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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Forgotten Day, These Hands have really Accomplished!


" Emergency
Hurry Up, Sergey!

I Am Trapped in a dreadful building, and also in a dangerous location.
Take a Glass & A Big knife with yourself!

If I die; I hope you Believe, I love you with all my heart and soul.
With Love, Glory
      Address: Glassy building"

Sergey's heart melted and his eyes filled in tears, he felt his head was swimming and his knees were trembling, so he grabbed the railing to standing , and reread the note, he murmured, 'No, No, it is Not True!"

For a while his tearful eyes drifted on the screen, then suddenly he began laughing nervously, 'She's kidding me,' and thought about Gloria's messages and her dangerous positions. Sergey was familiar with Gloria's mysterious messages as in the past she had sent the notes like this as well.

Gloria and her dangerous situations


On a bright, sunny day, Sergey was at an important meeting when her received this message:


Hurry up, Sergey! I Am Trapped in a dark room, up in a tower, and also in a dangerous location. Please, Save me.
Take A Glass With Yourself.

Yours truly

Address: 40+1,Fifth Floor, G & S Shopping Center"

Sergey was pale, and imagined Gloria was kidnapped just for Glass, he rose from his seat , and shouted, "Stay there, Glory! I'm coming.", All the audience were shocked with his strange behavior, and stared at him uneasily ; Sergey ran out of the room hastily, took a few Google Glasses and a small torch, jumped into his car, and drove towards the shopping center at a great rate.

Ten minutes later, the car pulled to a halt near the building. After getting off, he looked round the block carefully, everything sounded usual. So It was time to save her princess.

His heart was pounding in excitement. He looked up at the fifth floor, Gloria was over there; alone and disturbed. Sergey took a deep breath, and stepped forward.

The door opened automatically. The knight went into the shopping center; it was pretty empty, some people stared at the store windows, and others mooned about. the elevator was opposite him, but using of the stairs looked safer, so he went up the staircase swiftly.

Sergey arrived at the fifth floor, gasping. Gloria was in the first shop on the left, it was a clothes store.

When Sergey looked at the store from its window, it was quite bright and normal, his forehead wrinkled a frown in surprise. Soon after he decided to went in.

Sergey stood in front of the door, it opened automatically, he walked into the shop , scanned around tentatively. The shopkeeper came to him. Sergey's face turned white, the man rose his eyebrows in surprise, 'Are you OK, Sir?'

Sergey nodded his head,"Ye-" without waiting for his answer,while the man was pointing to a door , said unwillingly,'Your friend is waiting for you over there, Sir.'

Sergey's mind was numbed, his look was fixed on the man for a few seconds, the man's surprise got even more, 'Can I help you, Mr. Glass?'

Sergey turned his attention to the fitting room, shouted, 'Stay there, Gloria! I'm coming!', and raced to the room. The shopkeeper went away, grumbling.

Sergey stood beside the door, and asked, 'Are you here, Gloria?'
Gloria sobbed, 'Yeah, you come, Sergey? I thought Never you would come.'

Sergey's heart melted of her sorrowful voice, 'Trust me, I save you, what does he want? Glass? I've got plenty Glasses, Don't worry, Glory!'

Gloria, 'Who?'
Sergey, 'That kidnapper.'

Gloria cried, 'Which Kidnapper?! what does you mean?'
Sergey rose his eyebrows in confusion, "You said that you were trapped , didn't you?"

Gloria sobbed, 'Yes, I did. Please, come in.'
Sergey opened the door, and went in tentatively. Nothing was seen, wherever was dark, only the sound of sob came.

Turning on the torch, he called her in a low voice, 'Gloria? Gloria?'
Gloria cried, 'I'm here, Sergey,' the flicker of the torch lit her face a little, I'm sorry to bother you, I know you're too busy, but it was an emergency!'
Sergey looked at her with surprise, it seemed that nobody was there expect them both. Gloria cried more loudly, 'I need your help, Sergey. My dress is very nice , and it has some buttons in the back-- and it's a little tight, as I can't fasten its buttons. Please Help Me, Sergey.' she hanged her head in shame.

For a while the silence fell in the dark. The man had a puzzled expression on his face, as if a bucket of ice water had poured over his heart; in fact, he was really hopeless, Sergey had thought of a more exciting story  , and not fastening a dress buttons.

So he said coldly, 'Why is the light off?'
Gloria said with a low voice, 'Because I'm shy.'

Sergey bit his lip, shouted angrily,'You are mad? you expect me to button down your dress in the dark? Forget,' going to the door, he said, 'Choose another one, a simpler dress,  I go back to the company.'

Gloria burst into tears ,'I just like this one, and I don't have much time, I'm going to attend in my friend's wedding, it starts in 20 minutes, I'd like to shine there.'

Sergey grinned, and opened the door, Gloria wiped a tear from her cheek, and said lowly, 'Parmis always says your heart is as big as an ocean, you can't leave me alone.'

Sergey looked down at the floor for one minute or two, then he came back, and said, 'At least Turn on the light!'
Gloria said with a sweet voice, 'Forget the light, Sergey. You have Google Glass. Get aid from your Glass. Only Hurry up, the wedding is starting now!'

Sergey pressed his lips together to keep from saying something rude, he zoomed his Glass in the buttons, and tried to button down them, but fastening 20 tiny buttons with the lights off is really tricky.

He cried in despair, 'Thanks God, I'm not a girl!'
Gloria smiled, 'Thanks God, I'm a girl with a very fine chief.'

Suddenly one of the buttons took off, and fell down on the floor; they both searched there for it.  Finally they found it.

The knight left the room furiously, and princess remained alone with that button; soon after her knight returned with a needle and a cotton-reel, and he began sewing the button carefully.

After all, Gloria turned on the light , watched herself in the full-length mirror.
Sergey smirked, and Gloria screamed. Some buttons had been fasten wrongly.

Sergey attempted to correct his mistake.

Gloria Closed her eyes,  for the second time stood up in front of the looking-glass, took a deep breath,1-2-3, she reopened her eyes , and smiled. The girl admired the dress from all angles.

Indeed she was shining in the dress as a star. Gloria turned  her head to Sergey, looked in his eyes , and thanked him for all his helps, "You're just too good to be true!" 

After taking Gloria to the wedding, he came home tired out. Sergey slipped into his sofa in the living-room, 'Ouch! Buttons!' Sergey felt a pain in his fingers, he stared at his hands, stroked them tenderly, and thought, 'Heaven knows how much I've worked with these hands.'

We know that he was right, And because of that tiresome work , he took a day off.

All the Best

The aroma of hazelnut coffee
Swirls around me,
And I think...
My God, these hands have really accomplished.
They've done a million interesting and uninteresting things
They've been to so many places

Jason Stune



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