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Sunday, November 2, 2014

I wish you would smile again

                                                                                                                                                    Urban in glassy marble

Just :)

Rocky began running, Armis and Mino were racing to reach the end of the garden. Gloria's family were talking with each other in a loud voice.

 After receiving Uncle Sergey's reply, Uncle Larry started jogging toward him ,he had sent a warning message to his friend, but Uncle Sergey had ignored it, and had written in reply, :).' Google's heart was racing ,when the sound of breathings resonated in its ears. I took my bicycle and pedaling at high speed too.

He walked on the walkway joyfully, his cheeks glowed, and his hands were flinging in the air, while he was speaking with Uncle Eric. As I got a bit closer to them, shouted,' Danger, Run away, Uncle Sergey!' but he didn't pay attention to me.

My Dream

Soon I passed Rocky, and came nearly beside my uncles. Uncle Sergey was still talking with excitement ,'Something says to me, Gloria comes back this day, last night I dreamed about a glassy giant that ---" I interrupted him , and shouted louder,' Run away, Uncle!'

He looked at me furiously, 'I'm fed up with this repeated joke, Parmis.' Just at this moment Rocky jumped in front of him, and quick as a flash caught Uncle Sergey's collar. Gloria hit her head with hands, and closed her eyes .

The Uncle's face turned white, and his feet got cold,  as he didn't expect this raid stared at the attacker man's face without saying anything.

Uncle Larry, Mino and Armis arrived, gasping. Uncle Eric's face flamed and his eyebrows drawn together in concern, he said to himself,' quarrel in Google!!?? I can't stand it.' so he asked crossly,'who's he? what does he want from you, Sergey?'

 Rocky promptly answered with a violent voice,'I'm great Rocky, Gloria's brother , and I want to take his life.' As Uncle Sergey heard Gloria's name his heart melted , and his eyes searched around for her.

He brought a bitter smile on his face when his look found her next to Green Android with tearful eyes and anxious face. At the first a wry smile appeared on her face, but rapidly her smile faded, her forehead creased in a frown, she turned her head away, and wiped her tears away.

After that seemed that Uncle Sergey gained his courage and strength. he looked Rocky in the eye with an increased confidence, and said, grinning,'you must be kidding.'

The young boy thundered, 'No kidding! I don't let someone makes a fool of my sister.' he put his hand into his pants pocket.

All we held our breath, and stopped dead in our tracks with jitters, I closed my eyes, for a while only a thought was whirring in my mind,'is he armed?' until Uncle Larry came near him, and said with a mild voice,'Calm down, guy! We can resolve this matter with tact. You look a capable young.' A half smile emerged on Rocky's face.
Uncle Eric nodded and asked Uncle Sergey, 'May tell me what's happened?'

Rocky pulled a tissue out of his pocket rapidly, I got a fresh breath. wiping the beads of sweat from his forehead , he said angrily,'He has dismissed my sister and told that she's a killer?'

Uncle Eric's eyes grew huge, he looked at Uncle Sergey with surprise,'murder? what's he saying, Sergey?'

Uncle Sergey felt a knot in his throat, looked down on the ground, and his tears flowed on his cheeks,he said,'That's not all the fact, Gloria is a great liar. She's said she's my fiancee.'

when your smile faded

Uncle Sergey's words drove Rocky crazy, he looked Uncle Sergey in the eye, and said, smirking,' Ha ha, your fiancee? you must be kidding? she just wanted to get a revenge of you. Gloria has a renowned suitor, a real man, my coach, Mr. Stonebreaker.'

Uncle Sergey was green with envy, he turned his head to Gloria, and shouted,'That's great.I'm not have any plans to get married a girl who belongs to a frenetic family too.'

Armis , Mino and I began laughing, and Rocky was burning with anger, raised his right-hand quick as a flash, but Uncle Larry clutched his hand and said, 'Why violence? I know your feeling but you should overcome your futurity! The civilized men have a dissuasion about their problems.'
Uncle Eric smiled,'yes, we always debated to find the best solution in Google. Google work this way.'

Rocky took his hand off from Sergey and said, frowning,'I just lifted my hand to give a good form to my hair.' then he let out a deep sigh, and said sadly,'It's easier to say than done.I also dislike to see my sister distressed, but you heard Mr. Glass's words I never climb down unless he apologize for his mistakes.'

