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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

All that I have is yours

Who's Gonna Pay The Check?

Gloria sitting at the table on the terrace of Tasty Restaurant glanced at her watch, more than one hour had gone but Sergey has not come yet. Gloria let out a deep sigh, and looked down at the happy people who those were sitting out of the restaurant , they were eating, talking and laughing in a loud noise.

A cute kitten was wiggling under the tables, as if he was searching for something over there, a waitress brought the food for one of the tables, a man was crossing the street, and a couple went past the restaurant dramatically.

Gloria turned her attention to inside, and looked at the plates, glasses and bottles on the tables, Gloria felt cold,'What on earth can I do?', she drank a sip of her green tea.
 Then she thought about her credit card that wasn't with her; easily this morning Gloria put it at home, and now she didn't have any money with her, and the check?? whose check was it? who was going to pay it? Gloria felt her fingers became numbed, she drank another sip, and thought, thought until a loud crash was broken on her thoughts.

Gloria turned her attention to the street, two cars had ran into each other, "Oh, Where is My Sport car ?" Gloria could not give any money to pay the check, she needed hers, because she had monthly installments; Gloria had just bought an expensive car on installment, and without any doubts she didn't like to miss her beautiful car; her mind numbed, she sipped a sip else.

Would she strong enough to bear bitter cold?

Sergey was driving fast in the road that lead to the luxury restaurant , on the way he stopped to buy a wool pullover for Gloria. After shopping he jumped into car again, and pulled  into the highway; it was so overcrowded, and a stream of cars went down slowly, Sergey was involved in a traffic jam for hours.

He got nervous, and glanced at watch,"Gee!" he felt the tears gathered in his eyes, "Gloria might be frozen until now, Oh, No! Stand only a little, Please, Gloria, I'm there in a flash,"

The teardrops ran down freely on his cheeks, Sergey tried to force his thoughts away from Gloria, and thought about Driverless cars, Larry is right, maybe driverless cars can remove traffic jam forever.

Some children played around the restaurant; laughing, three models came out, and got into a valuable car. Sergey drew his car, and got out with pullover, and raced to the restaurant.

For Lunch is Closed.

He was thinking that he should go to the kitchen, suddenly a sound from top of the terrace drew his attention, 'Serge, Sergey!"

Sergey looked up at the terrace  and winched to see Gloria, his eyes grew large, and said " unless my eyes cheated me, that's Gloria?"

Gloria was waving her hands to him, call out him, 'Sergey, Sergey, come in, come on!"  She looked very well, Sergey knitted his brows, and stared at the wool pullover, "What a trick!"

A sign market was on the door ,"Closed For Lunch!" Sergey's eyes widened silently.
The restaurant wasn't vacant, the crowd was still having lunch, Sergey didn't expect to see someone there, so he was blood up, he decided to call out the waitress, but as he opened his mouth to saying something, Gloria stepped down the staircase,and ran towards him.

Gloria told him, smiling, 'I treated the Glass visitors to a dinner party.'
Sergey's eyes was puzzled, 'What?' his look shifted from the people to Gloria, and got fixed on her, 'You're in Fridge, aren't you?'
Gloria blushed, and gazed at the floor, 'Something dreadful happened for me,  you can't believe! As if I was in fridge, my fingers were numbed. Let's go, I tell you the whole truth!'
Sergey handed the pullover to her, and they both headed to the terrace, while they were having lunch, Gloria told the story.

Sergey said, grinning,'So you need my money, not my warm hands.'
Gloria blushed, and stared at the table.
Sergey said, smiling,'Don't worry, I'm here,and You're the most important part of my life, so All that I have is yours."

Gloria smiled, "You're really generous, A Unique Diamond!'

After all, The waitress brought the check for him, when Sergey saw it, he got pale,and he forced the tears back, Sergey asked,' how many people did you invite?' now he wished to change his tune.

Gloria put on her knit jacket, Sergey said,frowning,"You're too Lavish" the warmth went to replace  to the chill, but Gloria responded cleverly, 'Take it easy, Ben Graham said: Price is what you pay, Value is what you Get."

Price is what you Pay
Value is what you Get
          Ben Geraham

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