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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

As I was older than my uncle

An Alien

Playing with his small airplane beside the dad's computer, that he hears a loud noise, in a few minutes the room is filled with the clouds of smoke , the little boy throws this toy, and stares at the smoke with his mouth hanging open, wide-eyed.

A little girl sitting in a strange machine ,waves her hand for him through the clouds, the eyes glisten, his face glows, and he comes up the girl with excitement..

The little girl gets out the car, smiling, and screams : " hi, Uncle , Larry! "
Larry astonishes : " Wow ! how wonderful! she knows my name, I bet she's an alien from Mars, but she looks like human."
Parmis picks the airplane up , gives it to Larry , and asks kindly: " Are you afraid of me, Uncle Larry? I'm Parmis."

Larry: " Parmis? is it your name ? Are you coming from Mars?"
Parmis is amazed : " From Mars? oh, no . " she laughs and continues" " I'm' traveling into time, I have come from the future to the past . I live in 2014. "
Larry : " Really? 2014?"
Parmis: " Yes, about 35 years later, Uncle Larry."
Larry : " Wow! It's great! you're my niece!"
Parmis, smiling : " Not really! You and Uncle Sergey are the best friend of my parents, so I call you uncle, then Parmis brings out her smart phone from her pocket , shows it to Larry, and says : " Look at this!"

Larry's mouth drops open , and says : " What 's this ? "
Parmis : " This is similar a telephone, but no wire! and more interesting!"
She points at Google homepage , and continues: " It's Google. You and Uncle Sergey are its founders. It's the most popular search engine in the world."
Larry: " Goog? A famous character? Are you kidding?"

Parmis types in Google search : " Larry Page" , then she clicks on a link in the search results, goes to Larry Page on Wikipedia , and says " Look here!"

Reading Wikipedia is too difficult for the little boy, but as soon as he sees his name on the page, starts jumping about in excitement, and says : " Wow ! A famous character! I knew, I knew that someday I will be a famous scientist, and my parents and brother will pride me on."
At this moment his brother comes into the room angrily , looks in his eyes and says:" What happened? Why are you shouting? Please, keep quite! I'm trying to study ."
Larry with embarrassment : " I'm sorry."
When he's going out the room, sees Parmis. He stops , and says : " Who's she?"
Parmis comes up him , and says , smiling: " Hi, I'm Parmis, his friend . Nice to meet you!"

The brother:" Really? Larry's friend? but I haven't seen you before!"
Parmis : " Yes, I'm new, and interest in technology like him. You can leave us alone, we promise to keep quite. I need Larry's help for repairing my car, bye. until then. "
Larry's brother looks at the machine with surprise, it seems really good, he feels something is strange, and likes to stay there for discovering the puzzle, but the girl's eyes insists on him for exiting there.

He says to Parmis, frowning :" Larry is too small to repair the car, if you need help, I'm about. "
Parmis : " I don't think that we need your help, but thank you."

The brother is slamming the door behind him angrily, murmurs: " This tiny thinks that I'm a baby, I bet she has a plan, our little Larry always tells the truth, maybe she's a magician. I must stay here , and listen to them."

Larry takes a deep breath, and says: " oh, we shouldn't tell lie, that's too bad. My brother got sad, he's my best friend , we hide nothing form each other."
Parmis: " I'm sorry, but my machine is too small, we can't take him with us . Now let's go !"
Larry: " Where to?"
Parmis:" Russia."
Larry : " Why?"
Parmis : " Would you like to See Google ?"
Larry: " Sure, it's in Russia !"
Parmis: " No, it isn't , but Uncle Sergey is over there. At first we're taking Uncle Sergey from Russia with us, then we're flying to Google!"
Larry: " Great! What's he like? is he nice?"
Parmis:" Yes, he is. Uncle Sergey is really kind, lover , intelligent and always in chat."
Larry: " in Chat?"
Parmis : " Come on! I'll explain it later. "
They get into the machine, Parmis says:" Go to Russia!" , The brother jumps into the room , the room is full of the clouds of smoke. Larry waves his hand for him, the brother is shouting : " Help! Help! "
He's standing the middle of the room ,the car is vanished , and only a flower remains on the floor."

