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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dr. Atkins' New Diet, Free Weight Loss Programs




Free Weight Loss Programs


One need not visit the gym and spa and spend hours working out and performing strenuous exercises in order to obtain the beautiful, fit body. Several books available at bookstores offer effective and convenient weight reduction programs for free, although the books don't come for free. These programs are gaining a lot of popularity through much hype, publicity and reviews which often confuse the person as to which one he must follow. Before you choose a weight loss program, go through these summaries about popular diet programs.


The first book is Dr.Atkins' New Diet Revolution. This program endorses high protein and low carbohydrate foods. One may thrive on meat and vegetables but must completely avoid pasta and bread. There are no restrictions on fat, so you can indulge on the salad dressing, while spreading the butter freely. However, this diet lacks fiber and calcium content and limited composition of grain and fruits, while it is high in fat.


Diet and Weight

What you read in this section:

  • Eating Healthy on Vacation
  • Weight Loss Surgery
  • The Dark Side of Fad Diets
  • Free Weight Loss Programs
  • ​Dr. ​
    Diet Basics

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