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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Island Books' Reporter-1


After Parmis's stories, her life has changed a lot. Now, Parmis is a popular girl at school. Teachers and pupils love her, even Tina, so she loves Island Books. 

Island books' birthday was last week, so last Sunday, Parmis said to M.T, "Can I write my story this week?" 
M.T was surprised and told: "yes, of course. What do you want to write about?"

Parmis replied," It's my secret."
 M.T waited for a few days, but noting doing. Finally this Tuesday Parmis came back with her story.
 Parmis said," I'm sorry, I'm late, but I had some interviews because I'm an interviewer and I work for Island books now." 

Best Wishes

I asked my classmates these questions about Island books?

  1.    Do you like Island books? How much?
  2.    Which story do you like more? Why?
  3.    What kind of writing do you like?

 My Best Friend, Armis
  • Yes. A lot
  •  "Give her a chance." Because Rank man was very smart, I love "Add to Card"
  •   About Fashion, computer and entertainers 


My great Friend, Mino

  • I think so. Just three 
  •  Larry said: " oh, my God"  he he  and Sergey with a pair of slippers and Teddy bear ha ha ha
  •  About Fashion, Traveling, Food

My New classmate, Tina

  •  Are you kidding? At all
  •  Nothing. A little, "I will buy a Maserati someday." because Parmis failed. he he he
  •  About Australia, iPhone, YouTube, Fashion, beauty and health.

Thanks for your opinion.

 I love Island Books a lot. My favorite post is: My Summer.
 I like Photos and it has many images and the photo of that boy is so funny. ha ha ha. :)

I almost read everything, such as good writing about writing, technology special Google, actress, sport and success

Best Wishes and Warm Regards
Parmis :)


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