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Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Forgotten Day; Happy Hanukkah!


​2 Fridays ago
Sitting in the chair with his tablet, Larry read his G plus post in a loud voice:
" You've likely heard that I promoted my assistant as Google's product chief executive. Some Friends are surprised by this unexpected decision, and ask me, "Why Larry? you are still too young?"​
In fact, I felt this change was necessary to respect my fans' opinion, and also focus on the Time, Futuristic Projects, and other my talents. I think that I won't feel guilty about it.
 For two times in my life , I felt guilty about spending time on a matter- This is my secret, but I feel free to share that with you :) - First, when we bought Android, it wasn't what we were really working on, it was a little start-up, but I was wrong, it was smart, it was future, right?

The second time, when I sang by chance on stage. Though I was embarrassed a little, but it was a startling success, beyond my belief; After that fine performance my family, folks and my best friend, Sergey, encouraged me to keep on.
Well, I as a product chief executive , faced up to a big problem ; Google was a giant company, so handling it well and focusing on singing in the same time wasn't easy for me.
Fortunately, I wasn't alone, a capable assistant was on my side, he was able to take the better part of my responsibility with satisfaction. That is why I selected him as the second most powerful man at Google.
Anyway, Don't worry, Friends! YouTube is still my own flower, it stays with me forever. I hope my response convince you.
Please, leave a comment and express your view. Thank you :) "

A bright smile emerged on his lips, he bent over the desk, placed the tablet on, and picked up his cup.
Sergey appeared in the door, and said hello.
Larry, 'Hi, Sergey. Have a seat. When did you arrive? How was your vacation?'
While Sergey was sitting in a chair he brought a sweet smile on his face, and replied, 'Last night, we returned from our vacation last night, and that was fabulous! We had a great time in Russia. What's up?'
Drinking a gulp of coffee, Larry touched the share button , then lifted his head, and looked at his friend's face, smiling, 'Nothing new, except Christmas is coming, so we are working on Xmas programs hastily, just as previous years.'

Sergey smiled, 'I saw Santa tracker, it was really beautiful.'
Right at this second an email came to Larry's inbox. Larry said with a meaning smile, 'A Gmail else from Parmis. Recently she's been very active; everyday she emailed me.'

Sergey grinned, 'Here is Christmas!'
They both began laughing. Larry said, smirking, 'This kid is so clever!' then he read the email in his clear voice:
"Hi, Uncle Larry,
How are you?
You know that probably I will be a millionaire soon. So, I think It's necessary to have a private jet,because we(my friends & I) travel a lot.
Everyone knows that Once you passed this way, and you are a professional expert now, right?
Therefore, I want to ask you a simple question, "Do you know How much is a private jet? A private jet that is comfortable and big enough, with leather seats.
Please, Answer soon,
Merry Christmas
Yours respectfully, Parmis."
Sergey laughed, 'A private jet? she's made progress!'
Larry said, smirking, 'All right, we'll buy one for her, a toy jet? Are you agree?'

Sergey asked, grinning,' What's your plan for Xmas?'
Larry, 'I don't know yet, maybe we'll go aboard.'

​"Hanukia". Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Happy Hanukkah
After chatting with Larry, he walked to his own office. As he arrived, stood beside the door for a moment, closed his eyes, and took a deep breath; the aroma of the fresh flowers refreshed his soul.

Sergey stepped forward, and glanced around; the office was quite tidy and empty, Gloria wasn't there, but on the desk lay a vase of the beautiful flowers and a pile of the greeting cards.
He felt the tears gather in his eyes , and his cheeks glowed in embarrassment; they must be Hanukkah cards from his colleagues to congratulate him.

 Sergey went towards them joyfully, and took two or three cards, and began reading: "Happy Hanukkah, Sergey..." A wry smile appeared on his face, turned, and slipped into his seat, stared at the cards, grinning.

 He thought about Hanukkah holiday, it was cool, Sergey went on a trip with Gloria and her family. They passed two happy weeks in Russia with together, of course it would be happier if Rocky didn't come anywhere with them.
Sergey placed back the cards on the desk, then he searched between the cards that lying about for Parmis's card, but there was no card from that little girl.

Sergey knitted his brows, "last year, Parmis was better, she sent me a pretty card, but nothing now. what's the matter? she's angry with me? for two weeks she's not sent me any Gmails, but everyday she emails Larry, Maybe she has no time for me." Sergey bit his lip, and was green with envy until he checked his inbox , and saw a Gmail from Parmis :

"Hi, Uncle Sergey,
How are you?
Was your holiday good?
How funny was it?
How times did you laugh?
I wish your answers will be, "YES, A LOT, A THOUSANDS TIMES.'
Now a package is coming for you by Google express. Look!--"

Just at the moment, the door opened, a kid jumped inside, set an envelope on the desk, and ran away.
Sergey's eyes grew big, he picked up the envelope, looked at it with curiosity, then he kept reading:
 "It came? right?
Do you remember your birthday, Uncle?--"

Sergey let out a bitter sigh, "Of course, A forgotten day, How can I forget it?" He put his smartphone and the envelope aside, stretched his arm out toward a picture that was on the desk,it reminded him of his birthday, Auguste 21st , yes that forgotten day ...

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