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Saturday, November 29, 2014

What's Your Wonderful Idea?

The vacant School

It was a day after Halloween, a sunny day. The sky was blue and clear, and the school was quite calm. Some white cotton candies were walking to the Sun's house. And some white pigeons perched on the tallest pine in the school,  watching the pupils through the class window in silence.

The children ran out, stepped on the leafy jacket. The yellow leaves flew, mixed with the children's laughs in mid-air, and then rained on the school playground.

Frowning, the school playground dusted his own colorful jacket. Next, he looked up at the students whom had disturbed his privacy, 'Oh, They're fewer than yesterday!,' he smelled the air; the aroma of sweets was everywhere.

That day, the school seemed almost empty, some pupils strolled in the yard, eating sweets, while the remains of them had stayed at home because of stomach pain.

Parmis was walking about, bending over the leaves, looking for the pretty ones. She was going to make a greeting card for his uncle with them. Tina was taking a couple of photos of the beautiful views. Hanna was drawing a flower on the ground with white chalk. Martin spoke with someone on the smartphone.  Sara came towards Mino standing besides a tree, sucking sweets.

"Hi, here some sweets,' she handed Mino some candies. Mino replied, 'Thanks a lot. I have a lot.' then she flipped a coin.

For a second the coin shined in the sunlight, and then vanished in Mino's fist. Sara asked, smirking, 'Is Mahta at home?'

Mino put back the coin into her pocket, let out a small sigh, and said,' Yeah, that greedy kid ate too much last night, so she became ill.'

Sara nodded, grinning, 'Poor Mahta. I love Halloween for "Trick or Treat", then  you ravaged your neighbors last night, didn't you?'

Mino brought a wry smile on her face, and nodded her head, 'That's right.We had a wonderful plan.'
A sparkle appeared in Sara's eye, she gazed at Mino with excitement.

Mino Story

Mino closed her eyes, and gathered her thoughts to recall exactly what had happened:

It began to drizzle as Parmis shut her review. Aunt Samira opened her umbrella, and Parmis and Martin stood closer to her. Fortunately, they reached their own street, "Comet street" right at the moment.

Tina's mom, standing with an umbrella in front of the gate of a stony, big house, the largest house in the street, had put the iPhone to her cheek. She started to talk with Tina, staring anxiously at the end of the street.

Tina: 'I'm here, Mummy! can you see me?' she waved her iPhone to her mom, laughing. Tina said goodbye to Mum, put it into her raincoat pocket. She turned to  Armis and sighed, 'It was Mom, she's always worried about me.'

Armis smiled, 'Just like mine. They think we're still a toddler.'
Tina nodded, looking up at the rainy sky, 'I hate being wet, as of tomorrow, I'll go to school with my daddy.'

Armis,'That's too bad! I'd like to continue our class. you have great info about apps.'

Tina went pink in embarrassment. Suddenly she began to run, crying, 'We'll continue the class.'

At this moment, Kiarash said to the girls, 'Let's race to the house, I bet that I'll win you all. I'm a winner.'

Without waiting for answer, he started to run at high speed; Aida, Ainaz and Mahta also began to run after him.

Tina approached the gate. There was a small puddle over there, Tina tired to cut across the puddle. Her happy mom dropped the umbrella to the ground, and raced to her, smiling. As Mother wanted to hug her lovely daughter, Kiarash jumped into the puddle--- the mom screamed; Oh no, her clothes were covered in mud.
Kiarash stopped for a second, not for apology, only to burst into laughter. Then that little boy continued to run as fast as he could. When he got to the front of the door, he made a face to the girls and shouted, 'I won!'

Aunt Samira bit her lower lip, her face was red like a tomato. She shouted at him, 'Stop there, Kiarash!' However, Kiarash didn't pay attention to her, and passed through the door. Aunt Samira apologized to Tina's mom for Kiarash's bad behavior.

Tina's mom brought a fixed smile on her face, 'No problem. It's not his fault, we should repair this road. I'll talk to my husband about this!' Tina said goodbye and entered the home.

After a while, Martin left them and got into his place. Aida, Ainaz and Mahta had reached Mahta's house at the same time.

Aunt Samira with three kids walked slowly along the street. It stopped raining as they approached Parmis's house. At that point, Mino texted Armis and Parmis: "Top secret. Right away, come to Parmis's room."

