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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Future Looks Bright

 "The web was so extensive that little fish nearly were lost in, and Google didn't like that. We couldn't see our clients' despair, so we launched this project, its mission was to help small businesses to be found faster and easier on the net.

Of course, it needs much effort to achieve an affective result; however, we've just begun," Eric says, he intends to finish the meeting when Mr. Assistant enters the room, gasping.

Larry stares at his bloodshot eyes, frowning," You missed the meeting, guy! what kept you? "

The assistant feels embarrassed, he stops for a moment to get his breath back, then he says in a low voice, "I'm sorry, Larry. I wasn't in the city."

A sparkle appears in his eyes, he continues, "We, my wife and I, were in Salt Lake City, and we arrived here right away,"

Larry is surprised, "You?? Salt Lake city!! why there??"

--,  "To watch TV."

Larry raises one eyebrow and stares at his assistant for a while, then he asks, "Are you OK? "

The assistant laughs, "Of course, and you?"
Larry knits his brows, "Don't pull my leg, guy!"

Mr. Assistant smiles, "No kidding! we were there just for TV. Have you heard about Google Fiber?"

Larry responds by smiling.

--, 'It's really amazing! this weekend our family went to Salty in Google Fiber's car. We wanted to try Fiber's television, because I love TV commercial ads very much,' he bursts into tears, "and for a few months I couldn't watch them."

Eric and Larry say together, "Why?"

The assistant wipes his tears, and he laughs, 'Just for babe, my spouse is expectant, I was so happy about baby, and so was she, but she felt overweight, and didn't enjoy watching TV commercial ads, she was jealous of the women in the ads, she said they were fit and attractive, so I gave up , because I couldn't endure her sorrow."

Larry lets a small sigh, "What a devoted man! "

--"when we heard of Google Fiber and its targeting ads which were based on viewers habits, we felt it was made just for us, so we traveled Salty to test it-- and guess what?,"

He is so excited that all the colleagues smiles at each other.

"After watching ads for two days, we bought a house there. because my wife liked the ads , all about baby and maternity clothes, birth center, baby food, nappies, feeding bottle, toys, and so on. and finally my wife believed she was fit and pretty, and I could watch my favorite program, we'd like to live there forever.'

Larry feels sorry, 'will you leave us?'

Mr. Assistant laughs, 'Oh, I can never leave you, boss, you're the best chairman in the world, I decided not to watch TV during weekdays, in return go on a trip to watch TV commercial ads on weekends, that's dreamy, isn't it?'
Larry nods his head, 'Oh, that sounds interesting! is Google Fiber so great?'

The assistant, 'Yes, you can try it, I asked them to run their program for us, please turn on TV.'

Larry picks up the remote, and turns the television curiously, the others are also curious about new ads, Larry takes his cup of coffee, suddenly a Nescafe ads emerges on TV, Larry places back the cup, and looks himself in the glassy table, he feels pale, and Rockstar Energy drink goes on TV, he laughs and his teeth shone, Sensodyne toothpaste is the #1 recommended toothpaste for sensitive teeth, everyone begins laughing but a crash comes from out, Larry knits his brows, 'What's happened?"
Eric, 'Don't worry, it was Jack, our new engineer, he's a genius, but whenever his mind goes blank, he runs into a tree to get inspiration, you will get used him gradually, '


Larry lets out a bitter sigh, the new employee reminds him of Gloria, he looks at Sergey's chair, it's empty, suddenly Glass Coffee Shop appears on TV,, Sergey's sitting at the table, and Rocky serves coffee, Larry turns down the TV, and nods his head, 'Yes, it looks good enough, keeps it up.'
Mr. Assistant smiles, 'I knew that you would like it."
Larry rises from his chair, and calls Sergey.
Rocky places an ice-cream bowl on the table, 'Here you are.'
Sergey tastes it, and says, 'Awful! what's it?'
Rocky grins, 'Potato ice-cream, our new product."
Sergey, 'takes it, I asked a chocolate ice-cream.'
Rocky, 'As a partner you're a representer our shop and you had to like our products, it's your own task, Sir. '
Sergey, 'I like Glass coffee shop, but I can't like your tasteless food."
Rocky frowned, and walked away.
 Larry, 'Where are you, Sergey?'
Sergey, 'In Glass Coffee shop, I'm working on my project, shop is vacant, join me.'
Larry, 'All right, I'm coming now.'
Larry leaves the office to the Glass coffee shop, he gets into the car, and drives to the glassy tower, he leaves his auto in the parking lot, and stepped into the glassy elevator.

