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Monday, July 6, 2015

May Help me replace my iPhone

" I can see her coming here. " Armis says as she points to the cafe window. Parmis, drawing a dog on her Nexus Tablet, asks, " Is she alone?"
Everyone glances at the window; Monika turns on her heel and replies, " No, Snowy is with her."

Two or three minutes later Mino gets into the cafe with a big white dog; as usual she looks happy and her teeth are visible. Mino shouts, " Hey, we are home again." by waving his tail Snowy admits her saying.

A sparkle appears in Monika's eyes, she hits her hands together in excitement, " Hey, Snowy, How are you?" The dog starts barking at her angrily, Monika laughs, " Oh, you looks very happy today, don't you?"

Mino responds, proudly, " Sure, he is lucky because I'm a professional dog walker. I have even a certification in dog walking, I've said this before, haven't I?"
Armis lets out a bitter sigh, " Over thousand times."

A wry smile emerges on Mino's face, first she lets the dog off the leash, then she takes out a white T-shirt of her backpack, and runs towards her Aunt's table quickly, but Snowy stays in his place.

And Monika standing next to the couple's table admires the cute dog that he is eying his little trainer who stands in front of her Aunt's table and says, " Now close your eyes."

Everyone shuts their eyes even Snowy, and Mino begins laying the T-shirt on the table carefully, after a while she shouts with laughter, " Are you ready? Now open your eyes and look! "

 Aunt Mary, " A T-shirt?"
Mino shakes her head, " No, A gift for daddy -- isn't it pretty? I've just bought this."

Armis and Parmis can't help laughing, and the Aunt looks confused with Mino's surprise. After a while she smiles at Mino and says, " well, it's really beautiful, but it's too small for your daddy, isn't it?--- So, you have to take it back to the store. "

The little girl looks down at the T-shirt, next she lifts her head, then her sorry look shifts from face to face for several minutes, " Oh, it's really small?"

Everyone responds by smiling, and disappoints her last hope; a teardrop shines in her eye, and her laugh fades, at last she bursts into tears, " daddy ... daddy ... Sorry, I didn't mean that..."

The friends surround her, Parmis puts her hand on Mino's arm to steady her, after that Armis seats Mino on a chair.

Five minutes have passed in silence when Mino folds the shirt and puts it into the backpack sadly.

The old lady says, grinning, " You and your father are the same size, LOL!"

Mino shrugs, " Never mind-- However they won't take it back, because its price tag has come off, besides I bought it at the sale and they had only very same size --- My Mommy always says the value of a gift won't be evaluated by its price tag, rather it will be evaluated by the pure love of its donator. "
Armis, " What a trick! you present a t-shirt to your daddy today, and in a few months he will present the same T-shirt to you or Mahta; you have brains."
Mino frowns, " Never You Mind."

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