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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

You Will Come Back Again!

The Corrective Punishment

The mother grins, "They know."
Parmis, "Did you also know?"

Her mom responds by smiling, Parmis's eyes widen large, her look shifts from the mother to her cousins, they are surprised too, the mom says, " You should thank Mamana."

The children scream with laughter, " Hooray!", now they can travel together, a sweet smile emerges on Mino's face, she's got away with fussing, however, she is ashamed of what she has done.

The autos go alone the road swiftly;  Armis is thinking of her family, and Parmis is anxious about tomorrow's tournament, and Mino says to herself, " I'll teach Mahta an unforgettable lesson as we'll rerun home."

The airport comes to view, the three cars pull into the parking lot smoothly and stop, then all of them get off.

Armis telephones home when they are waiting for the flight, she says, " Sorry, Mommy. but Mino was my friend, I couldn't have left her alone."
Aunt Sami, " Oh, Dear little girl, don't worry! I wish you a safe journey, bye, take care of yourself."
Then Mino speaks with her mother on the phone, she is still angry with Mino, " You Naughty Girl, How dare you disobey me? Don't think that you are so smart, We will see each other again! "

Mino tires to change the subject, " Oh, Dear Mommy, I miss you very much, wish you were here, "

Aunt Lili begins to weep bitterly, "Oh, Little Mino, I miss you too, Dubai is a little busy; Please, Don't be missing, Stick Close to your aunt, OK?  and Don't eat too much, and Don't get into a trouble, OK?."

Mino laughs, " All right, I promise, I promise, Mommy."
Aunt Lili, " Oh, Dear little girl, your sister is also here, and as the cake had gotten squashed, we ordered other one. We, your daddy and I, made a decision that you paid for it, in return your punishment; So, unluckily, you will take away of your pocket money for about a month, I kiss you, have a nice trip."

Though Mino is upset she pulls herself together; however, she is used to corrective punishments.

Mino wants to say goodbye to Mommy, but she hears Mahta's laughs coming from the phone, Mino shouts, " Oh, I can't do without my birthday presents, Mommy." and laughs loudly.

Armis and Mino also have a good laugh, Mahta is burning with angry, and shouts, " Be A Good Loser, Mino! If you dare come back home."

Mino, " I'll return, and Amend you, Be sure. I wish you hadn't been born. "

At present, Parmis's mom says, " Say bye, it's time to go."

The plane takes off, Aunt Mary sits beside Mino to advise , Mino thinks Mahta is a bad sister, but the aunt disagrees, she says, " You should be nice to your little sister, and respect her, then she will like you."

Mino Owens up to her mistake, and decides to be a lovely sister for Mahta.

It is getting dark when they arrive in Dubai. A warm welcome awaits them in the airport; Uncle Larry, Uncle Sergey, Gloria and Rocky are looking forward to seeing them impatiently; Rocky shouts, " Dear Little Sisters, I missed you."

The children are so excited that they run towards the uncles, Tina gets ready for making a romantic video; Parmis weeps, tears of joy, she hadn't met the uncles over 50 days.

Parmis's mom avoids looking at Uncle Larry, she says a frigid hello to him, Uncle Larry responds by a slow smile. Uncle Sergey speaks to his trainee fast, and Uncle Larry leads them to the out-way, five taxis are waiting there, the families get in, and drive to the their luxurious hotel.

The lights are shining softly, and the city glows at night beautifully, the cars show up the hotel, Parmis's heart is beating faster, the show is coming up.

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