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Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Aroma of Haft-Seen-7


That day Google Maps fell in love with "P"

Uncle Larry, sitting in his mysterious workshop, looks at the photos of Parmis's kittens. " They're really cute ! " he says,an then picks his cup of coffee up , and stares at the blue sky , sighs : " when will we fly again?"  He hasn't seen Parmis since last month; sometimes she mailed the photos, and seldom she calls.

The kittens smile, Google's flag is waving on the desk, the aroma of hazel coffee swirls around his smartphone, Larry answers it ; That's his assistant, he says :" Hi, Larry. There's a problem with Google Maps."  Larry checks Google Maps; At first sight it looks great , but as he clicks on every point , a small flag with the letter "P" on it appears on the Maps , Larry amazes :" That's strange, the p flags are wherever. " he says.
The assistant: " That's right , it doesn't matter, but we must fix it. "
Larry: " Don't worry, guy. I'm coming soon. ", where's the screwdriver? it's fallen under the desk, Larry picks it up, rushes to the door. The lights are turned off, the kittens are flying everywhere.  

- - - - - - -

Gloria is eating soup in her office, Larry enters, and asks: "I haven't seen Sergey today, where's he?"
Gloria cleans her lips with handkerchief, responds, smiling :"Uh, I'm so worried about him , he was not very well, so he's taken a rest at home for two days. Sergey is real responsible, I wanted to take a pot of hot chicken soup for him , but he told me:" I don't want soup, Glory.You must care of Glass , it's really fragile." "

Larry Smirks, and says:" Great! Smile even as you are depressed. " , heads for the door, murmuring : " You both drive me crazy."

- - - - - - - -

The airplane landed on the runway in the morning. Uncle Sergey was waving his hand for us. We ran towards Google plane, and got into it. The uncle greeted us with a smile.
Tina asked me:" is he a great pilot?"
I laughed , and replied :" yeah, now he's expert, and we almost trust him."
Uncle Sergey said, smiling: " Are you ready?"
We, together :" Yeah" , and Google plane flew to San Francisco.

We all were sleepy, we had left Tehran to fly to United Arab Emirates at about midnight, and then we waited for our flight at airfield for more than half an hour, the sound of Arabic music was swirling around us,  I'd like to close my eyes , and went to sleep; for this reason , as soon as I sat in the plane, I fell asleep.
Mino shouted : " Wow! we arrived."
I opened my eyes, and looked out of the window, it was dark . We got off , and went into the hotel, the weather was great, and the stars twinkled. I'm going to sleep now.

11 A.M
We have a lot to do , because it's Uncle Larry's birthday, and we're going to celebrate his birthday together.

A few days ago, Uncle Sergey sent the invitation cards to relatives , friends , and all members of Google except Larry.
 Martin had said to me that he would like to see
Mark Zuckerberg, so I asked Uncle Sergey for inviting Mark. The uncle said : " Maybe he doesn't accept." , I said : " tell him that one of his fans is here , he will come, he likes his fans."
Uncle Sergey smiled , and invited Mark to our party.

1 P.M.
Now , we're going to the Showroom. We want to decorate it with balloons, flowers, ribbons and colored flags.
I said " flag", :) this word makes me smile; yesterday the flags of Google maps fell in love " P" , it was a funny work from Sergey to engage Larry. We have more surprise for him.

- - - - - - -

5 P.M.

Larry has been watching Ted 41 times, suddenly the monitor gets black, and a warning message appears  on  the screen, he's frightened , his lips begins to tremble.

" If You don't Come to Ted right Now
                                                                I'll Kill This Little Girl! "

After a few minutes, a bitter smile emerges, and says: " Parmis isn't here, someone must be kidding me, I should call 911."

He picks his smartphone up, but the network isn't accessible , " that's strange! ", he gets up , and leaves his office. Google is quite empty, there isn't even one person , all computers are on, and there's the same message on them.
Suddenly the lights are turned off, Larry's hands are cold like ice, and his heart is beating quickly, he doesn't know what should he do, he gets mixed-up, finally rushes to the door, and cries :" No, Don't kill her, I'll come right now."

The street looks cold and sad, Larry's hands and knees tremble, he can't drive at all, so takes a cap to the airport, but how strange! the driver rides to the harbor .

Larry shouts, angrily :" where are we going? I have to fly to Vancouver . Please, have a heart! If I don't go to Ted on Time, they will kill a little girl, I must save her. I give you a lot of money, just take me to the airport!"
The driver smiles :" I have enough money, Sir. Don't worry, we're going to Ted."
Larry gets confused, he looks at his watch impatiently, he doesn't have much time.

