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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Baby Please Come Home!

Tears & Laughs

We arrived at the airport in time. After leaving our car in the parking lot, we raced hastily toward the lobby.

Because of the Christmas season there was busy just like a hive. Travelers walked around, and after them the suitcases slid on the shiny floor.

Luckily, there were no seats left, so we had to stand and look around carefully. And it was so entertaining for watching. After a big hug, many people left their relatives in tears; while some else ran toward their families, smiling, and after receiving a bunch of flowers, a small kiss was planted on the cheeks.

In my view, the airport was a mixture of tears and laughs, goodbye and welcome, arriving and going and sadness and happiness, On one side lifting and on other side landing.

By the way, a few minutes later the German airplane landed, its passengers got off, and the waiting crowd, such as ourselves, ran to welcome.

At first, a mother came with her baby, and then a blond family. My mom smiled at the flowers in her own hands calmly, instead of her Mino looked so nervous that she was biting her nails.

Next a happy couple showed up, I was tired of waiting, so turned my attention to Mino, and oh, I saw something amazing.

She showed a sign with a big "Rocky" on to the passengers. My eyes grew large in surprise; I really didn't have any ideas when she had made this sign, but I wondered, 'No doubt, she's lost her marbles.'

Finally, Thomsons appeared. Frau Thomson looked like Renate but thinner. She stepped forward slowly with help of her husband, while their children followed them in a line.

Renate was even more attractive than before, she was wearing a red jacket with black leather pants, and had hidden her blond her under a red knitted hat.

Happy Hours



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