Google's employees passed and looked at them with curiosity, so Uncle Larry said,' Here is overcrowded,let's go and sit beneath the trees, and speak with comfort.' Rocky accepted.

A Lover leaning against a Tree

All of us went to the trees. Gloria and her family came, too. Uncle Sergey stared at Gloria furiously, and Uncle Larry was trying to settle Rocky's anger with his quieter words, and saved Uncle Sergey's neck.

 Uncle Larry said calmly, 'Don't mind Sergey! he's young and lover. Have you been ever in love with someone?'
Rocky shook his head,' Never.'

Uncle Larry pointed at Uncle Sergey, leaning against a big tree, and said with a bitter sigh,'So you can't understand his heartfelt. he needs our attention.'

Uncle Sergey looked puzzled with them, he was lost for words.Rocky glanced at the tree and Uncle Sergey ,and asked sadly,'Really? I didn't know this.'
His father said furiously,'Then what do you know, guy? nothing!'

Rocky pointed to the trees and said,'Oh, the lover who's leaning against the tree, now I found out why you have planted a lot of trees here. for dismal lovers.'

Uncle Larry's eyebrows went up in surprise , and his father bobbed his head with sorry, then he looked at Uncle Eric mildly, and said,'I'm embarrassed by my son's behavior. Please, forgive this fool!'

Uncle Eric smiled at him,'No problem! I know his emotions. I think Sergey is a little impatient. Fighting couples is common , they argue with each other and fools believe. Gloria can return to work right now.'

Rocky punched the air in victory and said to Gloria,'I told you that the next morning you would be in your office.' Gloria laughed.

Uncle Sergey felt cheated, he pointing to Gloria said to his friends, 'Cheaters! She tired to kill me by using of her poisoned sandwiches and her brother made a disturbance in Google, but you both treat toward them friendly, I can't bear this --'

Rocky's face got red again, he jumped to Uncle Sergey, shoved him back, and said, 'Repeat again, who's a murderer?'
Uncle Sergey shouted, 'Miss. Roberts, Mr. Stonebreaker's fiancee.'

Gloria's eyes grew large, and her mouth dropped open in shock,'This is a misunderstanding, who's Mr. Stonebreaker?'

Rocky's voice got louder, 'Why should she kill you, Mr. Glass?'
Uncle Sergey, 'For Glass, she intends to be charge of Glass.'
Rocky laughed nervously, 'You don't say!! Just for Glass??' he ran toward his daddy, grabbed Glass and threw it away.

Glass went up in the air, and then flew and flew away, it got lost among the tall trees.Gloria's daddy said to Uncle Larry, 'Can you find Glass for me?'
Uncle Larry nodded with sadness.'

The rain stops falling, Parmis continue reading:

'Uncle Sergey was burning with anger, he swiftly quit there. Maybe he was in the right; Uncle Larry was his best friend, and he  expected Uncle Larry took his side, but Uncle did what was true in his view; At all the moments he just wanted to take care of Uncle Sergey against that teenager attacker. In my view he settled the tension with tact, and Uncle Sergey --'

A profit Dealing
That the bell went and the children rushed to the door with a lot of noise, Mino got up from her seat and went to Tina, and said politely,'May you lend me $ 50'

Tina's eyebrows knot together, and said,'No, I need my money.'
Mino glowed, she bit her lower lip ,and tried to be calm. Tina took her iPhone 6 joyfully, and headed for the door.

Suddenly an idea came to Mino's mind, her eyes sparkled, raced to Tina,'I have a special plan for Halloween, you can make a cool video with it. its price is $ 50'

Tina brought a half smile on her face and said,'$ 5o for a special plan? I don't interested in it. There are a lot of interesting matters on Halloween.'

Mino shrugged, smirking,'No problem! Nobody misses Mino's plots.' and exited the room.

Tina thought for a while, and then ran after her, caught her raincoat from back and said,'OK, I buy your plan, but only $ 20.'
Mino shook her head,'I need fifty to run my project.'
Tina's forehead creased in a frown,'twenty for the plot, and thirty as a loan. Are you agree?'
Mino nodded,'Great! you won't be regret  surely.'

All The Best

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