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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Let's Change The World

Lonely Heart

s the dream is gone with wind, as the heart is broken, and as thinking, you reach the end of the line; you just walk and walk through the road, without any destination, maybe the lonely heart will be ease; Just like our story mermaid.

After kissing Julia, Gloria wears her sneakers , and leaves home to work, because her parents don't know anything about yesterday's events ; Sergey in hospital and jobless Gloria , so she has to be filling in time.

The lonely girl walks through the city streets, moons through the narrow alleys and the wide roads moodily, to go away and away,  to be lost.

Prowling in the street, she sighs, weeps, turns the leaves of memory-book over, spills tears sea, sea in silence.

 walking in the rain is dreamy, oh, rain!!!! looking up at the sky, she longs it was rainy alike her heart, but it's sunny. Weep Gloria, the golden sun dries your tears kindly.

Having walked for hours, she arrives at a park, her head goes round, and can not stand on her feet, so sits on the bench and she mops.

After a sea tear, she still needs a fireman, because her teardrops could not put out her burning heart. Everyone passes by her, looks wretched mermaid from head to feet, from Glass to sneakers , and feels sorry for her.

It's over, it's over, it's over..... Too soon!!!

And Sergey's words such as a great storm knock her glass heart, and break it into thousand ruby pieces

The rubies float on the ocean tear, and make it red

Love adventures

Armis and Mino are talking about last night's party. Armis says sadly, ' I was going to make an unforgettable day for my daddy , but you both messed it up.'

while Mino's deleting a link to say, ' Take it easy. I enjoyed myself last night, and I'm certain your dad never forget that party.' Armis smiles and tells,' Yeah, he told me,' Thank Armis. I'm so surprised , this is the best present that I've ever gave.' but I'm still depressed.

Parmis says angrily , ' Haven't you seen my green pencil?', and bends down to look for it under the desk.


Larry and Mr. Assistant tell tale. The assistant says, ' I've heard Mr.Brin is in hospital.'
Larry: ' Sergey was in hospital for a few hours last night, but he's at home now, and he's feeling much better.'

Mr. assistant:' Thank God, isn't he coming to the company today?'
Larry laughs,' No, he said that he needs to relax, but I guess he can't bear the office without Gloria.'

A sparkle appears into Mr's eyes , he glows , and says,' That is rumor that Gloria was knocked over Sergey, is that right?'
Larry laughs loudly,' You don't say! your data is false. There is no killer: only a Food poisoning, Sergey was victim of Gloria's stupidly, it was warm and the sandwiches were not inside a cooler, Sergey ate them, and he got poisoned , only this '

Mr Assistant smiles,' what a bad luck!' , then he drinks his coffee, after a while he asks again,' but I've not Miss.Roberts today yet?'

Larry,' In my view , Sergey always makes a thing of a small ignorance, he had words with Gloria last night, and then they got apart .'

Mr Assistant's mouth is dropping open, and says,' Indeed? how pity! Gloria is in the people gaze, all Glass team like her , since she's coming to Glass, its sales is going up.'

Larry,' Don't worry, guy. She'll be back. Sergey likes her, but he wanted to intimidate her by severs measures. he told me : she's frivolous, and I want her to focus on her accountability , and she will be more responsible .'

Mr. Assistant says, grinning,' Maybe she falls in love'
Larry giggles, '  Sergey and his love adventures '
They burst into a laughter .

For your Credit

yawning, Mino puts aside her eraser , and says,' Oh, I'm fed up.'
Parmis says,' pass me that blue pencil , Armis.' Mino looks at her curiously, she's bended on the desk down, and watches her painting, Mino asks ,' Hey, Parmis! what are you doing?'
Without lifting her head up, she says, ' Curiosity killed the cat.'

Mino pulls a face at her, and says, ' As I'll report to Uncle Larry that you're Painting instead of erasing , you'll regret of your words.'

