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Friday, April 10, 2015

What kept you?

" The web was so extensive that little fish nearly got lost in, and Google didn't like this. We couldn't see our clients' despair, so we launched this project, its mission was to help small businesses to be found faster and easier on the net.

Of course, it needs much effort to achieve an affective result; however, we've just begun," Eric says, he intends to finish the meeting when Mr. Assistant enters the room, gasping.

Larry asked, frowning, " You missed the meeting, guy! what kept you? "

Mr. Assistant got red with embarrassment, " I'm afraid, Larry, but I wasn't here," he said, after taking a deep breath, then he continued, " I arrived right away, I was in Salt Lake city."

Larry was much astonished, " Salt Lake city!! why there??"

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