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Saturday, September 20, 2014

April fool's Day



wrong track

Gloria glances at her watch, it's already one o'clock,' what is Sergey doing, now?', she says with sadness. It's quite obvious that she misses him , and this is why she begins reading Sergey's last messages:

" A husband who's wearing Glass is better than no husband
       your dreams man , Sergey "

" Glass has its beauty , but not everyone see it; only you see
      Your Glass, Sergey "

" Everyday we fall in love with our Glass
         The gorgeous man of Glass, Sergey"

" As long as I live, you are my last love
    Glass Sergey"

Gloria weeps again, deletes the messages with her tears, and says with a bitter sigh,' Oh, my Diamond was so friendly and gentle. what happened? Why has his behavior changed these days? last night he made a noise just for a simple food poisoning, who? oh, I don't understand . maybe---- another girl's came into his heart--- Nothing doing! I can't believe it.'

Flashback to Yesterday

Gloria reviews yesterday's events:

Sergey arrived at the golf club too late; he seemed very angry; he was bare hand, without any flowers;he didn't pay attention to her very much; and in hospital Sergey was watching himself in a mirror cheerfully until Gloria came, then he turned away, threw her flowers away, and shouted , ' It's over.'

She guesses Sergey likes someone else, but who?

Gloria always keeps an eye on Sergey, she knows all his passwords, and looks over his emails , private messages,Plus page, and Facebook page everyday, but up to now she's not seen any doubtful activity, They are two birds of a feather, often fly together in Glass, in restaurant, in park, and even in bicycling-time----bicycling!!???

Suddenly the doubt clouds cover on the sun of the love sky , and the earth begins shaking under her feet. Putting her hand on the heart she shouts with disappointment,' Oh,no.'
Sergey's word during bicycling crosses her mind,' I like interview very much.'

The park turns into a stage, she was dazzled by spotlights, the microphones crowd in on her,' Just one question, please , just one!'

And the sound waves swirl around her glass chateau , and break it up. She bursts into tears, ' A flimsy Love, he falls in love a reporter,' and cries more loudly, some people gather around her, and feel sad for Glass's girl.

Having raised her head , she looks at them, glows to the bone with embarrassment , and says to herself,' Dust your down, Gloria! you're not just your own rather you belong to Glass , so Raise Glass credit, and Write a happy ending for this love-story.'

She cleans her tears, brings a bright smile on her face, and says,'Be in Love by Glass,' and bursts into laughter ,' This is Glass's new ad , as soon as you're wearing Glass , you fall in love with someone.' she stops speaking , and gazes at viewer's eyes. some watchers flare up, and leave there fast, grumbling,'She mock us.'


Others smirk, and few people stare at Glass with surprise.
Gloria gets up from her bench, clears her throat, and says seriously, ' You're right, it's difficult to believe , but I tell the truth. Try it?'
A teenager girl asks with a wry smile,' Did you fall in Love?'

A bright smile emerges , Gloria is closing her eyes , says , ' Yeah, I loved at first sight. At that magic moment I was wearing Glass, I fell in love with Sergey. Fortunately, he was also in Glass, and now we're engaged.'

Everyone stops dead in his/ her tracks, the  silence surrounds in the park...
' Gloria is Sergey's fiancee??' the plot thickens.

The crowd gathers around Gloria, and congratulate her, the cameras hunt her photo for social media. Some boys say,' She's truly beautiful, Good for Sergey', and some girls are green with envy, they look her from head to foot, and say sadly,' She's really ugly. Sergey is tasteless, she's Sergey's girlfriend that is why she's Glass's assistant, Fools have the best luck.'

But the mermaid stares at the cameras in increased confidence , and responds people's questions about Glass, Sergey and herself.

Gloria successes and Glass finds a lot of fans; yes, ' Love is sweet poison that everyone likes to taste it.'


The Sandcastle

The beach is overcrowded, a little girl and boy are building a sandcastle near Sergey, he thinks ,' I've seen these kids anywhere before.' A bit farther the handsome boy sitting in sand is drawing a heart with a bitten apple in its center.

Stroking Glass kindly, Sergey says,' Don't worry Glass! Soon you'll build your palace into people's hearts! oh! where are you , Gloria??'

Thinking about Gloria, he hears a pleased voice from behind, ' Hi, Sergey. What are you doing here?'

Sergey's cheeks glow in excitement, brings a sweet smile on his face, turns around to see his beloved happily, but he freezes in his place.

The girl's forehand creases in frown,' Aren't you glad to see me?'

Sergey gets up from sand. He's standing up against the girl waving her hair in wind, and watching her for a few moments; Carolin with curly red hair , green eyes, and soft smile looks more attractive than before, Sergey says,' Heaven! you've really changed , Carolin!'

