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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

I was worried about You

Alone in his office, Uncle Larry sat wondering where Sergey was, as his assistant entered with a very big present. "Happy Birthday Larry!" the assistant said as he handed it to Larry.

A grin spread across Uncle Larry's face, "This gift is for me?"
Mr. Assistant nodded his head, "Yes, it's just for you. I hope you will like it."
Uncle Larry thanked and began opening his present, he was very surprised to find hundreds of pair of men socks in the package.
The assistant asked hopelessly, "Don't you like them?"
Uncle Larry replied with a forcing smile, "They look very nice, thank you."
Mr. Assistant laughed, "Don't mention it, those are very special, in fact, they are GPS Socks."
Uncle Larry's eyebrows were raised now, "GPS Socks?"
The assistant nodded, "Yeah, you know how much I like you, when last summer you were missing in Mexico, I thought about invention of the GPS Socks. So I know your location by them."
Uncle Larry stared at the package without saying nothing. Mr. Assistant continued, "You travel a lot, and tour means danger. By wearing GPS socks you can be safe. It's all Parmis's fault, she likes adventure."

At the moment, Uncle Larry received a message from Parmis:

Hello, Uncle Larry
Eide Shoma Mobarak! This Nowruz, we set Sofreh Haft-seen again, here is its photo. It's very beautiful, isn't it? I love Two Things in the world, Iranian stories and Haft-seen table. Haft-seen table just for 13 days, but Iranian stories forever.
Anyway, Happy Birthday Uncle Larry! My hands are tired to hold your birthday present.  Don't get very excited-It's not very heavy, but it's too big for my little hands.
Guess what, we're coming to America :) Why don't you come to Parsino Airport with Mr. Assistant? our jet will land in forty-three minutes.
See you Soon
Little Parmis

Uncle Larry asked, "Where is Parsino Airport? I've never heard about it?"
Mr. Assistant glanced at the Google Maps, and said, "There are seven Parsino Airports on the Maps, I guess Parmis has registered them all."

Uncle Larry laughed, "It's a joke! Parmis has a plan again. We will go to the first airport, I bet that there is no Parsino Airport, though."
They both got into a self-driving car and headed for the first airport.

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