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Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Surprise For Her

At present Parmis comes online, "Hello, Uncle Larry ... hello, Uncle Sergey ... Can you guess where I am now?"

Uncle Larry glances at his watch, and thinks, "She must be at school."

Parmis puts a finger to her cheek, looks up, and says, "In the Island ... at school ... with my lessons?"

The Uncles nod their heads.
But the little girl giggles, "No, In Iran ... I'm having dinner at a restaurant ... with my mommy and friends."

Uncle Sergey's eyes grow large, but Parmis closes her eyes, "Oh, Uncles!  You can't believe where we were; At Tenth Robocup Competition, robots played soccer, that was so exciting, we enjoyed a lot, I wish you had been here."

The Uncles look at each other with surprise, Uncle Sergey asks, "Gee, Can you believe what she said! they're both in Tehran."

Larry Keeps quiet, his face screws up, and wonders, "No, I can't believe how foolish they are; her mad mom said, "Don't chat with my daughter, she should study hard. " and then--,"

Parmis's saying breaks in on his thoughts, "Yes, we've been here for over twenty days, at first we had traveled around Iran; Tina made a wonderful video about Iran, and my mom took a long rest, then we in inhabited in Tehran, and celebrated opening of Feech Representative Office in Tehran, I wish you had been in the party."

Uncle Sergey lets out a bitter sigh, "Lucky You, and when will you return home?"
Parmis, "Soon, After my birthday party."

Uncle Larry, "Your birthday?"

Parmis, "Yeah, It's coming up, and unluckily, you aren't invited, because Uncle Larry didn't invite me for his birthday,... oh, my mom calls me, bye Uncles, talk soon."

Uncle Sergey, "Terrible! You mad a great mistake, Larry. You should have invited her for the birthday!"

Uncle Larry gets red, "I couldn't invite her, Sergey. Did you forget her crazy mother? after she had a quarrel with us, she hasn't allow us to see Parmis."

Uncle Sergey nods, " I agree with you, but you also got offend her; however, we should solve this problem, for Parmis and as well as the stories. Please, Go for a Reconciliation."

Uncle Larry smirks, "Never! I never talk to that stuck-up woman!"

A teardrop shines in Sergey's eyes, "Please... Just for ... Par... mis!"

Uncle Larry sighs deeply, "Oh, Sergey ... I'd love to, but I don't know what to do."

--, "Her birthday is a special occasion for reconciliation, Think about a surprise which draws her attention, she is a child, and the children are a powerful leverage, if she will be interested in your plan, certainly she will make her mom to agree with you."

Uncle Larry begins laughing, "A surprise? such as a private jet?? she liked to get a private jet as her Christmas present."

Uncle Sergey grins, "Oh, that's a good idea too." then he looks around , and tells in a calmer voice, "Keywords."

Uncle Larry raises one eyebrow in surprise, and looks at Sergey, "What does that mean exactly?

--, "Why was she excited?"
--, "Robots?"

Uncle Sergey nods his head, "OK, we know her main interests: Robot, Help, Animals, Pancake, Invention, Party, Competition,Concert, Interview, Travel and so on, we can work on them."

Uncle Larry's eyes widen large, "All right, tell me your idea."

--, " A Great Concert."
--, "Forget, I don't have any new songs."
--, "Re-perform your pretty works again."
--, "No, No, Tell the next idea."

--, "OK, A concert on the moon with a huge pancake as her birthday cake.That's great, isn't it? express your view?"

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