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Monday, December 15, 2014

A Forgotten Day, Attention Please!

A Very Special Day!
That day was a special day, and Sergey was so excited; He got up early in the morning. It was still dark, but the birds were singing, and the cats were meowing, and his heart was beating fast.
Sergey put on his slippers, and ran into the bathroom. After washing his face, he brushed his teeth, and he was murmuring, "This is a very special day. It is my birthday." Then he was combing his hair 41 times, whistling.

Sergey fed his turtle, Gloria, and came back to his room; he put on his new T-shirt that was white with a writing on it,"Happy Birthday!" Then he looked at himself in the looking-glass for 41 seconds, and shouted cheerfully, "Happy Birthday, Sergey!"

Soon it was time to have breakfast, so the happy man jumped into the kitchen, and began brewing the green tea. he intended to eat a light meal, so put a big, red apple on the table, sat in the chair, and waited a little.

when the aroma of the tea swirled around him, Sergey got up , and poured it into a large glass, next added to it a bit sugar, and some cream. Enjoy, boy!
First 41 bites of the apple and then 41 sips of the tea, "Cheers!"
10 minutes later, Sergey was wearing his Google Glass left home with little Gloria; As soon as he closed the door behind him, his face turned white because a note was there, right on the door, "I challenged you ...Mark Zuckerberg"

Sergey looked up at the roof, Mark had stood there, grinning. Sergey scanned around him to escape, but it was over!! the bucket of cold coke and sandwiches poured on his head; Sergey Cried, "That is a very special day!"
After wiping his beautiful T-shirt, he raced towards the car. "Oh, No!" the car windows were Olivier Salad-Covered; Sergey got furious, and turned his head away; since he had been poisoned, he hated Olivier Salad. Sergey decided to bike to Google!

Attention Please!
The sky was bright, the sun was shining in, the small clouds were walking in, and Gloria was asleep in the bicycle basket silently. And Sergey enjoyed pedaling in the quiet road when the breeze was blowing in his hair; he thought, 'Splendid! Nothing is better than cycling on a bright, sunny day. All at once, that brightness vanished, and it turned cloudy, "This is a very Special Day!"
Sergey arrived at Google, the silence surrounded wherever; no one was in Google, he glanced at his smartphone clock, "Oh, boy! you arrived too early!!"

For one hour or two, Sergey walked round the block, and Gloria napped in the grass. Soon after his colleagues appeared, Sergey dressed in his Glass, birthday T-shirt and slippers stood next to the entrance, smiling.
The staffers' behavior was very usual, they greeted and passed without any congratulations, or any Special attentions to Sergey's T-shirt.

Sergey's smile faded; No one remembered his birthday. Somberly he walked towards his office; as soon as he stepped into the room, his forehead wrinkled in anger; the office was quite untidy, messy, and Gloria wasn't there as well.
Only a note was on his desk,
'Mr. Brin
I can't  come to work today.
 Miss. Roberts.'
Sergey placed tiny Gloria on it, frowning. The turtle settled down on the note, and Sergey felt the tears gathered in his eyes, he sighed deeply, and murmured, "Unkind!--- She doesn't love me, I should forget her."

He was still weeping when Parmis ran into the office. Sergey was amazed with her new style; the little girl was in a beautiful pink dress, and tied red bows in her hair; her eyes were shining, and her cheeks were ruddy; she looked really excited, why?

While Parmis was jumping about, she asked, "Did you know today is a Very Special Day?'
A sweet smile appeared on Sergey face; he thought, "I knew this kid would remember my birthday. She's really friendly --,' but Parmis's saying was breaking in on his thoughts, "Today we have a party at home for Tina, Martin and his friends. They arrived last night."
Sergey's forehead creased in a frown. Parmis added, "Can you come to our Celebration, Uncle Sergey?"
Sergey thought, "What a Surprise! she intends to celebrate my birthday at her house," so he nodded his head, smiling. But little Parmis let out a small sigh, and said, "Oh, I'm sorry, Uncle. I'd forgotten it's only for kids." then she picked up Gloria and left there hastily.
Sergey felt a knot in his throat, he slipped into his seat, stared down at the floor, and wept quietly, No one liked him, No one! one teardrop ran down on his cheek, and dropped on one of his slippers, "Slippers!" a sparkle appeared in his eyes, stood up, and went to Larry's office at a high speed.

Larry was talking to his assistant on a new app called Inbox. Sergey smiled and entered. Larry looked at his T-shirt, smirking, "What is this, Sergey?"
Mr. Assistant burst into laughter, 'Mr. Brin is so funny.'
Larry looked Sergey in the eye seriously, "No kidding! why did you put on it?"
Sergey bit his lip in anger, went towards the window, sat legs crossed on the window seat, staring at his slippers, and said, "Just for fun!"
Larry and his assistant began laughing, "What a baby!" and went back to their chat.
Neither of them glanced at Sergey's slippers even one time, soon after Sergey got weary, and returned to his office in despair.

In This Frigid Room
There are times that it seems the world's back has turned on you, and all people have forgotten you; Nobody is more alone than you on the earth, and your room is growing colder and colder, as if you have sat inside a freezer, and little by little your heart is freezing, and becomes numb.

At these times you'd better wear a knitted sweater, and drink a large glass of hot chocolate??
Or maybe you'd rather agree with cold, and eat a dish of ice-cream??
Both of them look interesting! But Sergey chose the second one: A delicious Ice-cream. He was getting ready to leave the frigid room, when Parmis appeared in his office, she said, "May you lend me your smartphone, Uncle Sergey? I've left my tablet at home."
Sergey handed her his smartphone, frowning. Parmis thanked, and went out; five minutes later she came back, placed it on the desk, and ran away promptly.

Sergey was astonished, 'She's so unusual today!!'
While he was putting his smartphone into his jeans pocket, he saw Armis, Parmis and Mino on their bikes out the window . Three kids were riding to the exit rapidly.


Sergey closed the door, and walked towards the parking lot. He was going down the stairway as his smartphone began chirping, he pulled it out, and glanced at.

Something Strange had happened to him: A Message from Gloria. Sergey's eyes grew big, they haven't been on speaking terms with each other for more than two months, and now an Emergency message!!
First Sergey wanted to ignore it. Likely she was just joking with him, but he believed it could be a good opportunity for reconciliation, so read the note:

" Emergency
Hurry Up, Sergey!
I Am Trapped in a dreadful building, and also in a dangerous location.
Take a Glass & A Big knife with yourself!
If I die; I hope you Believe, I love you with all my heart and soul.
With Love, Glory
Address: Glassy building"...
All The Best

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