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Friday, March 13, 2015

Santa Claus In Comin' to Town

The night was still young, as we reached our home, a two-story brick house. It was furnished very well, but we were too tired out to see it, so we slept after having dinner.

By the next morning I got up early, and the others too. We had a light breakfast, and got ready to go to the airfield. It was a small private airport near our place.

It was 5:5o when we arrived at the airfield, the snow was falling hard, we were looking forward to seeing Uncle Larry's airplane for hours, but it never emerged in the sky.

O My God, wherever was frozen, my hands were cold like ice and my toes  became numbed, everyone looked up at the sky, and shook their heads, no planes!

It was around noon, but our travelers hadn't come yet, they were expected to arrive at 6 o'clock; for this reason we all were really worried about them, however it was no use waiting, we should leave there.

My mom said,'We'd better return home, maybe they come later.' the others nodded, and we went back home, no smile was on our faces and no light in the eye.

I called up Uncle Larry, and Uncle Sergey even Rocky and Gloria over and over again, but no reply.

I want to cry, because I thought they got lost, I thought they weren't able to find the way our new home, but Aunt Lilli told me, 'Don't worry, Parmis, they will come soon. It's no good crying before Christmas.'

Armis said, 'Let's decorate the Christmas tree instead of crying.
Yes, It was a good idea to occupy ourselves, so we began trimming the tree, and house until afternoon.

After that we went outside to play in snow. What fun it was! we had forgotten our the lost plane completely.

On the Christmas Eve the families were sitting by the Xmas tree, the children thought about Santa Claus, and Xmas presents, and the elders also thought about the missing guests, suddenly we heard a helicopter flying over very low, it was very astonishing! before we ran towards the windows to look out, another noise came, this time from the chimney.

And one minute later Santa Claus jumped out from the fire place, Luckily it was off.

Guess who it was?
He was Uncle Larry.

Then the door bell rang, and the rest of our visitors entered, Uncle Sergey, Rocky, Gloria and her family, even Aunt Kate, Lula and Uncle Ted.

And Now, Impatiently I'm looking forward to seeing our Christmas gifts.

​Best Wishes



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