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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A Present for Uncle Larry

The day after Char-Shanbe-Suri Parmis's family left the Island for Iran, Uncle Larry and his assistant had to go back home, too.

How blue Tehran sky looked! Mt Damavand filled the sky, and the foothills were dressed all in green, the spring was coming on. Imam Khomeini International airport welcomed Parmis with open arms, Parmis was so excited to be back home.
The aroma of spring blossoms hovered in the air, as they arrived at Mamana's house. The little girls set the haft-seen table in the living room. Then Mamana, Uncles, Aunts, and their children sat around the table waiting for Nowruz (the moment of the Spring Equinox). Finally, Spring came, and Parmis shouted with laughter, "Eide Shoma Mobarak!"
and got many presents.

For six days, Parmis and her family went to their relatives' houses, and visited their friends, and said, "Eide Shoma Mobarak!" and got presents.

On the March 25th Parmis said to her mother, "Tomorrow is Uncle Larry's birthday, So we must go t the States and celebrate his birthday. I've bought a nice present for him, and he has to find him." Her mother agreed. So they got on Parmis's private jet and flew to America. Parmis's Private jet? Yes, Parmis has a private jet now, someday I'll tell her private jet's story.

Alon in the office, Uncle Larry was sitting as his assistant entered with a very big parcel, and said, "Happy Birthday Larry!"

Best Wishes

*Eide Shoma Mobarak meaning Happy New Year.



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