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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My summer





Parmis came back to school and saw her friends again.

There is a new student in their classroom.

Tina is a wealthy girl, from Australia.

Miss Dana is her new teacher. She is so kind and lovely.

Yesterday, Miss Dana wrote on the blackboard, "How do you spend your days in the summer?"
, then she said" Please, write a composition and describe what you do in the summer. We will place the great writing on our blog. Do you have any questions?"

Tina asked," can I use my photos and video in it, I took a lot of photos by my iPhone on vacation. We were in Australia for two weeks. Australia is terrific and we had a great time there …"

Teacher said,"of course, this is a good idea, Tina. You can write about your photos and bring them here. We will glad to watch your video, too."

Parmis said to Armis," she drives me mad. She thinks that she is the best girl around the world. We should write better than her."
Armis agreed with her.

Parmis turned on her computer and sent a message for her uncles.
"Can you send some beautiful photos from Australia? They should be the best.  "


Parmis wrote, "I'm going to write a composition about my days in the summer and want to tell that I've been there for two months."

"That's a lie, Parmis. we can send some photos for you, but you should tell the truth."

"Please, only send the photos, I need them. Only send…"


Larry sent a few photos of USA and Sergey sent a few photos of Russia.

But Parmis wrote her story.

Larry and Sergey visited the blog of school and saw Parmis's writing is the First "

My summer

I like summer. That's very beautiful season.


 Summer =  ice cream, bike, video game,Maker party, books


 Look after the garden, Park + friends +falling in the water for fun and many fantastic things else.


We don't have an airplane and didn't go to a trip,
because my mom have a lot to do. She should write everyday, I understand her and so I 'm no sad, because I have Google. I can travel every day, every time, every minute, and every second.

West, East ,North Or South
Never mind
I can travel to Australia and then to China .

Sometimes I go to the museum in Paris for seeing the beautiful paintings.I know many places, I've been big bell  and Venice on Internet,TV  & books.
I can read a good e-book, buy something, send a pm, talk to my friends and after all I listen to a cool music .I can do everything by my computer. I like it.

Taking many photos with my smartphone is easy and fun ,but I can get a lot of  photos from Internet easily.  Of course , it's  a little time-consuming. 

We don't have an airplane but I can make a paper airplane with my hands and will be happy with it for an hour or more.


We didn't go to Australia but we had a great time in the summer.
I was born in China.

My mom was in Iran.

Larry was born in USA.

Sergey was born in Russia.
Tina was born in Australia.

 Parmis have a new message


Well done!
                                                     Thanks a lot!                                                                   

All the Best



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