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Monday, December 29, 2014

I AM Glass

Swinging Between Watch & Glass Touch

The wet sidewalk was noisy; many people were collected outside the dome-shaped building to greet Glass.

It had rained during the night, but now the sky was quite clear, and the golden sun was smiling at the glassy dome generously.

The color of excitement was seen on every face ; the loud laughs, the fast conversations , the noise, and the looks were shifting from the clock hands to the closed doors impatiently.

Finally the automatic doors opened, the worry was finished ; the glassy igloo was shining in the sun as a diamond.

Glass is Wherever

The Glass fanatics passed through the corridor quickly, and left behind their footprints on the marble floor.

As soon as they stepped into the showroom, their eyes shined, and their mouths dropped open in surprise, the beauty of the glassy palace attracted everyone's attention.

Glass smiled from the walls, and welcomed the arrivals, the wide screens on the glassy walls constantly showed the videos of Google Glass, the stunned visitors held their breathes, and for a while they were fascinated to watch around closely and in silence.

In front of the audience, the stage looked like the mermaid lake. The prisoner prince was bubbling with excitement in the semi-cylindrical aquarium, as if he wanted to free himself from the shiny cliffs around, and advanced towards the audience seats.

The aquarium was decorated with some musical fountains and the glittery rose bushes on both sides. In the middle, there was a broad bridge across the lake, in fact this crystal bridge was the showroom runway. The cliffs and roses were made out of the clear quartz.

The vivid water was bubbling, and jetting high in the air, the brittle stems of roses were dancing in time with mellow melody, and the colorful lights were sprinkling in space; on the water mirror a mixture of the colors, lights and shadows was creating the dreamy view.

The audience settled down into the snug blue glassy seats, and got ready to watch the show brightly.

I Can't Bear...

All at once it switched over; the light mist came across the lake, and the music went out of the time; the lovely roses faded, and it was getting cold. Then  Snow! What a surprise! the audience was pleased with the pretty snowflakes , and smiled.

The bridge dressed in white, the weather is getting colder and colder; light was gradually faded up, and the too loud metallic music went to on the people's nervous, the hearts were pounding.

The bitter cold was too unpleasant, as most the people were wearing a soft T-shirt, they were chilling;now the sweet smiles had gone away, and the audience was filled with extreme anger.

The weather grew so chill that the mermaid lake froze over, and the water jets turned into the icicles in midair; the fingers became numb, some people rubbed their hands together, and the others wrapped their arms tightly around themselves.

A few people else who couldn't bear this condition, they rose from their chairs, and went to the door, but it was closed! their mind numbed, they couldn't believe this, so were rooted to the spot.

What on earth could they do?

There was a mixture of fear and confusion on the audience's face, a girl cried, 'Help! Help! I should go home, unless my mom will kill me! Help!'
Her friends tried to calm her down , some were occupied with their smartphones to help her.
In the despair moments, the light at the end of the tunnel emerged; jumping up and down, a man shouted, 'I called 911, they're coming, they're coming!'

The girl wiped her teardrops, smiling. 

Suddenly the small window on the ceiling opened, and light crept in, All the eyes focused on the window. One minute later or two, a bright glassy spacecraft came down from , it emitted the light, immediately the chill & darkness disappeared.

The roses returned to glory,the icicles melted, and the musical fountains kept time. Fear ran away, and Hope bloomed. The spacecraft landed on the runway, and the fabulous models got out.The people were excited ,and started cheering.

Gloria  removed her knitted jacket, she was sitting in the front, and at all the terrible moments, she was repeating her address, Gloria was going to give a short speech at the end of the fashion show.

 On the stage the colorful lights were dancing, and sprinkling thrills on the audience, the salon was really hot and filled with the fried up people staring the runway, where in turn the attractive models were walking on , and showing off their charming Glass. yes there was Glass fashion show.

Now it was Jason's turn, he dressed in light blue jeans and red slippers . he was wearing a light blue T-shirt with a white life jacket on. Did you know Google Glass save a man's life? Jason had a red baseball cap and A Google Glass with red frame . He was looking cool, wasn't he?

And then Vanessa was walking gracefully on the stage ; Vanessa dressed in a white T-shirt printed on, 'I AM GLASS." Vanessa was wearing a black leather skirt with a light pink glassy belt on. She had light pink glassy boots, and a Google Glass with Black frame . Vanessa was really adorable . wasn't she? I AM Glass.

Gloria reviewed her words for the last time, 'Google Now for Glass, the right information at the right time, Reserving hotel--,' Gloria recalled that Sergey told her in this morning, 'I called Tasty restaurant and reserved--' And Now The Glass Spokeswoman, Gloria Roberts

Gloria should went on the stage, she took a deep breath, and in increased confidence she got up from her seat. While she was racing onto the stage,she shouted, 'Google Now--'

 But as soon as she stood opposite the audience, and saw that large crowd, all of her courage faded up, Gloria had never spoken in public, she forgot herself, and her words.

 The bitterly silence surrounded the showroom, all eyes focused on her, Gloria's heart beating fast, she felt her feet was trembling. The hostess stared at her eyes, Gloria brought a fixed smile on her face, bit her lip, and racked her brain over and over again, she tried to pull her thoughts, but it wasn't helpful, the words had slipped her mind.

The hostess kept staring at her eyes,'Google Now?'
The words were still whirling on Gloria's mind, 'Glass, reserve, restaurant, information,..', and her stomach was rumbling because of hunger.

In the end, by force of the hostess's look, Gloria fidgeting with her Glass said, 'Google Now For Glass-- Restaurant reservation-- we're going to have lunch at Tasty restaurant--'

The hostess interrupted her, and shouted, 'Wow! That sounds wonderful! I love Tasty Restaurant,' The audience was bubbling with excitement, they began clapping, Gloria's eyes widened silently in confusion,'Oh, Not! More fool You! ', Gloria wanted to cried , 'No, it's a misunderstanding , Sergey and I are going to have lunch not you,' but it was all over, the people got ready to go to Tasty restaurant. Gloria let out a deep sigh, and came down the stage wistfully.

Happy New Year


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