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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Santa Tell Me

Boys' Room

Unbelievable! My forehead wrinkled in a frown, Gps said he was too near, it must have gone wrong!!

I hesitated for a few minutes, then I went upstairs as quickly as I could, and traced the smartphone to the boys' room.

"Kiarash" I bit my lip, his horror film was still alive in my mind, so I entered the room on tiptoe, and glanced around attentively, fortunately the boys weren't.

What a terrible view! I shook my head sadly, the room was completely messy: Kiarash's clothes were seen everywhere, Rocky's magazines were piled on the chair, Julius's football was rolling about, and Martin's stocking was hanging on the notebook.

I looked down at the carpet, some golden keys glistened there, Key?
A huge smile emerged on my face, Uncle Mahdi was interested in computer, I walked toward the desk, there was no pine pot, but a drawing of the Christmas tree on the keyboard.

The smartphone and puzzle turned up inside the desk drawer. Now I should have found the digits.

I pushed buttons "0" & "2" together, but nothing happened, then I tried pressing the button 0 , suddenly one message appeared on the screen, "I feel like working. *******13** "

I was astonished, "Uncle Hamid's number."

After I pushed the button 2 , and read the next writing, "Will we find a nice place to go? *********2** "
My mind went  blank, "Uncle Hossein!?"

Gps said they both were in the garage, so I left the room swiftly.


The garage door was stuck, I pushed it with all my strength, and got in.

There was a little dark, I turned the light on, and found the traces of grease on the ground, and also two motorcycles. One of them seemed quite nice, but the other had a little problem, and surrounded with a lot of spanners.

One spanner was greasy, "It must be size 13," I said as I wiped it with a tissue. I guessed right, a folded paper was attached to the wrench, I opened the note, it said, "Don't sit on the chair, the paint is still sticky! *****60**** ", Aunt Lilli's number.

To hunt for digit 2 , I approached the second motorcycle and looked at the motorcycle helmet glasses, because it was a pair.

And you think what I found :  the both of smartphones, two pieces of a picture, and Aunt Sami's  phone number, "Put the lights off, this movie is worth watching! *****94**** "

It was the TV room's Turn, wasn't it?
Although the hunter looked tired, she kept on hunting.

Best Wishes



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