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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I Heard The Bells on Christmas Day!

Trampling down the present , I cried, "I hate you!", some minutes later it was crushed.

Crying, I sat down on the floor, and then I began tearing it into pieces. suddenly a slip of paper fell it off, O -- my eyes widened large, in fact the parcel wasn't entirely empty.

I grabbed the card, and gazed at it, a business card belonged to my mom, and not only it had her cellphone number (******20***) on, but also it had a Christmas tree on, besides 20 which was bold, what did mean that? I thought a little.

Find my Phone

I decided to call the phone number, but it was no use, she didn't answer. I ran into her office, but no one was here.

"Parmis! Think more, A phone number???? OK! I Find!" I said,  It was a cue where my family and friends were and I had to find them, but It wasn't easy for me to search a big building, so I'd better find a better way. Could Gps help me?

Why not? fortunately,  I had a good gps tracker app in my tablet, we used it as we all went out to stick our group , and sometimes during  Hide and Seek.

To look for my mom's phone I activated Gps tracker, and it guided me to the library, yes, the smartphone placed next to a small Christmas tree in a bookcase.

There was also a piece of a picture, I took it, but how about 20?
I believed there was a relation between 20 and next cue, so I scanned around for 20.

The office was pretty and tidy like before, but some book pages lay down on the floor. I checked them all, but there was no page 20. Where was it?

I turned my attention to the smartphone on the shelf, and then I started counting the books on the same shelf, "the Christmas Carol" was the title of 20th book, I pulled it out, and open it.

My idea was right, the next cue was another phone number (********8*), its owner was my grandma, I traced it to the kitchen.

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