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Friday, November 21, 2014

A Persistent Reporter

A Good News

The next morning every one in Google spoke about yesterday's events, gossips poked their heads in Glass office , but disappointedly left there.

No one saw Uncle Sergey in his office, his smart phone was off, and his assistant was sitting blue, off.

We - Armis, Mino & I - did our tasks in Uncle Larry's office. Mino presented a report of her conversation with Arash; she had made him register in a bodybuilding club ; the sparkle in her eyes and her loud laughs expressed her feeling about Rocky. She truly admired his wonderful strength.

Uncle Larry was deep in thought; he looked pretty uneasy. And I ..., well, while my mind was whirling around Martin and trip, my eyes drifted on the screen that the chat button turned green, and Martin came online.

We had just started chatting that it finished; Martin went, and my forehead wrinkled in a frown. I felt sad, so I went to watch 'World Cup Google doodles' to GD's office.

Uncle GD and I were talking together ,when Armis and Mino jumped into the room. Mino's eyes glistened , and Armis looked very happy. A few minutes ago, Uncle Larry had told them that, 'Go home, and pack your suitcases . Tomorrow morning we're flying to Germany.'

'Wow! what a good news!' I walked on the clouds. we said goodbye to Uncle GD, ran into the yard, got on our bicycles, and rode to the exit.


Uncle Larry's car passed by us at great rate. I guessed his destination was Uncle Sergey's home, as he had said that before; so I yelled, 'Let's follow him, I bet he drives to Uncle Sergey's place.'

The objection shout of Mino melted the road heart, 'No, we can't. We should pack our luggage!' But Armis's saying changed her mind, 'Preparing a suitcase doesn't take much time.' Then we were pedaling quickly.

Every moment the car was getting farther and farther, until it turned into another street , and it was entirely vanished. We let out a bitter sigh, and stopped chasing.

Armis said, 'But this street to his own home!'
We looked at each other, smiling; what she said was right, so we Kept on cycling to his place.

A Special plan

Uncle Larry came out of the home, when we got there. As soon as we saw him, our eyes grew large in surprise, because he was carrying his guitar and a parcel in his arms. Mino laughed, 'Thanks to Parmis, I could not miss this.' We ( three kids) began giggling loudly.

Our sounds attracted Uncle Larry's attention, he winced, and shouted, frowning, 'What are you doing here?'

I asked with a wry smile, 'Are you going to Uncle Sergey?'
Uncle Larry's cheeks glowed, and his look shifted from his hands to our faces with embarrassment , then he said slowly, 'No-- well, yes, but you can't come with me!'

Armis asked,'Why, Uncle?'
While he was opening his car door, answered, 'Because I've made him unhappy, then I should talk to him alone.'

I was furious, raised my voice to him, 'I'm worried about Uncle Sergey too.'

Uncle Larry got into the car and started. I was burning with anger, so began screaming and kicking his car, 'This isn't right! I want to see him.'

Uncle Larry got confused, he didn't expect this violent behavior of me; all at once he burst into laughter for several minutes, then waved his hand to us, we stood closer;he said, grinning, 'You can come with me, but you say nothing, even one word. I should mend his broken heart. If you can promise ,then get in?'

We ( three kids) said together, 'We promise.' Then we left our bikes over there, and got into the car promptly.

On the way, the uncle spoke, and we listened to him, until we approached the destination, and he parked the car.

The Friend's House

A few minutes later we all stood in the doorway, he pressed the doorbell. I took a deep breath, for moments only silence was and silence.

The uncle rang again, but Uncle Sergey didn't answer the door. A few small sparrows were siting on edge of the window, disappointment waved on the their eyes . Uncle Larry rang over and over again, then he yelled, 'We're here, Sergey. Please, open the door!'

Finally, we heard Uncle Sergey's voice from the door phone, 'Leave me alone, Cheaters! I don't want to see you anymore.'

I cried, 'We miss you, Uncle.' But it wasn't use to cry, we should perform our special plan.

Uncle Larry returned to the car, took out the guitar, and started playing his favorite melody.

Armis, Mino & I began giggling, and impatiently we looked forward to seeing Uncle Sergey's reaction.

Some neighbors jumped out of their buildings , and stared at the famous musician with curiosity.

Finally Uncle Sergey opened the window furiously , but as he saw the crowd, he brought a fixed smile on his face, shouted, 'That's enough, you won. Come on in, until I've not changed my mind.'

The audience clapped, and we all moved toward the building, Uncle Larry said, 'put your tablets in the car, and remember your promise.'

We came back towards the car and put them inside with sadness; a glowing interview was burnt.

Uncle Sergey stood aside to let us enter, 'Come in.'
He looked pale , sleepy and nervous. His hair was messy, and his eyes were blue, sunken; it seemed he hadn't got a wink of sleep last night.

You Drive Me Crazy

Uncle Larry put his hand on Uncle Sergey's shoulder friendly, and handed him the present, 'Just for you, Sergey.'

Uncle Sergey opened the box with coolness; he let out a deep sigh while was taking out the slippers, 'Gosh, another slippers!'

Uncle Larry said, grinning,'It was your birthday's present, now I have to shop one else.'

Armis , Mino and I began giggling, Uncle Sergey was laughing too.

He placed his gift on the table, then dropped into the sofa, and said, 'Have a seat.' We ( three kids) wanted to sit, but Uncle Larry signaled to us, Armis and Mino headed for the door, but I raced to aquarium, grabbed Gloria , then ran into the yard.

