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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

For Glass, Just For Glass!


Drip, Drop

Wow! what a fresh air! Though it had stopped falling rain, it was still cloudy and dismal. The fall wind blew over the wet street and spread the smell of the rain in the air.

Here, over there, wherever was full of the puddles shining in the autumn sun, like mirrors. The Street was quite vacant, without any traffics. Sometimes a car passed at high speed and splashed the kids group in the footpath.

Aunt Sami and her children, in five rows, were walking along the sidewalk slowly, and watching the drops dripping from the gable roofs and the leaves on the trees to the pedestrian's head.

Kiarash was racing ahead, and romping. He was swimming his backpack around, jumping into the puddles, and splashing about.

Mahta, Aida and Ainaz were walking hand in hand at back him. Their red boots were kicked on the wet ground; Splash, Splash, and the air was filled with sound of their laugh.

Four feet after, Tina and Armis had a discussion about the best apps for making a quality, fast video.
Tina, 'Watch it! By using it you can edit your videos in a few minutes, plus it's really user-friendly!'
Armis's eyes glistened and a big smile appeared on her face, 'Really? can I try it?'

Parmis , Aunt Samira and Martin were watching others in the next line, Aunt Sami was very furious with Kiarash.

 Little Mino went behind all of them, and thought about her project, smiling. A maple leaf was whirling alone on a puddle.

Aunt Sami patted on her Parmis's back and said, 'We have enough time to listen to your story, so read your unfinished review.'
Parmis's eyes grew big in surprise, 'Here?'
The aunt admitted her, 'Yes, we're ready, then Begin!'
Parmis brought a sweet smile on her face, cleared her throat, and started reading loudly:

'... And Uncle Sergey, in my view had a blurred character at that day; the excited, unsettled, happy, brave and unhappy, jealous, bossy uncle; every moment he had an expression on his face, perfectly colorful, like the autumn leaves.

After storm, I went to the crowd and had a chat with them. My main questions were these:
  • Why and How did this accident happen?
  • Who was guilty?
  • What's your idea to fix problems like this?
  • What's your reaction if you get home, and see your meal is burning?

Parmis's interview
Rocky was dancing about, he seemed very happy, so I started interviewing with him.
I: 'Hi, Mr. Rocky, I'm iIlandbooks's reporter, may we have a chat together?'
Rocky replied, smiling, 'Of course, I know you, Parmis.'
-- 'Great. You look pleased, like a winner?'
-- 'That's right, I gained my goal.'
-- 'Oh, I see. At the first you were filled with anger and you wanted to kill Uncle Sergey, may tell us that why and how did this accident happen?'

-- 'Uuuum,last night Gloria told me the whole story from the sandwiches to dismissal. After that, I decided to teach Mr. Glass an unforgettable lesson, so I stayed up all the night, and made some Olivier sandwiches, I felt he liked Oliver salad.
Early the morning I took my family to Google. We stood next to that Funny man--'
I interrupted him, 'Angry Codo?'
Rocky, 'What's that?'
I replied, 'Never mind, please, continue?'
Rocky, 'All right. I was carrying lots of sandwiches in my hands, and Gloria's non-stop tears made me angrier and angrier with Mr.Glass. He had ruined her glassy palace, and I couldn't bear.

All at once I saw a very smartly man who was coming toward us, smiling. I believed he was Mr. Glass, so I hared and came close to him with my sandwiches. He was terribly frightened, his heart beating fast, his hands were in a cold sweat, and his legs were trembling---'
-- 'I'm sorry again, indeed?'
-- 'yes, recognizing people's feelings is easy for me, because I'm a sport man.' ( he should said, 'because I'm an attacking man.'
Rocky continued, 'yeah, I guessed he wanted to bolt, so I stood closer, and handed the sandwiches to him, 'Here, some Olivier sandwiches!'
He said, smirking, 'Thanks, guy. I've had breakfast enough. These are Miss. Roberts's cooking?'
His remark drove me terribly mad, I dropped the sandwiches, and collared him, and shouted, 'Yes, your guess is right, These are Gloria's poisoned sandwiches.' His face was quite pale, but he smiled. I yelled again, 'Today I take your life, Mr. Glass!'
He said, 'Calm down, guy!', and Gloria cried,'He's not Sergey, Rocky!'
For a few seconds I was in doubt who he was until you arrived.