The driver stops the car, and tells him:" You're in harbor, please, Get off! , and go to Google barge, your friends are expecting you in the showroom.
Larry stares at the man with mouth hanging open, wide-eyed. The driver helps him to get off . Larry has to go to Google barge.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Now we come to the most interesting part:
Tonight , the showroom is awesome, the hanging stars are shining, the guests are dressed in colorful T-shirts , eating a cup of coffee ice creams cheerfully.
The lights are turned on, and everyone is wearing Google glass . " Ladies and Gentlemen, here's Larry Page." Sergey says.

Larry takes a deep breath, enters , and smiles. The guests cheer him, his face glows, his eyes glisten, and his heart's beating fast. Now it's his time.

The silence surrenders the salon, and Larry begins to singing
After a minutes, the lights are turned off, Uncles Sergey shouts :" I'm sorry, guy. Time is over. " , I throw a colored smoke grenade on the stage, beside Larry's foot ; he fears, and jumps up, the people starts clapping, Uncle Larry laughs, and continues to singing.

All guests believe his voice is awesome, they're chanting :" again ! again! " , and Uncle Larry sings his song more than 4 times cheerfully. It's quite obvious that he has a brilliant future, because  a talent scout is speaking him about recording an album, I'm not in doubt that someday he will be a rock star.
Tina is excited, she's only reporter's the ceremony.

Mark and Martin are talking about Martin's app, Mark likes it, he says :" You're amazing! I see myself in you. "
Lovely Gloria circulates among the guests , and says :" Pleas, be careful! Glass is fragile. "
Uncle Sergey is thinking about Eric's birthday ; I'm really curiosity, what's his plan?

My mom frowns, she's angry with me, and taking some notes about the guests , because she's a writer . maybe she's right ; throwing that smoke grenade was a mistake, but in my view :" It's cool!

Wow! uncle Gd , the man of ideas is drawing a new Doodle on the party.
Mozilla Team are also here, my mom has invited them. The party is very warm, and we enjoy lot.

And now our group gifts for Uncle Larry

Uncle Sergey dedicates seven colorful T-shirts .

Armis has drawn a drawing for him.

Tina dedicates a brilliant video, it's about Uncle Sergey. I'm sure Uncle Larry will watch it many times ( It's an amazing interview with Uncle Sergey.)

My gift is a funny story. It has only 41 words:

A message in floating bottle blinked in the tube :" Surprise ! For freeing me, Get Forty one bonus!"Larry picked it up, wide-eyed, closed his eyes, and said:
" Larry, the Rock Star! "Then he opened his eyes in hurry, but it vanished. "

and Mino,
​Tonight Armis and I are surprised with Mino. Do you remember her new website? She said that it's her secret, and now we know her secret, and realize also the facts about Mino.
Mino says to Uncle Larry :

"Dear Uncle, I dedicate my new website with deep love and sincerely to you. I always admire you, I want to be like you: Awesome, Responsible, Cleaning, Deleting, Self-driving, high Ranking, Unique, Brilliant and Star.
For buying this website, I have saved all my pocket money, and I know you don't need it, but I like to dedicate it to you, because you are able to recognize its values: The value of pages. Please accept it from me."
Armis and I stare at Mino with mouth hanging open, it's quite obvious she has practiced her word many times.
Uncle Larry loves pages, so he likes Mino's gift, he thinks that Mino is very sweet, but in my view she's an ingratiating girl. She tries to ingratiate herself with Uncle Larry. She likes to show off how well her idea works, and I envy her having brains.

Martin's gift is only one dollar. We don't laugh at him, because we know that he's serious about being one dollar man.​

 The the end of the party, Uncle Larry thanks us for our presents and the party.

April the Second
Today is Sizdah Be-dar, it's the last day of Nowruz.

We're still in The United States. A few days ago, I saw my uncle's flying Machine. We flew together. It was wonderful , like a dream.

Uncle Larry talked about self-driving cars, recently he has worked on automated cars. He asked me :" What will you invent in the future? Think on it seriously! " , and I think about it .

On the 13th day of Nowruz ( Sizdah Be-dar) , Iranian families leave their home, and go to countryside, a park , an open field , or woods for a picnic.

We're going to Google for picnic, then at night we will go to Isfahan. We're going to visit some cities of Iran until the last day of Farvardin.

Monday April 21th
We returned home yesterday. Out trip lasted for more than a month.

We visited Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad, Yazd, Kerman, Kish Island, Dubai, and San Francisco. I met many interesting people, ate a lot of delicious food, took some pretty photos, flew a lot, recorded many funny videos, bought a lot of souvenirs for my classmate and teacher. 

It was an unforgettable journey, I like to take a trip soon.
Now I'm arranging my notes for preparing a report, and my mom wrote seven stories about my travel, did you like them ? which one is better?

    Best Wishes


Google: Self-driving cars are mastering city streets


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