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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sleigh Ride

Uncle Sergey was happy in Santa Claus red hat, and Aunt Gloria in a white fur coat smiling, but little Julia was sleeping in her mother's arms - she came back home last month.

Renate stood back as she saw Rocky, but Sabine and Lula ran towards each other cheerfully, they had become friends in Germany.

Tina constantly was snapping a shot, and Armis was having a gingerbread.

Martin asked me, 'Where is Mr. Mark?'
I, 'We invite him only for birthdays.'
Martin frowned.

Uncle Larry glanced at the Christmas sledge which was full of our letters to Santa Clause, then he placed his bag next to it. The children's eyes glistened.

Aunt Kate looked around with surprise , and asked 'I don't see Mino here?'

Yes, All the children were in the hall but Mino.

Mamana frowned, 'Mino is upstairs, my little child has been weak from two days ago,' then she turned her irate look to the angry bird.

In fact, Mino wasn't ill rather she had hidden in the room excuse the illness.

At the moment Mino appeared on the stairs happily, shouted, 'Rocky, Rocky. How late! For hours I was counting the minutes for your arriving.'  she came down swiftly.

Rocky smiled, "How are you, Mino?"
Mino blinked at Renate , ' As I saw you, I got well.'

"Gee, Rocky has a fan!" Uncle Sergey dropped his hat on the floor, grinning, it fell on my cat,  A Santa Cat!  we had a good laugh.

Now it was time for Santa Claus to hand the gifts.The children were bubbling with excitement, and looking forward to seeing their gifts.

Uncle Larry shouted, 'I see you prepare your wishes lists to Santa Claus.'

The kids nodded,smiling.

Uncle Larry continued, 'Well, there is a good news for you, Santa Claus has read your mails before, and decided to deliver your present toys--- Are you ready?'

The children were jumping around, shouted, 'yes, We are.'

The Santa Claus grinned, 'I'm sorry, you have to wait till tomorrow morning.'

Then he turned to me, 'And remember, No one permits open her gifts before dawn. OK?'

I, 'All right.'

After that we sat at the Christmas dinner table , and ate our meal eagerly.
Then everyone rushed for their rooms. Tina, Mino , Armis and I were roommate.

Mino said, 'Guess what is Uncle Larry's present?'
I, 'A Nexus Tablet.'

Mino shook her head, 'No,  A watch.'
Armis, 'You're joking?'

Tina, 'No, what she said is right, Google gifted a LG Watch to their staffs.'
Mino let out a bitter sigh, 'That's too bad, isn't it?'

I, 'I think so.'
Armis, 'No problem, we had a tablet.'

Mino, 'Yeah, but if I get another tablet, I can sell this one.'
We laughed at her, and then had a pillow fight.

I, 'And Guess what is in Kiarash wish list?'
Mino, 'his favorite girl?'

I, 'No, a motorcycle, it's only his wish. he hopes his daddy sends to him one.'

'Crazy.' the girls laughed.

 'Go to Sleep Now. We must wake up before dawn, we're going sledding after opening the gifts.'Tina said as she turned the light off.

The others agreed, and Slept.
I dreamed of a flying sleigh with a lot of gifts flying off.

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