-- 'How funny! you had mistaken Uncle Larry for Uncle Sergey. They are very famous, what was your feeling as you know the fact?'
-- 'I read only sport magazines, so I hadn't seen them before, and I got much embarrassed. Mr. Page is perfect, his positive character truly impressed me.'
-- 'Did you really want to kill Uncle Sergey?'
-- 'No, We're not killers. I just wanted to put him in his place.'
-- 'And could you fail him?'
-- 'Of course, Gloria gave back her work in Glass.'
-- 'But she's still weeping, I feel she's depressed.'
-- 'Her tears show her happiness surly.'
I knitted my brows and asked, 'Why do you dislike Uncle Sergey?'
Rocky laughed, 'No, No, I don't hate him rather I'm worried about Gloria's future. Mr. Glass fussed for nothing. I'm sure he will divorce Gloria for a burnt food. Judge yourself, I tell a lie?'
-- 'I can't, I'm not a judge, but I think you'd better respect to Gloria's opinion.'
Rocky let out a deep sigh, 'Oooooh, yes. I never wanted to poke my nose into her affairs. I'm Stone, but my heart is glossy, and I'm agreed with what she wants.'
-- 'You are an adorable brother! what's your reaction if you get home and see your meal is burning?'
-- 'Happiness, I  walk on the clouds. promptly, I call my aunt to announce this news , then I'll get ready to go there.'
-- 'Good for you! and my last question: in your view who was guilty?'
-- 'Without any doubts, Mr. Glass!'
The next interviewee was Gloria's father. He had sat on the lawn, put his hands on his head, and cried loudly.
I  , 'Hello, Mr. Roberts, why are you crying?'
The daddy cried louder, 'For Glass, Just For Glass.'
I  , 'Don't worry, Daddy. Uncle Larry will find it quickly.'
The daddy laughed, 'Ha, ha, really, can he?'
I  ,'Sure, It seems you like Glass?'
The daddy wept his tears rapidly, put his left-hand on his heart, and said, 'Glass is My Life, I Breath in Glass. It's everything for me.'
Gloria's mother frowned, grumbled under her breath, 'Hospitality!' , then she took three steps back.
I , 'In your view Uncle Sergey was guilty in this event?'
Mr. Roberts yelled, smirking, 'Mr. Sergey? you must be kidding! He's the brightest man that I've ever seen, all people know it , for this reason he's in charge of Glass.'
Then while he's pointing to Gloria he said, 'Heavens! We could miss that glassy man for her stupidity. when someone doesn't know how to cook , she shouldn't do it. Gloria is only guilty.'
I ,'And another question, what's your reaction if you find out your food is burnt?'
The daddy laughed again, 'Well, when my wife is not in the kitchen, I often stand beside the stove, and turn the degree, then run out quickly, and put on my coat. I like party.'
I thanked Mr. Roberts and moved toward Gloria's Mother whom had leaned her back against a tall tree and stared at the sky with her wet eyes.
I , 'Hello, Mummy, why are you crying?'
Mrs. Roberts, ' Oh, pleasure, I'm very pleased,' she began weeping quietly, 'My dear daughter, Gloria, turns to her office with tact of Mr. Page, I'm thank him, he fixed this problem calmly. Now I can watch my favorite movies in comfort, Gloria enjoys turning TV over and making my blood boil.'
-- ,'Oh, I see. In your view who was guilty?'
-- ,'Gloria's daddy. Since he's worn Glass, he insists on Gloria to get married Mr. Sergey, and well, Gloria is a little simple; to humor Mr. Sergey she made those sandwiches, Unluckily, they got rotten ,and ....'
-- ,'How do you think about Uncle Sergey?'
-- ,'Gloria always says that he's pure and protective, but too sensitive. He's a nice guy, but I agree with Rocky's saying. My brave son is a sport man and knows people very well.'
--, 'And the last question, how can we fix these problems?'
--, 'Forgiveness, it resolves every problem.'
--, 'Thanks a lot, Mummy for the interview.'
--, 'You're welcome, Parmis.'
I handed Gloria a tissue, 'Wipe your tears, Aunt Glory! I bet Uncle Sergey doesn't put Glass aside, even if he puts you away, he will come back soon.'
Gloria, 'Thanks, Parmis, you're very nice. I'm shocked with his strange behavior,' she sighed deeply, 'At first day--when our eyes met together, he was so protective, so pure, so friendly---he liked ice cream---- he liked my ideas,' Gloria sobbed, 'I can't believe, he's not my Sergey, I'm perfectly disappointed with him.'
I passed her a lot of tissues hastily, 'No, I don't think so, Uncle Sergey still likes ice cream, her ideas, and you too; Trust Me, I guess it's the effect of poison on Uncle Sergey, he'll improve in a few days.'
Gloria knitted her brows, 'Are you sure?'
-- ,'Yes, but in your view who was guilty?'
-- ,'The hot weather, it nearly killed my dreams.'
-- , 'Hold your horses! What's your reaction if you get home and see your meal is burning?'
Finally Gloria brought a sweet smile on her face, 'I smile because a delicious food is awaited me in your aunt's villa.'
-- ,'Why does your family love a burnt meal?'
-- ,'Well, this is one of our family's traditions, and in my view; the best one. As we notice our food is brunt, we get ready being the guest in our relative's house.'
-- ,'Wow! How interesting! I like this tradition.'

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