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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

How to Experience the Law of Attraction (Free eBook)

If you know the Laws of Attraction, it can alter your life. It takes certain mindsets to work within these laws but mastering it is never hard, even if it seems like it is. All you need is a bit of patience, time and above all else... Faith.

How to Experience the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction- it's a recent concept that the scientific community is finally acknowledging that exists. Yet, most of society does not see it that way since it is fairly new. So how do we get one see that the Law of Attraction is real? How can convince one person to see that what you want and what you get are two separate things?

The first thing to do is to imagine something you terribly want. Something you know could not ever happen. Imagine yourself with what you want, touching it and feeling it. Then should everything go well and the way you want, then your dreams should come true.

Despite the power of wishing, you need to be realistic. Case in point with wanting dessert after supper, just because you wish you could have dessert after your supper, does not always make it so.

Society nowadays is a lot more cautious especially with fraud cases becoming more and more frequent and people being more aware of them. No wonder it is getting harder and harder to prove that the Law of Attraction is what the person experienced.

How can we test the Law of Attraction so it is easy to understand? Let us try this experiment. It is simple and require things easily found in a household. Take a small bit of carpet and a glass of grape juice. Can you see where this is heading? The idea is to fill a glass full of grape juice... indeed to the very tip and walk across the "white" carpet without spilling a single drop.

If you do not happen to have carpeting, then it would be irrelevant to try the experiment. There is another people can try. Even if you have never played golf, try playing it for this idea. Find a hole that already has water in it. The idea is to hit the ball over the danger. Imagine the ball going over the hole as you hit the ball with the golf club. What was the end result? Did your ball go into the water?

If you decided to do the two experiments and it did not go the way you wanted, then you were probably asking for it. You, more than likely, thought in the back of your mind about not spilling the glass of grape juice or doing a good golf shot. These were only two things in the mass of other signals we do not think of because they happen often. Imagine all the things we miss just because of this oversight?

Remember, the Law of Attraction is giving us what we asked for. In both of these "examples", they fell into the negative side instead of the positive one because a bad result came out in each one.

If one person is convinced about the Law of Attraction being real, then that is one less person to convince and one more to convince others. If you understand the Law of Attraction, then you might be on your way to create a happier lifestyle. If not though, then it means it will only be faith, nothing more. Yet, most scientists understand it is the law that something does happen.

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