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Monday, May 5, 2014

Tips for better outcome on a treadmill (Free eBook)


Burning Calories : Treadmills

Working on treadmills is one of the best ways of exercising on machines, both to burn calories and for the ease of exercising . It has been proven in a study conducted by the VA Medical Center in Milwaukee and Medical College of Wisconsin that calories that are burned on a treadmill are around 865-705 on an average.

Therefore, it proved to be better than stationary cycle, stair machine, rowing machine and ski machines. But, how is it possible to burn more calories in less time if you cannot take out much time for your workout?

Tips for better outcome on a treadmill

There are basically three tips given by our trainers who write for this website to super boost the calories burnt on the treadmill in lesser time:

Walk uphill- When you work on your treadmill incline, more of your muscles are made to work that burns more calories. This loss of calories can be doubled or even tripled depending upon your stamina.

But, if you cannot afford to take out 20 minutes for this workout on an incline at a stretch, you can try incline intervals. That is to say, work on a sleep incline for around for around 1-2 minutes, and then switch for 5 minutes to the normal incline and so on.

The crux is not to allow your body to get used to a particular workout routine, which increases the amount of calories burnt even when the workout is over.

Do not hold onto handrails - Try to avoid to grip the handrails as this will reduce the efforts put on by your legs and reduce the calories burnt. As long as it is to maintain balance, it is fine.

It is better to restrict your intensity until you are not holding onto handrails for any support. It is advisable to swing your arms and carry some weight if possible, so that the whole body gets involved into it.

Speed intervals- This is similar to incline interval and increase the calories but even after the workout is over. In this, you can walk at whatever you normal pace is for around 3 minutes followed by one minute of walk at a faster pace and repeating this. This way you will definitely feel a difference in yourself after the workout.

Do not force yourself

However, make sure that your do not push yourself for such hard exercise that you start feeling aches in your body.

If you do, immediately consult a physician and slow down your pace at which you used to workout earlier.

There are the three tips that can help you burn more calories by investing in less time on your treadmill . It is always better consult a doctor before starting any exercise regime.

Always be guided by the requirements of your body than what is being advised by others as everyone's body is different.



Solution to lose fat

It is better to burn less calories in less time for exercising by doing interval an strength training with a little intense kind of exercising. The after burn effect will persist with this kind of exercising . For intervals, you can run for around half a minute, rest for around one minute and repeat this at least 6 times. You can use bike or treadmill if you are acquainted with it.

In these short times intervals, the metabolic turbulence will cause a lot of calories to be burnt after the exercising so that the body is back to its normal form. Therefore, you will burn more calories and fat after exercising.

You may want to count your calories when consuming your food and it is undoubtedly important as it does make difference. Consuming junk food would simply nullify your entire workout session of half an hour in a minute.

So, if you do not discipline yourself in terms of nutrition, even these tips would not do any good to you. Hence, interval training and keeping a check on your nutrition habits are the two methods of anti-calorie counting that helps you to reduce fat and thereby get into that perfect shape.


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