Larry loves the smartphone . It's the most interesting toy that he has seen . He plays with apps, games , and searches on Google for watching his photos, and thinks:" Someday I will make one smartphone better than this one. It's more interesting than the telephone , I'll order to throw away all my company's telephones, they are boring. " then asks Parmis : " What's search engine?"
Parmis : " It's like a police, it finds everything that you're looking for it ."
Larry: " Wow! everything?"
Parmis " yes, everything is on internet. We arrive ."
Larry: " How soon!"
Parmis : Fast but we are slower than Google , it's really fast."
Larry:" yes , I see."

They like together

There is nobody in the street, putting his bag on the sidewalk. He stands , and takes a deep breath . He looks a little tired, it is difficult for a six year old boy to work from noon until afternoon for only five ice creams, but he's decided.
Victor's dad is sitting on the chair inside his shop, licking an orange ice cream, he murmurs: " He comes again! This kid never gets tired!"

Little Sergey opens his bag , takes out his telescope , sets up it, and starts looking into the street for watching his Venus , Goolisha.

He wonders: " In Christmas  I will buy a very good present for her with my pocket money. She's really lovely, why is she late today?"

Parmis asks Larry: " Would you like to have a delicious ice cream?"
Larry: " yes, I would. Where is Sergey?"
Parmis : " Over there, behind the telescope. Can you see him?"
Larry: " Yes, my eyesight is perfect."
Parmis. " how good! I go to buy the ice cream, Look after him until I return."
Larry: " All right! but how to buy? Can you speak Russian?"
Parmis : " Yes, I can speak any languages by Google translate."

Parmis gets out the car, goes into the shop. The shop is cold and clean, Victor's dad is counting his bills eagerly, smiling at Parmis.

The little girl takes out her smart phone , and types on Google Search :" How to say : Hi, sir. I'd like three strawberry ice creams , please in Russian?"
Google replies: ""
Parmis tries to pronounce the sentence, but it's a little difficult for her. Victor's dad says:" Three Strawberry ice creams? Are you foreigner?"
Parmis doesn't understand what he says, so she just smiles. The man places the ice creams on the containers: " Here you are!"
Parmis takes out some coins in her pockets , places at the table smiling, she wants to pick them up , that the man says:" I'm sorry, we don't accept foreign currency!"
Now the girl have to gather her money, she looks at ice cream , and then at Sergey, she remembers something.

 Victor's dad wants to put the ice creams into refrigerators that Parmis types on Google quickly:" Wait a moment,....." 
She  screams: " Wait a moment, Please, " then points at Sergey standing out of the shop, and says : " Sergey is my friend. I know that his wags is five ice creams daily, is that right?"
Victor's dad: " Yes"
Parmis: " He owes me some ice creams. He said me: Go and get there ice creams of my share."
The man returns the ice creams , grinning : " I thought that he's a simple boy, who work for achieving his love;  a real lover! but now I see he has fell in another love. Be careful , little girl!"

Parmis answers angrily: " You makes a mistake. He is a really lover!"
Victor's dad, grinning :" All girls are very simple! "

Parmis approaches to the telescope , and gives one ice cream to Sergey , smiling:" Hi, Uncle Sergey! Have some ice cream?"
Sergey throws it, and shouting, angrily:" Are you crazy? I don't want ice cream. Go away!"
Sergey is in luck , because Parmis doesn't understand Russian ....
But she recognizes Sergey wants to be alone, so goes towards the car sadly.

Larry: " What happened? He doesn't like ice cream, does he?"
Parmis: " Now, he likes it, but we have to wait a little. "
Larry with mouth open:" Why?"
Parmis : " For Goolisha! Lets' eat our ice creams , then I'll tell you their story."
When they starts eating their ice creams, Goolisha appears in the end of the street.
As soon as Sergey sees her, jumps into the shop , and returns with tow ice creams in his hands rapidly. Goolisha 's eyes glisten, her face glows , gets an ice cream happily, and starts licking her ice cream slowly .
 Sergey is watching her carefully, and says to her:" Unfortunately, today you have just  two ice creams , someone has taken our ice creams."
Goolisha:" No problem, Sergey. This is enough for me. Eat that one yourself!"
Sergey: " No, it's for you."
Goolisha: " I'd like to eat together, like real friends."
Sergey:" O.K. You're very friendly."
Sergey and Goolisha are eating their ice cream happily.

