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Monday, March 9, 2015

I'll Be Home For Christmas

My Brother?

Renate was even more attractive than before, she was wearing a red jacket with black leather pants, and had hidden her blond her under a red knitted hat.

Sabine, smiling, enjoyed watching around; and Julius as usual was with his football, but he didn't seem sad anymore.

I, jumping up and down, shouted, 'Sabine, Sabine,' although my voice got lost in the crowd's buzz.

My mom was waving the flowers, and Mino was constantly blinking, and pointing to her sign.

At last that Angry bird heard my shouts, and turned her frigid look to me, and smirked; but her lovely sister, Sabine, was glad to see her old friends, she started racing, and so did I until we both stopped opposite to each other, Sabine embraced me, " I miss you, Parmis."

While I was speaking with Sabine, my mom greeted her family, and handed the flowers to her mom.

Mino remained silent; during her mysterious silence Renate was rather puzzled by her notice. Renate scanned around quickly, and asked," Where is Martin?"

Mino, 'Who? My brother, Rocky? He's supposed to come home.?'
Renate, 'No, Martin.'
--, 'Oh, he's in the office,'
--, 'Has he hidden at his den?'
--, 'No, it was your request. Have you forgotten?'
Renate, smirking, 'No, I haven't, but he's afraid of me, isn't he?'

My Heart trusted in him

All at once, a group of reporters rushed to Thomsons. Who had said to them we were there!? I gazed at Mino, she stood around quietly.

Hr. Thomson was shocked by that unexpected interview, 'I'm sorry, my wife is too tired to interview.'

A young woman, 'Please, only a question! How is your wife?'

Hr, Thomson, 'Luckily, she feels better, but very tired of a long flight. Please, let us go! Later we can speak to.'

Another reporter, 'Monster or Genius? Which one is Martin? Is it right that he has deceived your daughter?'

No reply, Thomson's family kept on going.

The same young woman, 'Please, answer our questions! We've heard Martin has taken advantage of your little girl.'

Hr. Thomson stopped, turned around and asked his children, 'Do you understand what they are talking about?'

The kids shook their heads.

He let out a bitter sigh, 'How awful! I'm really sorry to hear these. Martin is right like my son ,and he is completely in my trust. Martin did his best; my wife is in good heath just for him. He did us a big favor, we are delighted with the Great Genius, and take a pride in him.'

Renate looked at herself in her pocket mirror, pulled out a lock of her hair, and walked gracefully towards the reporters.

Happy Hours



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