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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Is there anything interesting on TV today?

The sun comes up in the sky; the bubbles emerge on the pancake; Larry takes a deep breath and tosses another pancake into the air, it flies away as far as the ceiling and falls back down into his griddle. Larry places the griddle back on the stove, smiles at the imaginary audience and explains, " So, the thickness of your pan is so important, if your pan is too thin, your pancakes will burn surly."

 As the pancake is prepared, he puts that golden brown pancake on a china plate carefully, then pours some batter into his griddle again and says, " Pancakes mean nostalgia for our nation; for instance when I was a boy, we used to have pancakes for breakfast on Sundays-- This is the same family's recipe.

" Once I shared it on my Google plus page, my friends liked it, and thanked a lot, and it passed till last week when Jim Lime, one of my followers,  left a comment for me that my mind was engaged for a few days,

" he had written, " Larry! I've made hundred pancakes so far, but none of them have been as good as yours; it sounds as if I'm not a real American... Oh, I wish my Mom will be proud of my cooking someday ... I like to watch your cooking so as to learn all tips and tricks."

" Although I was involved in business, and I didn't have much time to start a cooking class, I couldn't ignore upset Jim, and accepted to attend a live cooking show-- And today I'm proud to be here and with you. "

The bubbles come up again. Singing a happy song, he takes the griddle off the stove, and throws the half-raw pancake up, it goes up the past way, and lands on the pan again; Larry feels glorious, " Until a few days ago I was not bold enough to toss pancakes in the air, but I practiced and succeeded; Practice makes perfect."

The pancake is swimming in the oil, and Chef Larry keeps talking to the imaginary audience, " That's right, Simon. The width of pan is also important, your pan must be big enough to flip pancakes without difficulty."

Larry sets the new saute pancake on the other, he glances at his wrist watch, it is already 7 A.M., he has plenty of time, because his show will start at 10 A.M.

The chef pours some butter into the pan, then some batter and leave it so as to fry . He grins at the viewers, " It's very simple -- when you see bubbles, you should flip pancake,  How?? Look at my hand to learn!  first, slide your spatula under the pancake, next, lift only three inches, and quickly turn your wrist, your pancake will land right where you picked it up-- it seems easy, doesn't it?"

The brown pancakes one after another leave the griddle for the dish, and Larry enjoys speaking with his viewers.

As last one is cooked, the chef turns off the gas, " Okay, it's practically finished -- Let's decorate our dish."

One minute later the pile of pancakes is covered in maple syrup, Larry ends the decoration with adding a little cream and one blueberry to tip of the pile, he laughs, " It's ready-- of course I recommend peanut butter as added topping with touch of maple syrup -- You're probably hungry now? ", he points at his dish, " So, Try one of my pancakes--- Please, help yourself. "

A grin spreads across his face, he takes his baseball hat off, " It's a piece of cake to make a delicious pancake -- I hope families have enjoyed the show, especially Lime Family-- Thank you so much -- who wants another pancake? -- Enjoy this classic morning dish --- Thank you again. "

Larry shuts his eyes, and imagines the audience claps, and admires his skill and whispers together, " What a Tasty Pancake! " , while his friends circle around him, and congratulate on his perfect performance.

The show is off, Larry opens his eyes, looks around to face reality: besides a dozen decorated pancakes placed on the kitchen table, there are hundred other stuck to the ceiling, Larry sighs deeply, " Oh, no -- When will they fall down again?"

Larry has no idea, he is too tired to comment; he stayed up all night and worked hard in the kitchen, he'd better rest now and clean the kitchen later, but a thought crosses his mind and makes him happy.

The chef picks up a pile of plates and covers all the kitchen floor with them; he takes his chef jacket off, a yellow jacket with colored dots.

The aroma of pancake still is in the house as he takes his basketball ball and races to the rooftop at high speed. When Larry plays basketball, he doesn't notice someone entering his kitchen.

After 15 minutes exercise he looks at his watch, " That's enough-- I bet they have fallen down on the plates so far." Therefore he sets off with his ball for the kitchen, on the way he sees the birds carrying pancake crumbs in their beaks, and the mice fight over a half-raw pancake, and the ravens hide a piece of pancake in the garden.

 Larry is surprised with those amazing things but he gets shocked as soon as he steps into the kitchen; there was taken possession by some cats, Larry lets out a terrible shriek, " Gee, my beautiful plates, my delicious pancakes."

