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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I Heard The Bells on Christmas Day!

Trampling down the present , I cried, "I hate you!", some minutes later it was crushed.

Crying, I sat down on the floor, and then I began tearing it into pieces. suddenly a slip of paper fell it off, O -- my eyes widened large, in fact the parcel wasn't entirely empty.

I grabbed the card, and gazed at it, a business card belonged to my mom, and not only it had her cellphone number (******20***) on, but also it had a Christmas tree on, besides 20 which was bold, what did mean that? I thought a little.

Find my Phone

I ran into her office, but no one was here. So I decided to call her, but she didn't answer, and her cellphone didn't ring too. It wasn't interesting for me at all.

"Don't stop, Parmis!" I said, I kept my ears open for the bells, and called over and over, but no noise was heard, and wherever was quiet, quiet, and obviously silent.

I murmured, 'Maybe she isn't at home? then where is she? I should find where my family and friends were, but How?"

Suddenly a thought crossed my mind, "Try Gps!", oh, Gps? Could it help me?

Why not? I had a good gps tracker app in my tablet, Sometimes it helped me to stick close to my family while we were outdoor, and sometimes during Hide and Seek it located my friends.

To see where the others had hidden, I activated the app, How amazing! It only found my mom's phone place, it was somewhere in the library.

Ready? Will we start now?-- OK, Let's go!

The library was pretty tidy, although there were some book pages lying about on the floor. I saw the smartphone on a shelf and rushed for it at once.

A pine pot placed beside the smartphone, I looked further-- a puzzle hid behind the pine, it was a part of a picture, I took it, but how about 20?

I believed there was a relation between 20 and the next cue, so where 20 was?? The pages drew my attention, I checked the pages one after another, but no page 20.

I looked at the smartphone and books on the shelf for a while, and suddenly my eyes glistened.

I started finding 20th book on the same shelf, O My God! "The Christmas Carol", I pulled it out, and opened the book to page 20. 

I guessed right, one note else was there, it said,"You won't get lost if you follow the trail-- *********8* "

It was my grandma's phone number, I put the book back on the shelf, and looked at my tablet, the app guided me to the kitchen.

Just as I entered the kitchen the sweets dish tipped over, and the cookies spilled on the table, the smartphone was near the tea set, and traces of flour on the floor showed Mamana had been making pizza before leaving there.

Now I knew where to go, and what to find. I walked directly towards the window, and picked up a puzzle from behind the pine pot, then I searched for one 8 about the jar of flour.

Easily I found a dough in form a 8, then I looked for the next cue inside the dough, another note said, "Do you have time for a cup of Coffee? No, it's time to go-- *****02****  "

My eyes grew big, the phone number belonged to Uncle Mahdi, but he wasn't here. I had to fly to Iran, didn't I?

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