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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

As For Tina --- There was No Store there, Nothing

Uncle Sergey, " No problem--  what was inside the freezer?"
The children together, " Icy-Man. "

Uncle Larry laughs, " Poor Pirates! Poor Treasure Hunters! "

Right at that moment all looks turn toward the LED display screen in the terminal that displays a news video instead of its ads; " We are not Pirates" is its title. This video is built by the freezer's robbers, they have uploaded it on YouTube after watching Tina's news video.

In film, an angry man shouted, " We're ten fishermen, and not Pirates. Last night I was thirsty, and dying for a drop of fizzy drink, and we ran out of soft drink, and here wasn't any store in the gulf, so I got so nervous.

suddenly a luxurious yacht came into our view, I thought they have plenty sodas, so we jumped over its deck--- we weren't armed, I tell the truth, I had my own field knife and nine others only their own corkscrews, it was so dark that everyone may have made mistake about us.

After that we saw a little girl walking on the deck, she didn't look frightened, therefore we took a few steps forward, she shrieked excitedly, " Pirates, Pirates." and  scared us, Johny shouted, " Don't be Mean! Bring us 10 fizzy sodas, we have enough money to pay." she giggled, " Sorry, we have only ice-cream, you'd better find another ship for robbery, " and kept shouting, "Help! ... Pirates .... Pirates"

Soon her parents and the crew appeared on the deck, but they were frightened by our corkscrews, well, some passed out and some jumped into water.

We decided to take some bottles and ran away, though the little girl standing in front of the freezer begged, " Go away ... Forget our Treasure ... Brave Pirates ... Please, Please."

I confessed that her saying tempted us for the robbery, I shoved the girl aside softly, I didn't mean to hurt her, then my friends took the chest freezer onto our fishing boat; Bad Luck! we could unlock it, there were seven padlocks on, after one hour attempt we dropped it into water, and it drowned promptly.... then we watched TV on our smartphones, and heard her words ....

Heavens, Don't kill her... Parmis! Calm down, everything will be OK,your freezer  will turn up, it's in the ocean, Listen me, Please! Tina is as brave as a lion, she defended the freezer well. Sorry, we were thirty and there was no store nearby... bye, Tina, Sorry, Sorry, Forgive us."

Parmis murmurs, " She had told the truth, she's really brave."
Uncle Larry, " Poor Pirates, Poor Treasure Hunters."

Mino frowns, " The Pirates weren't guilty, it was Tina's fault --- it's our treasure, it's our treasure -- she should buy 10,000 ice-creams and a chest freezer for us."

Armis nods, " Brave? she's mad, she does everything to make a video, she's dangerous. "

Uncle Sergey smiles, " I should appreciate her, Tina tired to save my surprise gift."
Parmis nods, " Yeah, I'll thank her."

Uncle Sergey, " You shouldn't argue her, you can build a new sculpture again, we have a unique ice-cream shop and unlimited ice-creams."

Parmis sulks, " All right, but we wanted to surprise you."
A grin spreads across his face, " No problem-- you thought about me, it's enough for me."

Uncle Larry is green with envy, he lets out a bitter sigh, " Let's go."
Parmis' mom asks, " What happened? You looks unhappy."

Because Larry wouldn't like to have another quarrel with the writer just for a gift, he brings a fixed smile on his face; however, it is not proper time for falling-out  as she writes too slowly, and the readers are waited.

Parmis stares at Uncle Larry, " Oh, Uncle! your face is red."
Uncle Sergey bursts into laughter, " He's upset for gift."

Uncle Larry's face gets redder, " No, Don't believe what he says-- he just pulls your leg."

A good laugh raises with his saying, Mino pointing at Parmis's suitcase says, " Your present is over there."

Uncle Larry, " Really?"
Parmis nods, " Yeah, where are Rocky and Gloria -- I don't see them here."

Uncle Sergey, " They don't know yet-- and where's is Martin?"
Parmis, " In two days he will join us in Canada."

Uncle Larry, " Canada?"
Parmis, " Yes, we're going to watch the World cup's matches. "
 Uncle Larry sighs deeply, " Oh, I see."

Parmis, " At first we'll go to the harbor, and then Google. We miss it."
Mino, " Can I work for Google like last summer?"

Uncle Larry, " Oh-- It's impossible, Mr. Assistant recently wrote a new program to remove the forgotten links automatically."

Mino looks down at the floor, and lets out a bitter sigh, " Oh, what a pity! "
Uncle Larry laughs, " I will be glad to see you at Google, you can work in Uncle GD's office."

Parmis wonders, grinning, " Uncle GD's office? it's good but I have a better idea."
And Mino begins jumping about, " Hooray... I agree... I finished 2014th drawings right yesterday."

Uncle Sergey, " You can also work in our ice-cream shop, I think Rocky should go on a trip, he works very much."
Uncle Larry smirks, " Then Let's go."

Parmis's mom and aunts are tired of a long flight so they go home for the rest, and the Uncles and children head for the harbor.

As soon as Tina sees Parmis, she dives into water in fright, her Parents are pale, and the newcomers run to rescue her.

While Tina is fluttering in the ocean, she shouts, " Parmis, Don't come here unless I will kill myself."

Parmis waves her white flag, a tissue, and shouts, " We watched Pirates' video, and decided to forgive you."

Tina, " You tell a lie."
Parmis, " No,  we don't. Can you buy 10, 000 ice-creams?"

Tina, " Ha!"
Mino, " 10, 000?"
Tina surrenders raising her hands up ," Sure. "

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