Carolin smiles ,' yes, I've changed my hairstyle,' then while pointing at his feet continues, ' but you are just like before,' bursts into laughter, ' Have you gone out of house in barefoot yet?'

Sergey glows in embarrassment,' Sometimes. Are you on business trip?'
Carolin is pointing at the kids, and says,' No, we're on vacation.'
Sergey smiles at the little girl and boy,' Oh, Jessica and Noah are lovely, where's Jack?'

Carolin , ' I don't know exactly, that fish is in the ocean.'

Sergey ,' Oh, I see. He still likes swimming!'
Carolin nods and says ' yes, he's fond of swimming. It's a hot today, isn't it?'
Sergey, ' yes, the weather is too hot ! you still like ice cream , don't you?'

Carolin sighs, looks at her children, and says sadly,' oh, yes, we had a happy childhood. Time hangs heavy for children.'
In childhood, Carolin lived in Sergey's neighborhood, but about three years ago, she and her husband, Jack, with their kids went to Canada .

The handsome boy deserts his heart in sand , and he's walking towards the children slowly, suddenly Sergey carrying four ice creams comes to them, and hits the charming boy, the ice creams fall on the sandcastle off, and it spreads on sand.

Cleaning his T-shirt , the handsome boy shouts,' Be careful , guy! I guess you can't see good with these glasses . Get a new one!'
The children begin crying; sergey says, ' there there.'

Carolin's blood is up, Sergey feels his cheeks are getting red and hot in embarrassment, says to Carolin,' Oh, a tragic accident! I'm truly sorry, Carolin! but I have to leave now, we talk together later, bye .'

Sergey escapes there rapidly, takes a taxi to Google. Larry and his assistant are waiting for him in the restaurant.


​A little lie​

Gloria goes to her beauty salon , sits in the chair,  while her eyes glistening, she says,' I want to surprise my fiance! Show your golden fingers,Ashley!'
​Ashley smiles ,' Congratulations on your engagement! your face is so pretty that it needs no make-up, but I'm going to make an unforgettable face of you.'

The handsome boy and his charming fiancee are walking arm in arm at the beach, Gloria wearing Glass comes up them, ' Excuse me, may you take some unforgettable photos of me?'

The boy looks at Gloria's Glass angrily, and says to his beloved,' That man who soiled my unique T- shirt by the ice creams had the same glasses.'

Gloria's mouth is dropping open in surprise, and thinks ' Man + Ice cream + Glass = Sergey, Sergey at the beach!!??'

so she asks rapidly, ' he was lonely and sad, wasn't he?'

The handsome boy answers, smirking ,' No, he was with an attractive woman, and seemed really happy.'

Gloria stops dead in her tracks, a teardrop shines in her eyes, then takes Sergey's photo out of her rucksack, and shows the boy,' this man??'

He looks at the image closely, his forehead creases in frown, and says angrily,' yes, I can never forget this face, he soiled my awesome T-shirt. is he your boyfriend?'

Gloria says nothing, only weeps. The boy tells her love, ' If I knew he's a cheater , I would hit him.'

The both girls laughs, mermaid cleans her tears, brings a bright smile on her face, and says,' May you take a few photos of me ?'

The lovely girl smiles , and the boy accepts. After taking the photos, Gloria watches them closely, then says, ' Thanks a lot, but I look just like a frog!! no problem!  I'll change them by Photoshop software later. Now may you wear Glass, I want to take a wonderful photo of you?

The charming boy frowns, ' Noting doing!' but his pretty fiancee brings a winsome smile on her face, and he changes his mind.

While Gloria's admiring the photos , leaves the lovers lonely, and walks in sand away.

Watching Gloria's footprints on sand , the lovers laughs together, the girl says,' What terrible photos! you are bad at photography!'
The boy laughs his head off,' No, I just wanted to get revenge on that man.'
The girl laughs,' Naughty! I was surprised!'

The boy's eyes glisten ,' And another thing! That man was lonely and sad!'
Her beloved's forehead creases in frown, ' You told her a lie, didn't you?'

He responds,' No, what I said was true, but I didn't tell the whole truth; he was speaking to an attractive woman happily, but that woman had a husband and two children. I bet tonight that couple in glasses will have a terrible quarrel.' and bursts laughing out.

The girl's mouth is hanging open,' Heavens! why did you tell a lie? They are your enemies?'

The boy frowns, ' Yeah, Keep mum! he soiled the T- shirt signed by my popular footballer, Messi, I cannot forgive it. I was right.'
Her beloved says with a bitter sigh,' yes, you're always right.'

Gloria sits with her laptop in sand, ringing in her head the boy's words,' he was with an attractive girl...', she bites her lip, and says,' You shouldn't take me undervalue. I'm Gloria, not Flora.'

Then she opens her laptop angrily, and enters the lover's photos and her own ones in that. she's skillful at Photoshop, so it's not difficult for her to replace her own head with the girl's head.