Larry and Parmis are watching them, Parmis says:" I see happiness into Goolisha's eyes ."
Larry: " me too."
Parmis:" I think that Goolisha likes Uncle Sergey, what a pity! "
Larry:" Why?"
Parmis: " Sergey's family is going to emigrate to the united states soon."
Larry: " How sad."
Parmis : " bitter and sweet"
Larry: " How?"
Parmis: " If Sergey didn't come to USA , you couldn't make Google."
Larry: " yes, then how good!"

Suddenly Victor comes out from behind the fountain, and screams : " guy,you looks very tired. It's better you to go home , and to takes a rest. Goolisha has enough ice cream, she's owner all ice creams of our shop. Leave her alone. She doesn't need your ice cream. Go away!"

Sergey's eyes fills with tears.
Goolisha looks at him kindly, and at Victory angrily , she cries:" I hate you.", runs away, Victor regrets , and runs after her.

Sergey watches their going away with the eyes in tears for a long time.
Larry and Parmis get sad, Sergey need a help. They come up him, and say together:" Thank you for Ice cream."
Sergey frowns , and says:" Then you both ate our ice creams."
Larry and Parmis rush the car, Sergey runs after them, they get in the machine. Parmis tells:" Go to Google!"

If I could invent something...

" Parmis ! Parmis! Are you sleeping?"
Parmis opens her eyes, Miss Dana is standing next to her. Parmis asks:" Where am I?"
The classroom is filled with children's laughs."
Miss Dana, smiling:" In the classroom."
Parmis : " I'm sorry, Miss Dana. I have thought about my uncle's question :" If I could invent something.. then I fell in sleep."
Miss Dana: " Well, tell us : what do you want to invent?
Parmis: " I would like to invent a Time Machine to travel to the Past and the Future. At that time I could visit my dad, uncles, or maybe my children."
Miss Dana laughs , and says: " What an interesting idea, but at first you should study hard to invent something . O.K?"
Parmis: " O.K. I'll never sleep in the classroom."

The children walk home, Tina says:" I would like to invent a "Take Mind Photo" ."
Mino: " What's that?"
Tina:" A camera for taking video of mind. I always thinks about movie, and mind always thinks about everything. I want to take videos of people's mind for studying about thoughts, dreams, and difference of brains."
Parmis : " How funny!"
Armis: " Funny? it's scary. mind is only our privacy policy , and she's going to get it of us."
The children laugh.

Martin says: " I want to invent a special story book, when you read its first word, you enter into the story."
Parmis: " Wow! That's wonderful! it's like my Time Machine."
Martin: " That's right."

Mino : I want to invent a youth mirror. Many people want to be young forever. when you look at my mirror , you will be young . you don't need any tablets, creams or surgery ."
Tina : " That's fantastic, I provide your idea, my mom is  always looking for new creams, she needs your mirror."
Armis: " I want to make a medicine for curing all disease. is it possible ?"
Parmis: " maybe. everything is possible in this world."

Roger Federer Takes Google Glass for a Spin on the Tennis Court

The Play is finished, Gloria's eyes glisten : " I like Roger Federer, he's amazing!"
Sergey :" O.K. Glass is wonderful. I see its future glory. "
Larry: " I was disappointed with Glass before, but now many artists and athletes are interested in Glass. Its fans are increasing day to day."
Gloria: " yes, that's right. but it still looks too luxury, we should show its usage in ordinary life, I thinks about it. "

Parmis says: " hey, is someone there?"
Uncles: " yes, Parmis."
Parmis: " hello, Uncle Larry and Uncle Sergey. I find the answer of your question, I want to invent a Time Machine. I saw a dream of it, do you want to hear it ? "
Uncle Larry:" Were we in your dream?"
Parmis:" yes, you were."
Uncle Sergey: " I listen to"
Uncle Larry: " me too."
Parmis : " but at first I have a request of Uncle Sergey."
Uncle Sergey:" what?"
Parmis:" I couldn't speak Russian in my dream, Google translate helped me a lot, but I had many problems. Teach me a little Russian."
Uncle Larry: " I bet he himself can't speak Russian."
Uncle Sergey: " I should think about it ."
Parmis: " Thank you, I closed my eyes...."

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