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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Whole Restaurant For U ;)

The Dinner Party

​ The hostess interrupted her, and shouted, 'Wow! That sounds wonderful! I love Tasty Restaurant.' The audience laughed, and confirmed her saying by clapping. Gloria's eyes widened silently, and her mouth was hanging open in confusion, she wanted to cried, 'No, it's a misunderstanding, Sergey is going to have lunch with me not you!' But it was all over, the audience who was bubbling with excitement headed to the restaurant.

Gloria let out a deep sigh, 'Oh, More fool You!' she glanced at the salon, the crowd was going swiftly toward the exit . Now there was a look of indecision on Gloira's face,'What on earth can I do?' The time flew, and she must make a decision immediately.

Suddenly, a sparkle shined in her eye, Gloria was in luck; Sergey would reserve the whole restaurant for them , as he was a celebrity, and didn't like anyone disturbing his private. Therefore Gloria only need to provide the visitors' food.

 Stepping off the stage, she called the restaurant attendant with her Google Glass, the attendant said, 'No problem. We're ready for your guests, Miss Roberts.'
Gloria smiled, it calmed her mind, so she rushed to the exit. Near the door she stopped , turned around and stared at the stage, she blushed.  Gloria went in despair, and left behind her dreams on the stage.

​​Glass & I

Sergey, along with Larry and his assistant was entering the meeting room. As soon as he wanted to pass through the door, Larry pointed at his Glass, and mentioned, 'Please, without Glass, Sergey!'

Sergey's forehead creased in a frown, 'Huh? What? Why? I can't be part with my Glass!'
Larry glanced at his assistant, frowning, 'And I can't concentrate on my speech when you are in Glass! whenever you check your messages through Glass, Mr. Assistant laughs. Please, Sergey.'

Sergey glared at Mr. Assistant, and uneasily put his Glass on the desk outside the meeting room. It's really difficult for Sergey part with Glass, especially today, because Gloria had gone to Glass Fashion Show.

Sergey had butterflies in his stomach; for the first time Gloria was going to speak in public, that is why he was so worried.

The meeting began, and Larry addressed on  Google driverless car, his eyes glistened while he spoke with excitement. All eyes focused on Larry, Mr. Assistant was jotting Larry's words as quick as could in his tablet, and Sergey was shuffling his feet nervously, and looked at the watch impatiently.

The clock ticked away, Larry said, 'The experts say that our city needs Dirverless car...' Mr. Assistant nodded his head, and smiled; Sergey's finger was tapping on the round table, Larry frowned; Sergey re-glanced at the clock , it was almost lunch time, Mr. assistant kept looking fixed on his manager, murmuring, 'He's best!'

Sergey stared away, he really went to on Larry's nervous, Larry wound up his speech, Mr. assistant cheered him, and Sergey ran out of the office, picked the Glass up, and checked it rapidly, 'Oh, a message from Gloria!'

Hurry up, Sergey!
I Am Trapped inside a Fridge.
My Fingers are numbed, I Am Really in a Dangerous Location!
Save Me, Please!
Please, Bring Your Warm Hands, I truly Need Them.
Yours Truly
Address: Tasty Restaurant"

"What a nuisance!" he said.Over and Over Again Sergey read the message, he went block, he couldn't make sense how and why Gloria was in a Fridge??? The line of questions appeared on his mind, the questions that he didn't have any replies for, maybe it was only a joke?? and maybe...

Sergey rushed to the door, he knew Gloria was too curious, maybe she had gone to the kitchen, on chef's nervous, and he locked her up in the Fridge. Anyway, Sergey was going to Tasty restaurant before, so he took his car hastily , and drove away at high speed.

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