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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas!

My mom checked her watch, then she said, 'Oh, we're late, we have to go right away.'
Sabine asked her father if they were going to the Feech Company, he shook his head, 'No, Later we will meet Martin, Now we're going to the hotel.'
I couldn't help laughing, 'But later Martin won't be in the city.'

Renate, 'Why?'
I, 'Because we're going our winter home with him.'

Sabine, 'Winter home?'
-, 'Yes, we plan to migrate just like birds.'

Sabine, 'Oh, it must be exciting.'
My mom, 'Would you like to come with us? our house is enough big for all of us.'

Sabine, 'Really? Can we come?'
I, 'Why not and guess what? we have many guests and you know them all.'

Sabine asked her dad, 'Wir gehen auch?'
He remained silent, and Sabine was waiting for his reply impatiently, the others looked concerned too.

After one minute or two he said, 'No, It's no good disturbing them.'
Sabine's lips were trembling as if she was going to cry; Mino also seemed unhappy ; Renate objected to her father, 'Daddy! But we are here only to visit Martin.'
Frau Thomson nodded ,yet Herr Thomson kept his silent. Sabine insisted on her parents, so did I.

Some minutes had gone, but Hr. Thomson couldn't have made up his mind, and there was a look of indecision on his face.

Finally, my mom ended all of the doubts, 'Let's all go, you can't miss this dreamy trip, I bet that you will never regret. '

We went to our car, and drove directly to the house, Thomsons also followed us in two Mercedes-Benz.

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