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Monday, November 17, 2014

Driverless car can fix a broken Heart :)

The shining sun had reached to the heart of the blue sky as I began running to Uncle Larry who was standing frozen it the footpath.

I was haring across the green grass which was curling cheerfully in the playful breeze, the smell of Olivier salad was in the air, and the sound of chirping, croaking too.

The sparrows and crows had made a loud noise, and curious breeze whispered in the grass's ear, 'What's what??'

Uncle Larry was startled when I jumped in front of him with a long step. He turned his attention to me, and asked, 'Uh, what's matter?'

I took my pen in front of his face, like a microphone, and yelled, 'Interview'
His forehead creased in a frown, instantly he took his look from me, and re-stared again at the end of the way.

For a while I stood in a cold silence with him, and chased his worried eyes until Uncle Sergey's picture was faded out from the Garden's frame. At this moment, Uncle Larry sighed deeply, 'Even one time he didn't look back.' I nodded and watched  Uncle Sergey's void place.

Some minutes latter, Uncle Larry glanced at Tablet Clock, he knitted his brows, it seemed he remembered something. Suddenly he began walking up to the building swiftly, I followed him. His steps were so long that I had to run after him, gasping.

When Uncle Larry came close to the sandwiches - where my friends & I saw Rocky for the first time - something strange stopped him, and so did I. 'God! Wherever Yellow!' Our eyes were widened in surprise,

The lawn was covered with bread crumbs and Olivier salad, and a large number of crows and sparrows wandered around. They ate Rocky's cooking eagerly, hastily. Some of the bigger ravens grabbed the smaller ones' share, and flew away. and some else quarreled and the terrible sound of their croaking had caught everyone's attention.

Uncle Larry sighed deeply, and continued going to the building, I shouted louder, 'Interview?'

Uncle Larry responded, ' Not now! I have a meeting right away.'

So I had to wait for a while, but I didn't waste the time, and ran to Uncle Eric. He had to a lot of work, but the end result of my persistence was a small chat :)


Uncle Eric

I , 'Hi, Mr. Schmidt. In your view Uncle Sergey was guilty in this event?'

Uncle Eric, 'Hum. yes, I think so. A man shouldn't be so much gluttonous, I'm truly embarrassed instead of him.
Love is so important that we shouldn't end it for funny reasons such as: a simple food poisoning. I wasn't mean him at all.'

​I , 'Oh , I see. So what will you do if you get home and find out your meal is burnt?'

Uncle Eric, ' Only smile :), to have dinner, I'll take my family to a five star restaurant.'

I ,' you won't be angry at all!?'

Uncle Eric, 'No, why angry? it takes us of routine life out, it's a variety , a refresher.'

I ,'OK, your view is really Beautiful . And How can we fix problems like this?'

Uncle Eric, 'With Smile :), You can find the exactly reply in my new book,' How Google Works" it's coming soon.

I ,'Thanks a lot, Mr. Schmidt for this amazing chat.'

Uncle Eric, 'You're welcome; but Don't forget my last year recommendation " Focus on the qualify contents " your page-rank won't go up by interviewing with me.'

I , ' :) , Have a heart , I'm only a little girl!'

Uncle Eric, ' For Google, All people are same.'


Uncle Larry

I sat with tearful eyes opposite Uncle Larry at a long table, and started the interview.

I ,' Hi, uncle Larry, I can't believe, it's like a sweet dream, finally I'm interviewing with you again.'

Uncle Larry began crying, 'I can't express my feeling. Gee! I'm chatting with Parmis again?'

I , 'You're very nice, Uncle. Now please, tell your story, we'd like to watch this accident from your sight.'

Uncle Larry, 'OK, this morning I parked my car, and came towards the building. It was nice, and I was enjoying the pretty views. The sun is shining, and sprinkled its golden rays on the green leaves, the white clouds were moving in the blue sky cheerfully, and the soft breeze was disturbed my hair and drove me crazy.

So I stopped to straighten my hair that I saw an unusual view in distance: Six people were standing near Android man, I knew three ones: Miss Roberts was weeping, his brother, Robert, and Julia in his arms.
But others : an old man was wearing a Glass, and a middle-aged woman with an odd shoe in her hand- I guessed they both were Miss Roberts' parents- and a strong boy who was holding a lot of sandwiches. I thought he was Gloria's new boyfriend, because she and Sergey were not in on speaking terms with each other, and I didn't grasp what they wanted.

As soon as that giant boy, Rocky, saw me, his face got redder than a tomato, and began running to me. I was afraid a little.'

I, 'Only a little, Rocky said that you wanted to escape.'

Uncle Larry drawn his eyebrows together, 'What? Do you believe me or him?'

I brought a fixed smile on my face, 'Of course, you!'

Uncle Larry said, smiling,'well, I was really frightened, fear was a natural reaction at that situation, but I overcame to my fears, and tried to be calm.'
I, 'Thank you, your honesty impress me. In your view who was guilty?'

Uncle Larry, 'Knowing guilty person helps us? Not , really. After every unpleasant accident, people search for guilty person, it's wrong. The successful men focus on resolution.'

I, 'OK, but maybe if we find him/her, this accident won't happen again?'

Uncle Larry, 'That's right, but in my view fixing is more important.'

I ,'Fix, Great! how can we fix problems like this?'

Uncle Larry, 'In my view, Driverless cars are helpful.'

My mouth was dropping open, 'How?'

Uncle Larry, 'Well, the whole story started when Sergey arrived late to Golf club because half of our city is Parking lots, our traffic is slow, Sergey was late, the sandwiches stayed in the car, and got bad, well in my view dirverless car can resolve this problem.'

I thought a little but I didn't understand him, finally I nodded, and said, 'yeah, I like dirverless car, I can drive with them.'

Uncle Larry was angry, 'No, you can't. ask your next question!'

I ,'How bad! what's your reaction if you get home and find out your meal is burnt?'

Uncle Larry,' Calm, I jump into the kitchen, and cook some pancakes.'

I ,'Even for dinner?'

Uncle Larry, 'Yes, I like eating it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.'

I ,'Me too, they are delicious with chocolate cream.'

Uncle Larry, 'Yes, but I like it more with raspberry marmalade and a cup of coffee.It tastes unforgettable!'

I ,'I'll try it. why didn't you call the Police?'

Uncle Larry, 'It was an unimportant matter, and Miss. Roberts was from Google, every family always tries to settle their difference between themselves with conversation, and if their attempt wasn't effective, then they contact the police.'
I , 'I agree, but I think Uncle Sergey thought Rocky is a disturbed young, and you should inform the police.'

Uncle Larry smirked, 'What happened if I contacted police? now Gloria's brother would be arrested and Sergey would never forgive me.'

I , 'Oh, You're very intelligent, what's your feeling now?'

Uncle Larry, 'I feel proud, but my best friend is furious with me, and I can't ignore it.'

His was in right, I also felt a huge knot in my throat, 'I've never seen Uncle Sergey how much sad, in my view my should speak with him?'

Uncle Larry, 'Yes, but not now. Be patient! He is too nervous now, but he will calm down, Tomorrow I'm going to his place.'

I, 'All right, and as the last question, how did you see Rocky?'

Uncle Larry, 'At first sight, I recognized he was a nice guy. Google always sponsored athletes.'

​Best Wishes



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