​Parmis, ' I beat the clock an hour before,'
Mino responds, angrily,' you should go like a clockwork, and when your work is finished , you'd better help your friends.'
Parmis drawls, ' Why my friend?'​

​Mino replies,' Because your friend's going to get her payment this week.'
Parmis's mouth is dropping open for a while, ' what did you say?'
Armis stops erasing , and looks at them with surprise.

Mino says loudly, ' Uncle Larry's going to give my salary.'
Parmis ,' sh, sh! Be quiet! Uncle Larry hears what you say. Which money? Do you forget your promise? our goal is an interview with Uncle Larry, without any money.'​

Mino laughs and say, ' ha ha, for interview? without any money? pull the other one? Hazelnut, I'm not alike you, and I don't work for free, I'll get my money, plus Uncle Larry knows this story.'
Parmis's mouth's getting opener ,' what did you say? he knows? '

Mino,' yeah, Last night I left a comment for him in his Google plus page.'
Armis,' Really?'
Mino nods,' yeah, I wrote: " May you pay my salary this week? " and he accepted.'

Parmis's blood is up, and shouts, ' Greedy! you're bad, you're not my friend.'
Mino explodes,' I'm greedy??', then picks up Parmis's painting , angrily. ​
​Parmis shrieks, ' Give me, it's Feech's Logo.'

Larry shouts,' What has happened?'
The two kids are fighting over the paper, Armis says with worry, ' Enough is enough!'

Larry and Mr. Assistant come to them.
The painting is still in Mino's hand, Parmis tries to get it, but the paper goes to pieces
Hanging open ,all of them stare at 2 pieces of Parmis's heart that fall out on the floor.

Parmis sits down beside her design, sadly,  picks up two pieces of Feech's logo , while she's weeping . Larry looks at Mino, frowning.

Mino's cheeks are getting redder and redder , two teardrops shine in her eyes, she stares at the floor with embarrassment , playing with her fingers, then she says lowly, ' sorry, I didn't meant that. I only wanted to get my wage, but Parmis told me that we should work for free.'

A meaning smile emerges on Larry's face , he says to Parmis, ' don't cry, Parmis . Redraw another one ​!'

Parmis lifts her head up, and cries more loudly, ' I spent much time to design it, now what should I say to Martin? he looks forward to seeing Feech's logo.'

Larry,' What you said it's right, but in my view we'd better sometimes ignore our friend's small mistakes. Two wrongs don't make a right.'

Mino's eyes glisten, she says, smiling, ' yeah, I agree. I didn't meat that. I'm a debtor to be Armis's credit; because of her party I had to buy an expensive dress.'

Armis gets red, ' Just for me?'
Mino says, ' Yeah, I wanted to be in a respectable dressing until you would be honor me.'
Larry and Mr. Assistant laugh their head off.

Then Larry asks Mino,' How much do you owe?'
Mino: ' only $ 30'
Larry takes $ 100 out of his pocket, and waves it in Mino's face
A sparkle appears in her eyes, she drools, and stretches out her hand for the bill, but he hides it, and says, If you both mend fence together, this bill will belong to you.'
Mino looks at Parmis meekly; Parmis can't bear her sadness, so gets up , and embraces her, they kiss each other, and make peace.

Mino earns $ 100, and puts it into her pocket quickly, then says to Larry,' only $ 100?'
Larry signals to his assistant, he smiles, and exits the room fast.

The kids look at each other with surprise, the silence surrounds the room; ten minutes later, Mr.Assistant reenters the office with three boxes in his hands, he puts them on the desk .

 Parmis is excited, and asks,' Tablet?'
Larry, ' Nexus Tables for you! you like tablet, don't you? '
Parmis nods , and says, ' Thanks you very much, Uncle Larry.'

The children picks up their tablets cheerfully, and thank Larry. he says, ' Now you can take wonderful photos of Brazil. That's great, isn't that?'

Parmis says, ' I won't go to Brazil, '
Larry, ' Why?'

