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Sunday, April 26, 2015

How can we persuade her to join us?

Don't touch my birthday cake!

The mom frowns, "OK, and who's your mentor?"
--, "Uncle Sergey. We've made my rescue robot together. Right away I talk to him."

The mom lets out a bitter sigh, "And what about your birthday party?"
Mino, "Take it easy, Aunt Mary, we celebrate our birthday now, and then we'll fly to UAE."

The door bell is ringing, Parmis shouts, "Great! our cake came too."
Mamana says, "We need one eager boy to fetch it."

"Uncle Mahdi," All the children scream with laughter, but Mahta. She keeps blowing up the balloons.

Aunt Lili laughs at her, "That's enough, Mahta! we needn't them anymore."
Uncle Mahdi rushes for the cake, and Parmis for a chat with Uncle Sergey, and Mahta doesn't stop her work.

Mino shouts at her, smirking, "Didn't you hear, Baby! We're going to Dhabi."

Mahta picks up another balloon, Armis sits beside her, and says, smiling "Happy Birthday, Mahta! See me! we're going to eat our birthday cake , and immediately, set off for--"

Mahta interrupts her, "Happy Birthday, Armis! You can go away, but I won't go anywhere! I remain right here , because my birthday is tomorrow."

Uncle Mahdi places the cake on the table, Mahta races towards it. The little girl stands up in front of the cake , and stretches her arms out to protect it, then she yells, "Don't touch my birthday cake!"

The Grandma , "Why, my child?"

She looks as if Mahta wanted to cry ; her voice is trembling, "I won't be able to the contest, because I've invited my nice friends to my birthday party, then we must hold the celebration, I can't miss my presents just for Parmis's competition!" she begins crying,  I" I have only one Birthday, only one, and you can't take it from me!" and she cries louder.

Mamana feels sorry to her, "She's right. We've invited a lot of guests, and it's no good canceling the party."

Parmis' Mom smiles, "That's right, then we all stay at home."
Parmis shrieks, "No, we don't. I just talked to Uncle Sergey, he's waiting for me."

Mino, "Don't Mind Mahta, she's only a child. Let's eat the cake," and attentively walks towards the table.

Mahta, "You don't dare! Stop! Stop!"
Armis, "Mino is right, we can't cancel our trip for you."

Mahta smirks, "I'm not alone!  Aida, Ainaz, and Kiarash agree with me too! let's take a vote."

What a Surprise! Aida, Ainaz and Kiarash confirm Mahta's words, and stand beside her.
Mino's eyes grow large, "Rioters!"

Aunt Lili sighs deeply, "Oh, I see! So Parmis and her mom go now, and we celebrate our girls' birthday tomorrow, OK?"

The rioters scream with laughter, and Mahta hugs her mother warmly, "Thanks, Mommy."

Mino swears an oath under her breath; Armis knits her brows; Parmis bites her lip, and looks at her mom, "I don't like to travel without Armis and Mino."
Her mom, "Then stay home."

Parmis frowns, and gazes at Mahta, "Let's go, Mahta. I promise you have a great time there."
Mahta, "Sorry! I dislike robots, I'd rather my friends."

Mino makes a face, "My friends, My friends, Enough! Are they more important than your sister?" then she adds, "Chick! in Two days we return to the island, and your friends ha ha  remain here, So Don't be stupid! ."

Mahta looks Mino in the eye, "We all stay here!"
Tina , "No, Our family is going to UAE too,"
Martin, "Me too."
Mino turns to her mother, "I wanna go."
Her mother's forehead wrinkle in a frown, "I don't repeat again, we remain here."
The rioters laugh at her.
Mino tells Mahta, "You are dumb as well as jealous."
Aida makes her a face, Mino's face gets red, she attacks the cake, Mahta shrieks in fright, Mino pulls the tablecloth, the cake tips, and falls down the table, then she crushes it with feet wildly. 

Poor Mahta constantly screams, and cries, because her dreams had ruined,The parents are angry,distracted; the rioters feel disappointed, and the travelers get completely surprised.  
Mino flees to the room door swiftly, and strongly slams the door as she goes out. Armis follows her, as far as the children room. Mino starts stuffing her clothes into her suitcase, Armis stares at her with open mouth, "What are you doing?"
Mino, "We leave here, I Promise."
At the moment Mamana gets into the room, Mino bursts into tears, the grandma embraces her lovely grandchild, and strokes her hair softly, "You made a great mistake,You shouldn't have ruined your birthday cake."

Mino shakes her head, "Sorry! Sorry! I didn't mean that, I got angry and next--" she weeps.

Mamana comes out of the room sadly.

Mino looks out through the window, no one is in the yard except Parmis's mom, the car doors are open, Parmis's mom puts their luggage into the trunk, and goes inside.

The families gather in the yard, Parmis and her mom says goodbye, and sit into the car, Tina's family get into the car as well as Martin's family.

The cars drive to the airport fast. Parmis is sad, she's weeping all the way.

"Hello, We're here."
Parmis turns around, and laughs, Armis and Mino are in the car.

Parmis's mom asks, "Do your moms know?" 
Mino shakes her head, "No, Mamana knows."

Parmis's mom keeps driving without any questions, Parmis is surprise,"Don't you want to call their moms?"

The mother grins, "They know."
Parmis, "Did you also know?"
Her mom responds smiling.

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