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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

نبرد روبات ها در تهران

صبح خوشی داشته باشید

« به خاطر داشته باشید اهمیتی ندارد که امسال چند شمع خاموش می کنید. یک نفر هست که همیشه شما را فردی جوان قوی و زیبا می بیند و او مادرتان است.
                                                                         سوزان دی. اندرسن »


But we didn't go through; we circumnavigated the barn and picked up the trail where it issued by way of a low shed roof on to the top of a fence. The fox thought he had us there, but we fooled him. Then straight away over two miles of rolling meadow, and awfully hard to follow, for the confetti was getting sparse.

The rule is that it must be at the most six feet apart, but they were the longest six feet I ever saw. Finally, after two hours of steady trotting, we tracked Monsieur Fox into the kitchen of Crystal Spring ( that's a farm where the girls go in bob sleighs and hay wagons for chicken and waffle suppers ) and we found the three foxes placidly eating milk and honey and biscuits. They hadn't thought we would get that far; they were expecting us to stick in the barn window.

Both sides insist that they won. I think we did, don't you? Because we caught them before they got back to the campus. Anyway, all nineteen of us settled like locusts over the furniture and clamored for honey. There wasn't enough to go round, but Mrs. Crystal Spring ( that's our pet name for her; she's by rights a Johnson ) brought up a jar of strawberry jam and a can of maple syrup-- just made last week--and three loaves of brown bread.

We didn't get back to college till half-past six--half an hour late for dinner--and we went straight in without dressing, and with perfectly unimpaired appetites! Then we all cut evening chapel, the state of our boots being enough of an excuse.

rolling  غلت
meadow چمن زار، مرغزار
confetti  کاغذ رنگی ، پولک
sleigh سورتمه
waffle  کلوچه یا نان پخته شده در قالب های دو پارچه آهنی
locust اقاقیا، ملخ
maple syrup عصاره یا شیره ی افرا

appetite اشتها، آرزو، اشتیاق

sparse کم پشت، تُنُک، گشاد گشاد
steady  یکنواخت، ثابت
placid آرام ، راحت، متین
unimpaired سالم

to circumnavigate زمین را دور زدن
 to fool گول زدن
to issue بیرون آمدن، خارج شدن، فرستادن
to trot یورتمه رفتن
to clamor مصرانه تقاضا کردن، غریو کشیدن

دو دسته بازیکن هر دو ادعا می کردند که برنده هستند، من فکر می کنم که ما برنده هستیم ، نظر شما چیست؟

ساعت 6:30 دقیقه به دانشکده برگشتیم . نیم ساعت از وقت شام گذشته بود، ما بدون اینکه لباسمان را عوض کنیم رفتیم سر میز، بعد هم به عذر کثیف بودن کفش ها به کلیسا نرفتیم



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