Parmis sighs, ' I don't like to travel alone. Tina's dad has punished her, she has to stay in Australia all summertime, Martin is involved in business. Armis and Mino don't like  football very much. you and Uncle Sergey are busy, so I stay here with you.'
Mr. Assistant says, sadly,' How sad!'
Larry, ' I have a good idea. Redesign Feech's Logo, I'll take you to see Martin .'
Parmis, ' really?'
Larry nods, ' Yes, '

Parmis jumps up into air, and Armis and Mino dance around the room cheerfully.


First Half


Martin needed a few associates for his company, so he was going to put an advertisement in the newspaper, but his investor, Herr Thomson, told him that it wasn't necessary, because Herr Thomson had three talented kids, one boy and two girls, who liked technology, so Martin's train stopped.

Martin's dad said, gladly,' Wow! This is a good idea, Herr Thomson.'

​ While they were talking to each other, ​little Martin wrote on the paper down, " A good team makes a successful start-up." , and he frowns.

His dad read the note, and said, ' Take it easy, Martin.'

Free kick

Martin is a bit worried , he looks over the questions again, and glances at the clock,

His dad puts his hands on Martin's back , and says ," You're in luck, there aren't many children here, but you got three associates free and easy. Good for you. " , then kisses him, says goodbye to, and goes to work.

Standing against the window , he practices juggling alike a professional player. The boy's name is Julius , and is about 9 or 10 , with blue eyes and straight light brown hair. Julius's wearing white  shorts with a sweatshirt , and black sneakers, and enjoys juggling. 

Red Card

Martin's sitting at the desk , and gets ready for interview. Two girls are sitting opposite Martin, the older one is chewing gum , and talking with someone on the smartphone, she's putting her feet on the desk,  and the younger one is eating chocolate eagerly.

Martin looks the older girl from head to feet, frowning : long blond hair, blue eyes, attractive but grump , white blues with Angry birds' characters on it, blue jeans and sandals, and writs on the paper " unacceptable" down.

Corner Kick

Finally the girl says , ' My Nescafe, we meet together this afternoon, bye.' cuts off her smartphone, glances at Martin, and says, ' I'm Renate, and you?'

Martin replies, ' Mr. Martin.'
Renate frowns, ' Well, Martin, I'm too older than you, so don't treat me alike bosses. I love music and Nescafe, and I listen to my favorite songs in a loud noise from morning to night.
So Never don't tell me, " Turn your music down." I like shaking the room and its windows. '

she pauses for a few seconds, then continues, ' And about Nescafe, I take only Nestle, and only in my cup. I'm sensitive about it , so remember it forever.' then her cold sight is focused on Martin's face for a while, takes out of her rucksack a cup, keeps it in Martin's face, and says, ' Now jump and bring me a cup of Nescafe.'

Sitting in his seat, he stares at Renate with surprise. The girl shouts, ' Did you understand what I said? '
Martin gets cold feet, his face turns white, but he gets up from his armchair, slowly. Renate says more loudly, ' Come on, Martin. Be faster ,you are very slow.'

Oh, the little boss runs into the kitchen, tearfully.

Replacing Key player

At this moment, his smartphone is ringing, Parmis is on the phone.

Renate says to her sister kindly,' Answer the smartphone, Sabine.'
Sabine picks up the Martin's smartphone with chocolate hands, happily:
Parmis,' Hello, Parmis--
Sabine puts in her word, and says,' Here is Berlin, you have got the wrong number.' and cuts off quickly, then silences the smartphone.

Renate asks,' who was that?'
Sabine , ' Someone wants Paris , I said here is Berlin, and silenced the smartphone.'
Renate,' Excellent, you're very talented.'


Martin puts the hot Nescafe on the desk , and watches Renate with worry, she smells it first, next drinks a little , and says,' for the first time, it's pretty good, but make it better tomorrow,'

Julius's sliding on his chest , and screams, ' Goal ', he's listening to a football report, a bright smile shines on Renate's face, she jumps up into air, then goes to the door, and says,' I'm fed up, so I go out to lunch with my friends. Take after the kids , and order for lunch, do you have the number of a good restaurant ?'