During our uncles were resolving differences between themselves, we were occupied with Uncle Sergey's turtle, Gloria, in the beautiful yard. After half an hour the uncle called us, and said, smiling, 'Tomorrow morning we all are flying to Berlin.'

I raised my eyebrows, gazed at Uncle Sergey with surprise, ' And you? Are you coming with us?'
A meaningful smile emerged on his face , and he nodded.

After saying goodbye to Uncle Sergey, we sat in the car, and Uncle Larry drove in the street leading to my house.


You Can not refuse MY Offer

I still thought about the interview, so I telephoned Uncle Sergey in the evening. He was fed up and felt like to be alone, but I should act just like a real reporter ; a persistent interviewer--- Persistence was the key of success.

On the other hand, I knew Gloria's name melted his heart. so said, 'Let's go to our hangout, I have a hot news about Gloria.'

Now Uncle Sergey was interested in my words, 'What's news? Tell me right now!'
I , 'I'll say it instead of a interview.'
Uncle Sergey grinned, 'What? Interview? Forget, kid! For me Gloria's news isn't important.'
I shrugged, and said, 'Oh, I see, then goodbye.'
Uncle Sergey, 'Wait a moment, you said in our hangout?'
I ,'yeah.'
Uncle Sergey, 'I can't refuse a free ice cream.'
My plot went well ; I was sure he couldn't miss a hot news about Gloria.
I ,'At 7 o'clock, our hangout, bye.'
Uncle Sergey, 'fine, See you soon.'

To Fail or To Pass

Armis , Mino and I were sitting near the big window at the flowers ice cream shop. We were used to coming to this cozy, clean and quiet place occasionally. Their waiters behaved warmly and friendly, and its ice creams tasted so delicious.

I glanced at the clock on the wall , and I hoped Uncle Sergey hadn't forgotten our appointment. At this moment he came in. 'He's always on time.' Armis said, smiling.

The uncle came towards the reporters, sat opposite us at the table, and scanned the menu for one second or two, then ordered four ice creams. My assistants picked up their tablets; I looked over the questions list for the last time; and waitress set our order on the tables.

Now I was time to interview.

I , 'Hi, Uncle Sergey, in your view who was guilty person?'

Eating the ice cream, Uncle Sergey asked, 'First the news, I'm waited for your hot news, Miss Parmis.'

I , 'Oh, all right. Gloria misses you. She cries constantly. I pity her.'
Uncle Sergey got dismal, 'Indeed?'
I nodded .

A small smile appeared on his face, 'I pity her. She's guilty, and his giant brother too. If Larry let me , I gave a good lesson to that little boy. That tiny wanted to kill me, ha ha.'

Mino and Armis giggled.

Uncle Sergey said, 'Tell Gloria, "Don't cry! Focus on your work instead of weeping; you did what you wanted. Don't let our clients imagine Glass is lachrymal."'

I , 'Huh, What?'
Uncle Sergey, 'Tear Glass, I can't bear this one.'

Armis and Mino laughed, 'Tear Glass'

I, 'OK, but Gloria said that she was shocked with your strange behavior, I agree with her, you always tell me, "Take it easy, Parmis." but--

He interrupted me, 'This matter was so serious. No, kidding, I could nearly die. But Gloria came to hospital, laughing. She threw to me a bunch of flowers. her coolness drove me crazy. That day she hadn't eaten any sandwiches , and handed me the whole, in my view she looked doubtful.'

I ,'maybe, but the food poisoning is so common in this season , and every one may be poisoned easily, even I , Mino or Armis.'

Uncle Sergey nodded. A cold silence fell for a while, then he murmured, 'I don't know, maybe you're in the right.'

I ,'Uncle Eric believes a man should not be gluttonous!'

Uncle Sergey pounded the dish on the table, her face got redder than tomato,'gluttonous? who's gluttonous? me?'

The people in the shop gazed at us with open mouth, wide-eyed.
I shook my head, 'No, you're not.'

Mino said, 'I Am, I love sweets, candy, and snacks, but I'm not a man.'
Armis laughed, 'Me too.'

Uncle Sergey said, 'They thought my noise was for food? it's so funny! I was doubtful of Gloria; I wanted to be certain about her love for me, so I tried to test her, and unfortunately, she failed.'

I ,'but in my view, she passed the exam with success, she proved her love. She truly likes you.'

Uncle Sergey sighed deeply, 'Oh, maybe.'

I, 'well, what are you doing if you get home and find out your food is burning?'

Uncle Sergey, 'I call the fire station.'

Armis and Mino laughed.

Uncle Sergey, 'I'm not worry about a burnt meal, I have Glass: OK , Glass, find me a Oliver Salad recipe.'

I laughed , 'OK Glass, my last question, how to fix problems like this with OK, Glass?'

Uncle Sergey laughed, 'That's a brilliant idea, but I always say, "Take it easy!"'

I , 'OK, Glass, Take it Easy, Thanks a lot.'"

A Ninja Turtle

Parmis took a deep breath, 'That is all. it was so long, wasn't it?'
Martin nodded ,'Yes, it was too long.'
Aunt Samira laughed, 'Excellent, Parmis. I enjoyed listening to it.'

Some clothes on the clothesline were waving in the wind. It started drizzling,  a women ran into the backyard to collect them. Mino's look shifted from the clothes to the cloudy sky, and said to herself, 'If it was sunny, I can steal my relatives' clothes to threat them on Halloween, but this weather is against me.'

A picture of a Ninja Turtle was fallen on the mirrors of the street ground.

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