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Friday, March 20, 2015

Grow up Christmas List

TV Room

The room was decorated in scarlet. On the floor were piles of DVDs, and in the corner a lightened Christmas tree.

A big sofa faced the TV which was on, but no signal. Two smartphones turned up under the tree, and a couple puzzles on the DVD player.

 I picked up one sticky remote control beside the LG digital TV receiver, I bet that Mino had been eating lollipop during the movie. I chose channel 60, it showed a romantic Iranian movie, "Leila."

There was other remote control next to the Samsung digital TV receiver , this time I chose channel 94, it showed a funny cartoon, "Ice Age"

"All right, Parmis! Now you have two movie titles and a plenty of DVDs, Go For It, " I said while I was jumping on the DVDs.

"Jingle, Jingle, That sounds sweet. *****5***** ", I earned this note from Leila's DVD pack, and other one from "Ice Age", "Will you take cream in your coffee? ******14***."

"Hooray! Santa Claus has brought Uncle Mohsen and Uncle Hamed with him. Locate them, GPS!"

Uncle Larry's Room

We ( Gps & I ) arrived at Uncle's Larry room, I smelt the aroma of music and coffee, and saw a few note pages lying on the carpet.

Uncle Larry's guitar stood out on the drawer, and a pretty Christmas tree glowed near the piano. The smartphones placed under the tree, and a couple of puzzles in the drawer.

I started with the guitar, at first I examined it carefully, there was nothing. Next I trembled the 5th string, and something strange happened, a message came to Uncle Mohsen's smartphone, "All we can hear is the clock ticking. ***2*30***", it scared me a little, I raced to the piano.

I could see was a folded paper sticking out of the 14th white key, quickly I grabbed it, "Be shatterproof! We have a lot of pets--- three cats, one bear, two hedgehogs. ***2*30***."

I came running to Uncle Sergey's room.

Uncle Sergey's Room

I passed through the door swiftly, but I didn't take any steps forward, I stood back, and looked at the shatters of glass covering the floor.

On the drawer, our three cats walked happily, teddy bear and Uncle Sergey's hedgehog slippers were trapped in the glasses, and everywhere were clocks.

I could hear were the clocks ticking; I could see were the clock running; and I could feel said my heart beating, "Hurry Up, Parmis! The Time Never Waits For You!"

My worried look shifted from clock to clock until it was fixed on one, its face had a drawing of Christmas tree, it had stopped--- and it needed to wind up.

I glanced at the other clocks, it was exactly 9:30, I had a little time, so I began hunting for the smartphone and the puzzle, and a few minutes later I discovered them.

After putting them into my bag, I set the clock to the special time ( 2:30).
As soon as I set it back in its spot, it rang and a message appeared on its glass, "Run away--- The Bomb's ticking! *****9**** ." Aunt Kate's phone number.

I ran out the room as quickly as I could, but I didn't know where to go, I only let Gps guide me.

The Puzzle

I took ten steps to the left, and stopped in front of a wall with a big painting on.
The 9 pieces of the picture had come off; of course, they were with me.

I replaced the missing parts in a hurry, and admired Aunt Kate's artistic work.

"That's Magical! " my eyes grew large as the door opened, in fact, the painting was a hidden door, I entered the mysterious room. So far so Good.

Welcome to our Chat room

Wow! wonderful! Here was really the most beautiful of our house, it named the chat room, the best place for relax and rest. At certain times the family members came here for talking, painting and enjoying moments.

The room decorated with plants and pictures. The pretty photos were hanging on the three walls, and the 4th wall was a digital page for painting.

Its ceiling was made of the colored glass like old Iranian house, in the center it had a goldfish pond with some seats around. The room was more beautiful in daylight just like a rainbow.

I saw a warning note on the huge treasure chest in the pond, " Fishing is not allowed here!"
"so what? I can't ignore my presents."

I sat on the edge of the pond, and gazed at the treasure chest and the goldfish. I should have opened the chest sooner, it was exactly 9:55, my heart was racing faster.

I examined the chest, and I discovered a digital lock under the warning, now I needed a password to open it.

Lock and Password?? A sparkle emerged in my eye, all the locks reminded me of Uncle Larry.
7-0-4-5-7-4-5-7-9  I entered Uncle Larry's phone number rapidly. Yeah, it was right, the treasure chest opened, and last message appeared, "Whenever I go, I meet interesting people."

"Gee, finally I found my Xmas presents!"

I had no sooner opened my Christmas gifts than the family and friends stepped into the chat room.

Lola asked, "Do you hate us, Parmis?"
I blushed, " No, I love you all, I'm sorry about what I said early this morning."

Shut your eyes and guess what it is.

I received these presents, the other children got almost the same.

A very beautiful Dress form Mamana.
A lovely Robot from Uncle Larry.
A Fabulous Chromebook from Uncle Sergey.
A Kindle E Reader from Uncle Mahdi.
A Book and some Stocks from my mom.
A pretty Guitar from Uncle Mohsen.
A cute Pedigree Maltese puppy from Aunt Kate.
A Digital Camera from Aunt Lilli.
A Smart Watch from Uncle Hamid.
A Google Glass from Aunt Glory.
A Cool Scooter kid from Uncle Hossein.
A Nexus Tablet form Uncle Hamed.
A Beautiful Ski package from Aunt Sami ( We really needed this one)
A very nice necklace from Armis.
A backpack from Mino & Rocky.
Some books from Martin.
A luxury digital frame from Tina.
A iPod from Angry bird.
A chocolate from Sabine.
In the end, Herr Thomson dedicated a new office to Feech

My gifts are awesome, aren't they. I love them all.

The Uncles stayed at our home for a week. Every morning we skied or went sledding, and whenever the weather was good, we flew with Uncle Larry's airplane.

At the first day Renate organized us into two clans, Uncle Larry and I were in a group, each team made a snow fort, and attacked the other fort, our fight lasted for five days, it was very very exciting.

On the whole, we had a great time at the Christmas season, and I never forgot it.

Best Wishes

Happy New Year, Happy Nowruz
Thank you for reading my stories.
I wish this year all your dreams come true.
Follow Your Dreams
With Love



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