  The cats slip out swiftly, and leave Larry alone; his eyes fill with tears as he takes a look around: the kitchen is a wreck, the broken plates and the half eaten pancakes are seen everywhere.

 Larry intends to clean up there as someone wearing a Google Glass rings the doorbell.

It is Sergey,his best friend, this morning he is in a green jacket with colored dots and looks so excited, "Hi, See me -- I bring some maple syrup for you --- Are you ready for the show?"

Larry responds from the kitchen, " Sergey! Don't stand in the hall, come into the kitchen--."

Larry's words have not finished yet, when Sergey appears there and scans around for a while, he asks, " What's happened, Larry? -- Are you OK? Need my Help?"

Larry, " Some cats attacked my pancakes, I'm fine -- however, cleaning up the kitchen needs teamwork."

Sergey grabs a decorated pancake dish and smirks , " You must be kidding? it-" that a few pancakes fall on his head; they both look up at the ceiling, no pancake is there, Larry smiles and Sergey adds, " It's already 8:30."

Larry shrieks, " What? 8:30!!" and runs towards his room," Help yourself, Sergey-- I'll be ready in 5 minutes." on the way he says.

Sergey with the pancakes sits in a sofa in the dinning room, puts one in his mouth and turns the TV on:

The TV news reporter talks about a great robbery occurred just hours earlier, " At midnight a pirate ship attacked a luxurious yacht in Gulf of Alaska --- Luckily, none of passengers was hurt in the raid, but they were robbed of their treasure chest, a freezer that the police are looking for."

Then camera zooms in a little girl standing near the yacht weeps bitterly. Sergey screams, " Isn't it Tina?"

Larry jumps out of his room, smiling, " I'm ready -- why are your eyebrows raised? "

Puzzled Sergey points at the TV Screen, Larry's eyes grow wide in surprise, " Gee, Tina!"

The reporter comes up Tina , and the interview starts:

--The reporter, " We pity you missed your valuable freezer, what happened exactly? 
-- Tina cries, " In the morning fog, I walked on deck because I felt seasick, the sea was rough-- suddenly a huge ship approached and ten armed men jumped over the deck, I got so excited that I began recording video."

---, " weren't you afraid of pirates?"

---, " No, I love horror films, ha ha --- unluckily my parents fainted promptly, and the crew jumped into the water, I stayed alone with my iPhone and tried to protect the freezer against robbery but we couldn't--" Tina cries louder, head in hands.

---, " I'm afraid-- Do you have any words for pirates?"

--, " Yeah, I have only a message for those brave pirates --- " Please, Please, give back my treasure -- It's not mine, it belongs to Parmis, it's a surprise gift for Uncle Sergey--- Please, have a heart! you don't know Uncle Sergey, he's so sensitive that he can't bear this misery -- I know you are so good-hearted that you won't let Parmis kill me -- Return that freezer is you will got plenty of iPhone s in return. "

---, " Where is Parmis now?"
--, " She must be in U.S-- I guess. "

---, " Oh-- Don't cry, Tina -- I'll pray for you."
--, " Thanks a lot, I need a lot of prayers ."

Larry rests his chin on his hand while he is thinking. Sergey picks up another pancake, but doesn't eat it, " Oh, No -- a Hair!!"

Larry looks him in the eye, asks firmly, " About Parmis ... You knew she was coming here?!"

Sergey shrugs, " No, I've not seen her after Robot Competition, Don't change topic I've found a hair on your pancake, Look, you need a haircut. "

Larry, " Come on, we should go."
Sergey, " oh, I've forgotten the show."

Larry, " We won't go there."
Sergey, " So?"
Larry, " Airport."

The airplane unloads the passengers, as soon as Parmis gets off, she notices her uncles among the crowd, she tells Mino, " My plan failed,  Tina is touchy, not only she couldn't bring the freezer to U.S, but also she broke her promise, and spread news. "

Mino nods, " She's our big bother."
Armis giggles, " Have a heart, she is still alive if pirates had killed her."

Parmis sighs deeply, " Yes, she stayed on deck and fought alone, we should admire her." 

The little girls laugh, " She is a small lair." and run towards the Uncles, Uncle Larry looks upset. Parmis , " Happy Father's Day -- Have you heard about pirates?"

Uncle Sergey nods, " Yes."
Parmis, " Sorry- your gift missed."

Uncle Sergey, " No problem- what was inside the freezer?"
The children together, " Icy-Man. "

Uncle Larry laughs, " Poor Pirates! Poor Treasure Hunters! "

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