Armis turned to her mom, "Can I go to Parmis's place?"
Aunt Samira nodded, 'All right, Come back soon! Armis smiled, "Thanks, Mum."

The door was open. They entered home, and  quickly went past Kiarash's raincoat and  backpack lying in the middle of the living room. The TV set was on, and there was a jar of peanut butter on the table opposite it.

Kiarash reclining on the sofa, watching cartoon on TV, and eating a sandwich. As soon as he saw them, he said, grinning, 'What's up? what's on your minds?'

Mino said, smirking, 'It's none of your business.' Armis pointed to the jar, 'Please, bring us three sandwiches.'

Kiarash smirked at them, 'Pigs might fly.'

ICE CupCake

Three kids sat around a round table, and the meeting started. For a while, the silence surrounded them. Finally Parmis said, 'What's the matter? Do you need any money?'

Mino gazed at the table, 'I bought a Halloween costume, its price was $5o.' 
Armis, 'Does your mom know about this?'
Mino shook her head, 'No, I didn't afford it, so I borrowed Tina some money.'
Parmis's mouth dropped open, and Armis bit her lower lip, 'Gee, Tina?!'

Mino's eyes filled with tears, 'Between you and me--- I went bankrupt, I'm a broke, a great debtor.'
Parmis asked, 'Why? you have a pretty good allowance, I have never seen Mahta borrow any money?'
Mino felt a big knot in her throat, she disliked others compared 'little Mahta' with her.
Armis murmured, 'Well, Mino loves sweets.'

Mino raised her voice, 'Don't blame me! it's not my fault," she banged on the table, " I've missed my sponsors lately," she swallowed hard and forced back her tears,"before this summer Armis bought pastry for me, and during the summer I had a great income in Google. Now I have only my pocket money, and it's not enough for ME, as on the way to school sweets twinkle at me, or on the net pretty dresses hypnotize me, and internet games---oh, I'm addicted to them. I need your help. Here's Halloween, and a great opportunity to earn a little money. I have a plan.' she looked them in the eye, 'I bet that you can't leave me alone.'

Parmis stared at Armis for a second or two, and then said, smiling, 'I love a special plan, Come on, tell us about your plan!'
Armis smiled.

Mino went towards the window, let out a long sigh, 'At the first I'd plan to gather our neighbor's clothes from their clothesline as pledge. well, we could exchange them on Halloween with money, but no one would hang out her clothes in this rainy weather.'

Parmis laughed, 'That's interesting, but on Halloween the children receive sweets Not money.'

Mino said, 'I know this but we should change the tradition, " Trick or Treat", I'm gonna get sweets as well as money.'

Armis, 'How?'
Mino, 'with trick, I have some tricks.'
Parmis, 'but our neighbors may call police!!!'
Mino, 'No, They won't .It's Halloween, they aren't stone-hearted. well, I need a lot of cupcakes. Parmis will bake them. some ice and paint spray. Besides all of our friends. now, I explain my plan.'

A half an hour later, Parmis saw them to the door, and jumped into the kitchen so as to make cupcake. Her mom was cooking dinner, she looked at Parmis with surprise, 'What are you doing, Parmis?'

Parmis, 'Tomorrow is Halloween, I want to bake some cupcakes, and present them to our neighbors.'
Mummy, "Wow! how interesting! I can help you.'

When they filled the cupcake liner with cake batter, her mom said ,'Now, you can go,Parmis. I put them in the oven.'
Parmis said with worry, 'All right, only, only--- please, Don't forget the time!'

A bitter smile emerged on Mom's face. Parmis went to do her homework, and her mom stood beside the oven for some minutes. Everything went well until an idea struck her, so she raced to her office and sat at her desk.

Parmis could feel the smell of burning, she ran into the kitchen, screamed and stared at the brown cakes angrily. Mom said, 'We'll bake again!'


Our Booty

The night was young, and the glow of the moon lit street. Our Ninja Turtle started her plan with Parmis's home.

The writer was writing a new story as she heard the sound of police car alarm , ' Red Ferrari Owner, Please come out!'

Parmis's mom went out hastily, she was shocked when she saw a Ninja Turtle standing opposite the house door.  The little girl who was next to her, holding a big cotton candy in front of her face. And a boy with paint spray was standing beside the writer's auto. The worst of all was her own daughter. Little Parmis was standing across the street, recording video of them.

