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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mary, Did you know?

Renate looked at herself in her pocket mirror, pulled out a lock of her hair, and walked gracefully towards the reporters. She said to her father, 'Daddy! you let me add something?'

Sabine's eyes shone. The father smiled, and stood back, but Sabine shouted cheerfully, 'Daddy! I also want to say something. I can also speak English.'

Renate knitted her brows, Sabine always emulated everything she did. While Sabine was collecting the chocolate around her lips with her tongue, she took a step forward, and stood beside her sister.

Renate brought a fixed smile on her face; Sabine put the chocolate wrapper into her jacket pocket, and said in a loud voice, "I am Sabine. I am five. I work for Feech. I am Mr. Martin's assistant, he's a nice chief."

A reporter, 'Excellent, you speak English very well.'
--, 'Danke. Mr. Martin taught me.'
--, 'Nice, Do you like Mr. Martin?'
Renate, 'Speak in English!'

Sabine, 'Oh, I'm sorry. mommy was asleep, I was sad, and the world was silent, daddy told me, "we can change the world. Martin helps us." he is just like my brother.'

The reporter, 'And could you change the world?'
--, 'Ja, es war nicht so schwer--- oh, I'm sorry. Yes, we could. Now mommy is awake, and the world is noisy, and I'm happy.'

--, 'That's right, well, what did you do when you saw your family photos ? did you cry?'

--, 'No, I laughed. I cut my photos with my scissors, and next I stuck them onto the wall of my room.'

--, 'What have you come here for?'
--, 'Just for holidays.'

--, Thank you. Have a good time.'
A soft smile emerged on Renate's face, 'I'm Renate Thomson, Feech's chief executive, and its spokeswoman. You asked, Genius or Monster? Do you want to know who is a Monster?'
For a little while she stared at the faces, and continued, 'We belong to a wealthy family. My father is in charge of a multinational company. We had a very happy family, but after a terrible accident we missed our mother.'
She sighed deeply, 'Our home and company reminded us of her. Little Sabine was mute, and Julius- my brother- was depressed, until my father heard of Feech, he wanted to change his children's feeling so that we moved to Feech. Martin is good at code writing, he's a genius, but he's just a little boy--'
She raised her voice, 'Please, Judge! One day two little kids went to a park, and a Monster took a lot of shots of them, and when Martin became famous, the Monster took advantage of his fame , and spread those lies. who is a Monster?'

" I'm that Monster." Mino said. All surprised looks turned to the little monster.
I held my breath, 'How fearless! I don't dare do that. She must be mad.'
Thomsons' eyes grew wide; Hr. Thomson shouted at my mom angrily, 'Huh? Do you know what she's talking about?'
My mom nearly passed out; she looked me in the eye.
She truly knew nothing about Mino Detective , her smartness, and money. I'd only said that we had to go to the airport to welcome our investor.
I looked down at the shiny floor, 'I'm sorry, but she told the truth.'
        My mom, 'You should not have brought her here!'

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