, and went into the apple, then asked his assistant to roll the apple. Mr. Assistant did it.

The apple went rolling down the hill like a snowball, and Uncle Larry went pass a wild robot and a dragon, until he found a big tree in front of him. Uncle Larry shut his eyes and shouted, "Ghelam bede, ajale daram bayad beram." Suddenly the apple tree moved aside, and a pretty pond emerged.

The giant apple fell into the pond full of goldfish. Uncle Larry happily came out of the apple, he jumped into the water.

There was a empty tank outside of the pond. Uncle Larry filled it with water and dropped two goldfish into it.

Uncle Larry sat down beneath a pretty apple tree, waited for the assistant. As he was fed-up, he picked a red apple from the tree, and bit it. At that point the forth marker was removed, and Mr. Assistant showed up.

  They packed tank with a red apple into the basket, and set off for the next marker.

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