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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I can be his adviser

They sit in their seats, Mino asks, " I'd like some ice-cream? Monika, " What kind of ice-cream do you want ?" Mino, " I'll take strawberry, Please."

Monika, " Sure, I'll bring you." and walks away, the mom asks Parmis, " So, tell me about your math exam. "

Parmis's laugh fades, she looks down at the floor, her face is red with embarrassment, then says in a calm voice, " If your heart is weak, I recommend you not to take a glance at it." she points to her tablet, than places it in front of the mom on the table, " Look!"

The mother grabs the tablet, Parmis explains, " Our math test was so difficult that half of the students got good marks. "​

Parmis's mom has stared at the tablet with open mouth, Parmis shrieks, " Can't you believe it? I guess -- Believe me, I got top marks."

The Mom, " Excellent! I knew you would be successful."
Then she turns her attention to Armis, the child smiles at her, " I also got the best marks. "

While Mino is putting a spoon of ice-cream into her mouth, she says, " I'm more happier, because I didn't fail any exams, Hooray! Trust me, Aunt?"

Armis giggles, " she placed at bottom of the class."
The Aunt laughs, " Never mind-- Mino is really bright but a little playful."

Mino nods, " Yeah, this school doesn't fit me, I should study at a commercial school,  during this semester I studied my lessons as well as I handled my business, it wasn't too much easy, and now I want to work for Google."

Aunt Mary is surprised by what she told, " Why? I thought you are wealthy at present, and needn't to work for others. "
Parmis, " Plus, One year has passed, Mino! If Uncle Larry and Google's staff had removed all forgotten links, we would be unemployed."

Mino sighs bitterly, " Oh, I need a good work as I'm broke -- yesterday my mom said to me, " if they offer you a great job, accept it."  I don't worry about Google, I read Google news everyday, and they have enough room for new employees like me; kids YouTube has launched recently , and besides I've heard Uncle Larry have some advisers, I hope I can get a work as his adviser. "

They all laugh at her, Armis asks, " And what will happen for your business?"

Mino, " Handling dogs wasn't easy, walking for all day long, running, feeding, playing with them and worse than all scoop-pooping, I bought 6 pair of good shoes, plenty of toy dog, collar and leash, but I couldn't be successful --- unfortunately, the most of my dogs died or escaped, now Snowy is only my client."

Parmis nods, " Yes, she killed our puppies too."
Mino smirks, " They died, because they were too small and weak. It wasn't my fault."
Aunt Mary laughs, " So we should move sooner, you need a work."
Mino, " Yeah, this season I will take Mahta to Google. "

Parmis, " She likes to work?"
Mino, " I don't think so -- but she likes money like me -- I will give her the half of her wage and save the remainder."
  Armis, " You have brains."

The Mom asks Parmis , " Uncle Larry knows ?"
Parmis, " No, I've not said to him yet."
Armis, " When do you want to say? we will fly tonight."
Parmis, " Promise me, No one spreads the news -- I want to Surprise him."

The moon comes up in the sky as the writer and the children take the suitcase, say goodbye to Monika and Snowy, and go down the street until start their adventures.

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