in despite of his expectation, the elevator is too full, Larry glances at his watch, it is around 11, the people in the elevator smiles at him, a small boy shows him to her mother, 'Look, mommy! Uncle Larry, Uncle Larry.'
the mother, 'Don't be impolite, Dan!, then she turns her attention to Larry, 'I do apologize, Mr. Page. He likes you a lot, he want to be one like you when he'll grow up.'
Larry feels proud, 'Yes, all the little boys love me and Google, but being an entrepreneur isn't easy.'
The mother giggles, 'Oh, it's a misunderstanding, my boy admires Great Larry, he listens to all your songs, special "Laughs and Tears", he wants to be a Rock star.'
Larry's smile vanishes and his cheeks glows, 'Indeed? but he looks too young, how old is he?'
The mother laughs, "Only three, but really gifted. can we take a photo with you? '
Larry brings a fixed smile on his face, and they takes a collective picture, then other people come to Larry, and ask to shoot a picture, Larry accepts by forcing. and one after another images shoots until the elevator stops.

He enters the shop, How bad luck! it's overcrowded, Larry gets nervous, there's no room to sit, Larry walks to Sergey's spot, Rocky comes close to him, 'Good morning , Mr. Page!.'
Larry, 'Good morning, Rocky. I thought you worked at fitness club?'
Rocky, 'Yes, that's right. But Gloria needs help, Mr. Glass only sits and watches.


Larry's look focuses on the screens, them all shows his birthday party movie, it happened about one month ago, everything was gorgeous, salon, decoration, food, music, dancers, visitors, but Larry likes to forget this birthday, because Parmis and her family wasn't there.

Larry pulls up a chair, and sit it on, Sergey is working with its laptop, Daddy comes up, 'Welcome, Mr. Page, Please, wear your Glass.'
Larry laughs, 'I'm sorry, I've forgotten.'
The Daddy, 'Never mind, would you like to have a cup of coffee?'
Larry, 'Surely.'
The Daddy, 'OK, I'll bring you right away.'
Larry and Sergey chats a little, that Rocky comes close, and puts coffee on the table, Larry intends to drink, but Sergey signals to him, 'Don't drink!'
Larry, 'Why?'
Rocky, 'Don't pay attention to him, Mr. Page. Look around and see delight in our customers' face.'
Larry glances around what he said was right, so he drinks a sip of coffee, 'Terrible!'
Sergey smirks, 'I said you.'
Larry, 'What's it?'
Rocky, 'Potato coffee.'

Sergey adds, grinning, 'Our new product.'
Rocky gets redder than tomato, and leave them alone.
Larry, 'You will broke up soon,'
Sergey, 'Don't worry, I add some waiter robots.'
Larry, 'I've not seen Gloria here.'


Sergey, 'She and her mother have gone to beauty salon.'
A girl calls Rocky, 'Please, check.'
A cherry smile emerges on Rocky face, 'It's been paid before. Mr. Page treated you all, enjoy!'
Larry's eyes widen large in surprise, Sergey laughs, and the customers clap him.
At the present Parmis comes online, 'Hello, Uncle Larry and Uncle Sergey. Guess where we are now?'


Without waiting for reply, 'We're in Iran Open, a robotics competition in Tehran, it's so exciting.'
Uncle Sergey's mouth drops open, 'She's still in Tehran!!'
Uncle Larry looks angry, but he says nothing.

Parmis laughs, 'Yes, we've been here for over than twenty days, Tina had made a movie, and Martin's built a representative office in Tehran, and my mom just has relaxed, we're going to stay here until my birthday.'

Uncle Larry, 'Your birthday?'
Parmis, 'Yes, it's coming up, but you both aren't invited, because Uncle Larry didn't invite me for his birthday. bye. Talk soon, Uncles'


Sergey, 'How awful! You should have invited her.'
Larry, 'Did you forget? her mother quarreled us, and didn't let us see Parmis.'
Sergey, 'Yes, but you should make a peace just for Parmis, and for stories.'
Larry, 'Never, I Never talk to that stuck up woman.'

Sergey, 'Just for Parmis.'
Larry, 'Oh, that's right, but I don't know what to do.'
Sergey, 'I'm thinking of Parmis's birthday, I guess it's a special occasion, what do you think about?'
Larry nods his head, grinning, 'Umm, I think about.

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