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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Challenge For Bright Students

    Aunt Sami and Aunt Lili are decorating the house, and the children are blowing the balloons up.

 Parmis, Armis and Mino are standing at the window, look out with worry.
Armis asks Mino, "It's three-story?"
Mino shakes her head, "No, We are six so it's six-story."
Parmis seems nervous ,"Why haven't they come yet?"

The mom responds from the kitchen, "Don't worry, They are coming."

Armis shouts, "They are too late, maybe they've not found our house."
Mamana says to Parmis's mom, "She's right, call them again."
The mom, "OK, I'm calling them right away."

At the moment Tina jumps into the room, and asks, "Where is Parmis?"
The children point to the window; Parmis, Armis and Mino turn around, and look at Tina, Parmis smiles, "I'm here. what's happened?"

"I have a hot news, Have you ever seen this?" she shows a headline on her iPhone,

Parmis shrugs indifferently, and turns her attention to the window.
Mino grumble, "Ah, again she comes with her iPhone."
Armis, "What's that, Tina?"
Tina , "About Google and Robots."

Parmis's eyes shine, when she hears of Google, she asks, "Has Google made a new robot?'

Tina laughs, "No, Google is going to hold a Robotic Competition for smart children, You knew it, didn't you?."

Parmis's eyes grow large, "smart children?"
Tina, "Yes, I supposed your uncles had told you before; however, it's a one-day friendly competition for elementary school students, the children who have built a robot can challenge to 8 day's journey to North Pole , haven't you registered in the competition yet?"

Parmis feels a knot in her throat, and wonders, "Uncle Larry said nothing to me despite the fact that I liked robots." She bites her lip, and angrily stares at her mom, she draws her eyebrows together, and thinks, "They both get on my nerves, I guess this is a plan. I shouldn't be surrender."

So she tries to calm her daughter, "No problem, anyway you can't go there  because of your birthday."

Parmis shrieks, "But I want to go, I want to prove I'm a bright girl."
The mom, "You are, so we stay at home, and celebrate your birthday, OK?"

Armis, "Besides you should have made a robot."

Parmis presses her lips together, looks down at the floor, and says in a slow voice, "I've made one, before the quarrel Uncle Sergey and I has been working on a robot for over a month, so I'm qualify for the competition ."

Tina, "It's tomorrow, if you intend to take place, you should fly today."

Parmis gazes at her mom, "I'd love to go. Please, Let's go."
The mom is confused, and don't know what she should say. Parmis begins crying, "You don't love me at all."

Aunt Sami says, "Let her go."
The others nod their heads.
Mamana hugs Parmis, "Don't cry, your mom take you there."

A slow smile emerges on the mom's face, " All right, but I don't apologize to Uncle Larry."

Parmis wipes her tears, laughing "Don't apologize, Mommy! Only Stand around and watch your smart daughter, Please."

The mom frowns, "OK, and who's your mentor?."
" Uncle Sergey, Right now I talk to him. We've made my rescue robot together."

The mom lets out a bitter sigh, "And your birthday party?
Mino, "No problem, Aunt Mary, we celebrate our birthday now, then fly to UAE ."

The doorbell is ringing,  Parmis shouts , "Great! Our cake comes."

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