Ninja Turtle took a cupcake out of her 'Trick and Treat pail', and handed it to  Mom. 'Give One Dollar, and Save your Car! This little boy needs $1, and enjoys painting!!' she said, pointing at the little boy.

Parmis's Mother went pale, she got cupcake, and paid bill. Ninja smiled, the cotton candy girl came nearer,"Trick or Treat"
Mom fetched a bowl of snacks, and angrily gave her. Mino laughed," Turtle Power!" Then they went away.

Martin leaned the ladder against the wall, then picked up an ice bucket, and climbed up the ladder, grumbling. Tina said, 'Be careful, Martin!'

Martin stood on the roof, his feet trembled. Armis said, 'He may fall down, I'm afraid.'
Tina said, 'Don't worry! he's brave!'

Disney Frozen (Armis) rang the doorbell. Ainaz covered her face with a big cotton candy and stood beside her. Tina stood back a little far. She was their camerawoman.

Mrs. Rosy opened the door. Just as she saw pretty angle, she smiled and gave her some pastries.

The cotton candy girl took them rapidly. While Disney Frozen was shaking, she handed Mrs.Rosy a cupcake. 'Its price is only one dollar! That boy is going to pour a bucket of iced water over my head! Please, Save me with $1." Disney Frozen said, pointing at the roof.

Mrs. Rosy looked up at Martin. The little boy laughed and rocked his bucket, 'I may pour this bucket over your head!'

The woman was so frightened that she gave Armis one dollar. She grumbled, 'I don't know who invented this foolish tradition.' then got inside and slammed the door behind her. Armis laughed, 'Magic of Disney Frozen!'

Ninja Turtle and her assistant rang the next doorbell. This time Kiarash was with them, with a new trick! Kiarash was going to shoot at the light bulb, and Tina was ready for record a video.

Mr. Kay came out. Ninja handed a cupcake, and said, 'How much is your Light? Give One Dollar, and Save your Light! This little boy needs $1,  and enjoys shooting!!'

Mr.Kay didn't pay attention to them, he wanted to get back inside as Kiarash shot, and they ran away. Tina liked this scene very much.

Disney Frozen  and her assistant faced the door. As their camerawoman, Parmis was standing back, and Martin with a bag full of brown leaves was leaning against the window of the house.

Miss. Roxana put her head out of the window. Martin came up to her and pointed at the bag. At the point, Disney Frozen gave Miss. Roxana a cupcake. She had a mournful look on her face, 'Miss Roxana, Help me buy this cupcake. Its price is only one dollar! This boy would like to pour these leaves over my head and also in your doorway. Please, Save me and your house, as well. Just with $1.'

Miss. Roxana hated a messy house, so she gave them both: money and cookies. The children walked cheerfully away.

That night Ninja Turtle and Disney Frozen ravaged all houses in the street, then they divided their booties between themselves; all money for Poor Ninja Turtle (Mino), and sweets, candies, cookies and so on for the others.


Sara said, 'Good for you, Mino.'

Mino stared at the ground without saying anything. She recalled her mother's words, 'Fraud? Threat? it's not your place, Mino. Right away, Give Back all the money.'

The plan ran perfect, but her mom ruined her dreams house. Mino's mom gave her $30, and made her give back all the dollars. 

Mino was so depressed. However, she went and apologized to her neighbors for her threats. 

The bell went. Sara ran to the class. Mino looked around, Martin still spoke with someone on the smartphone. Mino approached him.
Martin, 'I have to go now, bye, Sabine.'
Mino's eyes grew huge, 'Sabine!'. Martin shut down his smartphone, walking to the classroom.

Mino's eyes sparkled. It seemed that she had a new plan. Mino entered the class, came to Tina, placed $30 on her desk, 'Here your money, thanks a lot!'

Tina laughed, 'Have you watched our movie?'
Mino smiled,'Not yet, but I don't have a doubt, it's wonderful!'
Tina put the bill into her pocket, 'I look forward to hearing your wonderful idea, Mino.'
Mino glanced at Martin, and brought a wry smile on her face. 

Parmis stared at the chat button, she thought, 'Uncle Sergey likes a leafy greeting card? I hope.'

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