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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ways to Save Money On Grocery Budget (Free eBook)

If you would like to cut down on your grocery budget and are a bit on the creative side then you need to pay close attention to the information in this article. In it  we are going to show you how to save money on Hair conditioner, skin care products, and cleaners buy using one of the most well known foods in existence, Vinegar. Vinegar can act as all of these items amounting to a huge amount of saving in groceries

If you use hair conditioner then this is a great money saving tip. Instead of paying between 5-10 dollars for a bottle why not spend 1.50 on a bottle of Vinegar. Vinegar is actually really good for your hair and scalp . It has the ability to balance the ph level in your skin. It is also very effective in removing and excess shampoo from your hair. Vinegar will not dry your scalp or smell after use, it rinses cleanly and leaves your hair soft and shiny. If you're tired of paying salon prices then use vinegar, it is effective and good for you.

Expensive creams and detergents quite often make the problem worse. If you have oily skin, using harsh cleaners deplete the oil supply, your glands then compensate by producing more thus making your skin oilier than ever. They same holds true for dry skin. By using creams, your glands then stop producing oil bringing the opposite result. Vinegar balances the skin and is perfect for both skin types. Many skin care products can cost between 10-20 dollars per container. Vinegar can be purchased for less than 2.

If you enjoy a clean house, then a great money saving tip is to clean with vinegar. By mixing 1/4 cup of vinegar, two tablespoons of lemon juice with 10-16 Oz. of water, you have the perfect cleaner for windows, kitchen and bathroom surfaces. These 2 substances combined cut through grease and leave a pleasant smell. They also act as a mild disinfectant. Breathing it in or ingesting it will not be harmful and it is good for the environment . The most important point of course, for about 45 cents, you can make a cleaner that works better than expensive store brands.

 Vinegar has a multitude of great uses that are safe and money saving. If you have some time and like to try new things, give vinegar  ago. You'll save money and do it by using an environmentally safe product.

How To Use Leftover Shampoo

Many of us likely have a stock pile of old shampoos and conditioners lurking in the corner of our bathtub that we will likely never use. Many times the brand you buy doesn't quite do what you like. In this article we will show you how to tum those old shampoos into practical uses around the home. This not only results in zero waste it can actually turn out be a great money saving tip.

Many times shampoos come with conditioner already in them. This combination makes ideal hand soap. The scent of the shampoo leaves your skin smelling great and the conditioner will protect your hands from drying and chapping.

Shampoos make great cleaners for carpets. It is best used on wool rugs, being that it is a hair product. However, it will work quite well on other carpet fibers. This can result in quite a substantial savings in that hair shampoos are much less expensive than specialized carpet shampoos.

Shampoo is actually much stronger than we realize. If you ever get grease stains in your clothing, shampoo makes a great spot cleaner. This is a great money saving tip for 2 reasons. 1, Hair shampoo is less expensive than degreasers and 2, you won't have to replace the stained item of clothing.

Shampoo has been known to break down enzymes. This makes is a great cleaner for removing blood. Blood can stain badly ruining clothes and furniture. Shampoo can completely remove blood stains saving articles of clothing and other cloth items.

Shampoo is prefect for cleaning nearly any hard surface. It is perfect for floors, counters tops and does an especially good job on wood. Shampoo is also able to clean your bathtub until it shines.

Finally, by taking shampoo and mixing it with baking soda, you have the perfect chrome cleaner. It is perfect for taking away watermarks and other types of stains. This mixture also removes soap scum and is a great tile cleaner.

Old shampoos should not be thrown away. By mixing old shampoos and conditioners, you have the perfect cleaner for nearly every room in your house. Using old shampoos not only cuts down on waste but is great money saving tip

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​I trust magic of vinegar; my face likes acne, but they usually cure with apple cider vinegar, you can try.​



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