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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Island Books' Reporter-2


                                        I asked my friends and uncles :

What do you think of Island books?or your advice to us? 


We are Mozilla

Doing good is part of our code

Wow,Doing good. That sounds nice.Thanks Mozilla

  "Don't be evil!"

-uh,we are evil??? thanks

  "I get the best Idea."

 oh, good idea;bad idea.I'm disappointed with you, thanks.

                        "I feel blue, only poor writings."

only thank you.
" See well, Delete Dotes, Read more and Don't pull my leg." 

Have a heart. Thanks a lot.

"Have fun , take it easy and do what you want! Don't forget chat."

:)Hearts speaks to heart.
Fear the doctor more than disease.Thanks :)

  " Done is better than perfect" what is Island book???"

oh, better than perfect. what is Island books?Okay? where is Facebook? I'm only kidding,
 We love Facebook.

  " A Room without books is a body without a soul."

:) wow, Books. Thanks a lot
Best Wishes and Ward Regards

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Best wishes



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