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Monday, October 7, 2013

I will buy a Maserati someday

Tina's dad has a luxury car.

Sarah said : Tina is lucky. I wish I were she.

Parmis said: why?

Sarah: because they have a beautiful car.

Parmis: well, you can buy one like them.







Sarah laughed and said: you are crazy, Parmis. My dad is a worker and buying a car like their car needs a lot of money. We never can buy like it.

parmis: my uncle says: "Don't tell, never"          

Sarah smiled and told: we never can buy a Maserati.








parmis came home. She thought: why do many people think that they can't buy a luxury car?

She should find a good answer for her question. So she decided to have a chat with her uncle






Sergey was online.

? hi, uncle, how much is a Maserati

 Sergey : I don't know, exactly, but I think it's about $120000. Why?

 parmis told the story and asked : can everyone buy a luxury car like Maserati?

 Sergey : maybe, I think that everyone can be wealthy.






 But it wasn't what parmis wanted. She wanted to know if a worker can buy a Maserati?

 Sergey : you should ask Larry. He has a lot of information about investing.







Larry was busy, so Parmis had to wait for an hour

 She searched on Internet: The minimum wage an American per hour




The minimum wage an American was $7, 25 per hour

 Larry came and said: I've heard, you have a question?

 Parmis replied: oh,yes. Do you think that everybody can buy a Maserati?







Larry : Maybe, why do you buy a Maserati?

          Parmis : Not me, a friend of mine loves Maserati. My mom says everyone can buy a Maserati and Sarah says: it's impossible. How do you think about it?






Larry : Let's calculate it. They calculated.

A worker earns $7.25 an hour, $58 a day

If he/she saves just $10% his/her wage, then he/she will save $2000 a year and he/she will get %10 profit.


 The First year: 2000+ %10 profit= $2200


After some years, he/she will earn enough money to buy a luxury car.


 Parmis smiled then everyone can buy a Maserati someday.





 Yes, but it's time-consuming.


 You can find a better way.




Larry : They can earn more money on Internet.

     Sergey : that's right. Some children make money on line. I think that you had a site?

Parmis got the idea. Thanks







 Parmis sent a pm to Sarah: You can buy a Maserati if you save %10 your salary for some years.

 But I have a good idea. We can make money online. I have a site, if it has good traffic, we will get ad on our site and earning money by Adsens or other services.





   Sarah replied : You are crazy, Parmis. when I will be  an old lady ,I don't need Maserati, maybe a car like Mr.Bean's car

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