Martin nods , and says happily , ' Yeah, don't worry.'
After existing  Renate, Martin takes a deep breath, sits on his armchair, and smiles at Sabine's chocolate face; fortunately, this one's smaller than him,
Now Julius practices juggling with knee.

Yellow Cards

Collecting the chocolate around her lips, she smiles at Martin; She's a cute girl with short blond hair, and green eyes.

Martin glances at the questions , clears his throat, and asks,' What's your name?'
-- ' Sabine'
-- ' How old are you?'
she shows all of her fingers, ' Four'
--' Have you worked before?'
She nods, ' Yeah.'
-- ' How much? explain?'

Sabine looks up for 2 minutes, and says,' very.' Martin's eyes glisten, she continues,' I work very much, I put on my clothes, tie up my shoes, comb my hair, brush my tooth, read a lot of story books---
frowning, Martin interrupts her,' This enough, thanks.' and asks,' How much do you know about computer or smartphone?

Sabine wets her lips, tickles her head, looks up, and says,' Very.'
Martin says happily,' how good, tell me more.'
Sabine,' I always turn on my daddy's laptop , watches my favorite cartoons, or plays a game, then turns it off, carefully. I can silence smartphones, and a lot of things else, do you want to know more?'

Martin's lips turn alike a line, shakes his head , ' No, that's enough,' and puts two big zeros on his paper down.

Martin,' Most of our clients speaks English, Can you speaks English?'
Sabine nods,' Yeah, I know English well. I can say: hello, Good morning, Goodbye, Thank you, silent, I love you. plus I can count to 20 : one , two , three, five, eight-- Martin bites his lips, and says disappointingly , ' This enough, you're great.'

The little girl laughs, and Martin asks, ' why do you want this job?'
Sabine looks up thinking , ' I want to change the world.'

A big smile emerges on Martin's face, ' Excellent, You're hired, when can you start?'
Sabine grins, ' Right away.'
Martin , ' do you know a good restaurant number?'
Sabine nods,' Yeah, I order pizza every day.' and picks up Martin's smartphone.


Goooooal, Julius throws the football, and runs to the desk to celebrate, the ball hits on Martin's head, he passes out, Sabine is frightened, and asks Julius, ' He died?'

Julius takes his football, and says,' No, he has a small headache.'
Sabine takes a deep breath, comes to Martin, fingers his hair softly, and says to herself,' Whenever I have a headache , Renate kisses me.' , she wants to kiss Martin that he raises his head , and says, ' What are you doing?' , and turns away.

Sabine laughs , ' Oh, you're OK,Martin?'
Martin thinks , ' I should wear a ring as of tomorrow. '


From my Heart

Sergey's on leave , so he comes out of his house, and wants to run with Glass just before, but he can not,

Gloria's memorabilia are wherever; trees, flowers, sky, birds, streams, breeze and Glass , all call her name, and remind him last night's memory, ' oh, I broke her heart , and threw her pretty flowers away, I'm too bad.' his lips tremble, he stops to write a message:

'I count the days, hours, minutes, seconds to tell you ; I miss you form bottom of my heart.'

A few girls pass by him, look at him closely, and grin.

Sergey says to himself, smiling,' Forget hairstyle, you're truly charming.', deletes the message , and says, ' Did you forget that sandwiches? ' he feels sick, ' Be strong, Sergey. Show her you're head-strong.'

He gets to the beach, there is very crowded, couples are walking hand in hand lovingly, and leave their footprints on the sand, Sergey remembers Gloria, sighs, he misses Gloria.

Some people laugh at him, Sergey honors himself and tries to keeps smiling. Suddenly a little girl passes by him with her mother, she stops, and shows Sergey, and asks,' Mommy, why doesn't this man put any shoes on?'

Sergey looks at his feet, he's come out barefoot,' I miss you form bottom of my heart.'
I think he's lost his heart to Gloria.

Best Wishes



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