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Sunday, March 15, 2015

O Christmas Tree

This morning I opened my eyes, and glanced at my tablet clock sleepily, "Oh, No!"  swiftly I got up from my bed, and looked around ,then I wanted to cry because no one was in the room except me, they must have gone out at dawn.

I tried to force tears back while running towards the window. It was snowing, and everything was snow-covered, but no one has seen in snow. Where were they?

"Armis-- Mino-- Tina-- Mommy!" I called as I came downstairs, but no reply, I couldn't help weeping, Nobody was at home but me.

directly I rushed for the fireplace, maybe there was still hope for me, last night we had hung up our stockings on, now there remained only one, just mine.

A sparkle appeared in my eye, the others had taken theirs, so Santa Claus must have filled the stockings with gifts and sweets. I put my hand into it , and searched for gifts happily, 'Terrible, Beetles!,' I cried.

My stocking was full of beetles ,besides a note which Kiarash had left , "Did you find what you like, Parmis?"

"Naughty boy! someday I put you down!" I shouted as I raced towards the Christmas tree, there was just a big wrapped box beneath the tree, only one gift? it was unbelievable! my forehead creased in a frown,'That's awful! They must be kidding me!'

I didn't know what I did, finally I picked up the box attentively, and yes, my prediction turned out , it was too light to be full. No doubt it was empty.

It reminded me of the last Christmas. I threw it off, and shouted, "I hate you!" No doubt it was a plan of Tina, and no one was outside, they all had hidden somewhere at home, and enjoyed watching me from behind the scenes.

Treading on the present, I cried, "I hate you!",  when the present broke, I sat down on the floor, and cried, suddenly something  amazing caught my attention, a business card.
My eyes widened large, I took the card, and glanced at.

That was my mom's business card, but only her cellphone number (*****20***) and a Christmas tree was on, no names, emails, or addresses.

And 20 was bold, What did mean that? I thought a little.

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