After she watches the fake photos closely; they looks great and are ready to send.
She sends the fake photo with a message to Sergey, of course Gloria is smart, she doesn't want to get into trouble, so after twenty minutes she uploads the real photos and the fake ones together on her Google plus page.


Brain Drain

Sergey jumps into his office, and thinks a few seconds, he needs a pair of shoes, looking for his slippers the whole room, finally he finds them, and stares at slippers for a while; Last year Larry gave him these one as his birthday's gift.

Sergey puts on them , and walks to Google's restaurant; on the way everyone says to him,' Congratulations! Be in Love by Glass :)'. Sergey only nods, and smiles.

He enters the restaurant , and gives a wave of the hand for Larry and his assistant, walks towards them, and sits at the table. Mr. Assistant says, grinning,' Congratulations! Be in Love by Glass.' Sergey says,' Thanks a lot.' A meaning smile emerges on Larry's face,' How are you , Sergey ? I didn't expect that of you,  and I'm still in shock !'

Sergey brings a sweet smile on his face, ' I feel much better, and yes,  I can't believe it, people are very friendly and worry about my health, many people congratulated me . I didn't know I'm as popular as this. I'm in shock.'

Larry and his assistant looks at each other with mouth open, Larry raises his eyebrows up , and smiles at Sergey. Mr. Assistant starts laughing, ' No, you went wrong, their happy wishes were on your engagement not your health. '

​Sergey , ' engagement? with who? what's happened? I don't understand?'
Larry's eyebrows raises upper,'with Gloria, you don't know anything!?'

Sergey shouts,'Gloria? we aren't on speak terms' , and stares at them in surprise, They both burst into laughter , and Larry tells the story,'she doesn't miss a trick . well, an hours ago, Gloria announced that you were engaged.'

Mr. Assistant says,' and this is Glass's new chant: ' Be in Love by Glass!'
Sergey cannot believe what he heard, shouts,' Heaven! She's really crazy! she wanted to get revenge on me. uh,  I was going to punish her, but that headstrong always gets on my nervous, she drives me mad.'

Larry ,' Oh, you both behaved just like little children, by the way, the damage is done and you're engaged now. Take it easy! everyone knows you love her, so be comfortable.'
Sergey's blood is up, and bites his tongue.

The assistant says to Sergey ,' I have a good news for you, some reporters connected with the office, they're going to interview with you.'

Sergey frowns, ' Forget them. '
At this moments he receives a message from Gloria,'

Hi , Sergey
Please, before reading this message call your doctor. Thank you.
See my new photo. That is attachment.
Gloria :)"

Sergey's eyes stare at the photo, ' Heavens! Gloria and that grumpy boy together at the beach, about half an hour ago, he's green with, envy,' Cheater! you make a fool of me? I put you down.' then sends a message in reply,

' More fool you! Boot , Boot out. Bye forever.'
​ ​
The silence surrounds the restaurant. Mr. Assistant,' oh, she's very naughty!' Larry tries to sympathizes with Sergey,' Hold your horses , Man! I don't know she's too stupid or too smart, but you'd better forget her, she is unacceptable for you.'

Sergey's eyes fills in tears, ' a few minutes ago, you told anything else, ' Take it easy,you go together good, she's smart,.. and now she's crazy, and unacceptable.'

The waitress brings their food on the table, but they're off their food.

Time hangs heavy, Larry looks at his tablet, shouts,' Gee, Gloria's taken pride of place in Google plus right now. Take a look at her page!'
Sergey frowns,' I don't want to hear anything about her.'
Mr. Assistant grins,' Look! you won't regret.'
Sergey reads Gloria's page, she's written:'

How can keep your fiance happy?

Believe it or not , This is Gloria and her tricks.
Hi, I got really surprised to see your pretty messages. Thanks a lot.
However,today I was waiting for my fiance at the beach, that I saw a lovely couple in love with Glass, I took a few photos  , and decided to surprise my beloved, so I made these fake photos by Photoshop, and then send them to him, you can do the same. If you don't have Photoshop software, don't worry, there were a lot of apps on Internet to edit pictures.

Now tell me, in your view; what's his reaction to the fake photos?

1- He laughs a lot

2- He admires me.
3- He boots me.
4- No comment.

Sergey brings a big smile on his face,' What a fool!', Larry and Mr.  Assistant say together,' 1',

By the way, Sergey disagrees with them,  he is in two minds; on the one hand he's happy the photos were false; Gloria's very cheeky and Sergey likes this, but on the other hand, he's very angry with Gloria; everything is joke for her; she lies to attain her goals; and worse than all she mixes work with personal life. Distressed Sergey thinks they are in a blind alley, this is to say mermaid burns her bridge .....

What's your opinion?

​          Best Wishes



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